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How to Find a Good Manufacturer in China?

Getting a good, convenient, and reliable manufacturer for your business is one of the essential things in the success of your business. When you have decided on your product, you may want to take advantage of Chinese manufacturers because of the low production and development cost.

A good manufacturer should be reliable, offer quality products and produce the products at a fair price. The question is, where do I find the manufacturers? Below are the best places to find different manufacturers in China.

China Manufacturer
China Manufacturer

Online Wholesale Marketplace

There are different B2B websites that provide information on different Chinese Manufacturers and suppliers. These sites can help you obtain the manufacturer’s structured information.

You need to focus on the trustworthy local B2B websites such as Made-in-China, Alibaba, Global source, DHgate and many more. On the wholesale marketplaces, you will find both products and the quality of the manufacturers. A closer look on the website can help you know the manufacturer’s address, categories ad licenses.

This seems easy, right? You need to note that under the manufacturers, you will see names ranging from ” Manufacturer “, ” Verified “, ” Trading Company ” , and ” Gold Supplier “.

Some of the businesses termed as “Manufactures” may not be actual factories, implying that they do not have control of the production process. You need to avoid any manufacture with the term Trading company.

Search Engine

Search Engine
Search Engine

Google is the best search engine you can use to find the information about the wholesale manufacturer of your choice. The websites are ranked based on the traffic generated when people use the search engine.

This makes it easy for you to find the reliable manufacturers. However, I would recommend you search through other pages and when you have a list of several manufacturers, you can continue to check their reviews and ratings on the search engines. Here are a few keywords you can use to help you search for the best manufacturer.

“Keyword’ + manufacturer + China

“Keyword’ + wholesale + manufacturer + China

Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are one of the most essential places to find a reliable manufacturer in the current world.

Many Chinese manufacturers avail themselves of several famous exhibitions around the world to participate in the fair. Attending these tradeshows will help you meet numerous manufacturer sand have face-to-face communication with them

China Trade fairs; China is one of the most commonplace that sellers turn to for manufacturing. You can take a trip to China and meet the manufacturers in person.

The export Commodity Fair in Shanghai, Yiwu commodities show in Zhejiang, Canton fair in Guangzhou are one of the most popular trade fairs to look after. 

Sourcing Companies

New businesses normally team up with sourcing agents who help them with the manufacturer and guide them through the process. You can find a reliable partner, mainly sourcing companies, who know the legitimacy of different manufacturers.

The sourcing companies will help you narrow down the best supplier that you need for your business. They will also provide you with some local tricks to help you go on with your business. The local professional agents can help you with the same so many resources.

Social Media

Currently, more and more Chinese manufacturers are getting to know the importance of social media in helping them meet potential buyers. You can search through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other sites.

Doing this can help you know more about the manufacturer you are interested in. Using social media should be used to screen the manufacturer and double-check if it is a good option. The drawback of this choice is that not all Chinese manufacturers have created social media accounts.


You can ask friends and other businesses in the same industry If they can link you up with a contact middleman. Some of the successful businesses have had referrals made by different businesses.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Manufacturer

If you have already identified a list of manufacturers that you can work with, you need to narrow down to the best choice. To find the best choice, here are different factors to consider.

  • Minimum Order Quantity

The production capabilities of a manufacturer are one thing to consider. Different Chinese Manufacturers have different values of the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

MOQ is the smallest amount of products one can buy and still get a profit for the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have zero MOQ, while others have higher MO.

The main point is that the MOQ should be in line with your market demands. Always find manufacturers with lower minimum order quantity that suits your business needs,

  • Communication

You want easy communication between you and your manufacturer. Communication is important as it enhances accuracy, and you can be assured to get your products promptly.

However, working with Chinese manufacturers, you may face a language barrier. You can find a way to communicate with the supplier in order to break the language barrier.

  • Quality

Quality is essential and you could ask to get samples of every product before you make a bulk purchase. This may be possible depending on the terms of different manufacturers.

Even so, ensure that you get to double-check the quality and experience of the products you intend you buy. You can also gauge the quality of the products by checking the manufacturer’s reviews from other buyers.

  • Order Processing

Getting an understanding of the order process is useful in determining what your customers’ experience will be like.

Areas you want to look at include, payment options and terms, order processing period, several warehouses, and their locations and available shipping methods and expected delivery timeframe. Each of these determinants impacts your store reputation. 

Final word

Choosing a manufacturer in China will help you benefit from the low production cost. Finding the right manufacturer will make a big difference in how your business will prosper.

A good and long term connection between you and your manufacturer will see your business set for life with regards to its manufacturing needs. It is a good idea to find at least two or more manufacturers who can meet your business needs similarly.

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