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List of Top 12 Jewelry Manufacturers in China

If you want to start a jewelry business and are confused about the best fashion jewelry manufacturer in China, you are in the right place. Jewelry customers require quality and updated designs.

The better the quality you provide the better your customer will love your products. Additionally, if you provide affordable fashion jewelry, it will give you a competitive advantage over other business in the same industry.

Why get a Manufacturer from China?

Distribution of China Manufacturing
Distribution of China Manufacturing

According to Tradingeconomics, the Caixin China General Manufacturing PMI unexpectedly rose to 50.4 in February 2022 from 49.1 in the previous month. A PMI reading above 50 indicates that China’s manufacturing industry is still expanding. At the same time, Reuters records show that new export orders continued to increase in December.

  • Low Cost of Production

Working with a wholesale jewelry manufacturer in China means that you minimize the production cost without affecting the output. This is the main reason why many businesses worldwide consider China Jewelry manufacturers.

  • Cheap Labor

Manufacturing in China gives you access to cheap labor in the factories. Wages are significantly reduced in China and tapping into those savings is as easy as establishing a relationship with the factory.

  • Quality Products

Most of the wholesale manufacturer are very particular when It comes to quality. When you work with the manufacturers, give them the designs and materials you need to be used, you can be assured to receive the best quality.

Jewelry Manufacturers
Jewelry Manufacturers
  • Numerous Manufacturing Materials

One of the main reason why you need to look for a wholesale manufacturer in China is that they have access to a diverse amount of parts and raw materials present. Keep in mind if you need a material that they don’t have in stock they source it to ensure that the products are of quality.

Best Jewelry Manufacturers in China

  • NihaoJewelry
Fashion Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry

NihaoJewelry is one of the most popular fashion jewelry manufacturer and distributor in China. It has one of the most reliable and established customer care that ensures excellent customer services.

Nihaojewelry is producing quality products which are attributed to the fact that they have inspectors who inspect every product that is manufactured. You can get your fashion jewelry customised by the company.

They offer fast shipping and accept different modes of payment. NIhaojewelry has no minimum order requirement which is a big advantage for small business. Once you have the design and the material requirement for the fashion jewelry, get in contact and the company and get your jewelry manufactured.

Whether it is a cheap quotation or a high-quality product, you can be guaranteed from nihaojewelry. Nihaojewelry is a 100% real Chinese company, which has all the advantages of China. If you just started jewelry business or want to improve jewelry business, just consider from nihaojewelry.com.

  • Veryselection

Although Veryselection started in the UK, it has become of the biggest wholesale jewelry manufacturer in China. The company offers its fashion jewelry at wholesale prices making their products affordable.

Even though the company has been in operation for less than seven years, it currently boasts of having a solid market base in more than 200 counties globally. 

  • Global Sources

Global Sources has been serving buyers and suppliers, online and offline for 48 years. Its mission is to connect quality buyers and great suppliers worldwide by providing the right information, at the right time, in the right format.

  • Made in China

Made-in-China was established in 1998. It is a comprehensive 3 Party B2B platform. It aims to serve the global trade and provide great suppliers and manufacturers for international buyers.

Today, Made-in-China is one of the top B2B eCommerce platforms in China. They have established business relationships with top product suppliers in China and they promote quality of China items manufactured domestically.

  • Teemtry

Teemtry is a top online marketplace for fashion jewelry and accessory at factory direct price. They offer an unparalleled selection of original designs ready to charm and delight your clientele with excellent craftsmanship and creative brilliance.

  • Jewelrybund

Jewelrybund is one of the most experienced and professional jewelry manufacturers in China. They offer jewelry accessories to retailers all over the world. The company mainly focuses on Korean and Western fashion jewelry.

The company updates fashion jewelry regularly meaning that you can find new designs for your jewelry business. Jewelrybund owns three factories in China mainly focusing on latest fashion manufacturing. They offer professional packaging and fast shipping.

  • AliExpress

This is among the biggest China wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers with the widest category of products. It has cheap products for its customer. AliExpress has a good customer response due to its long-term investment in customer care.

AliExpress delivers customer orders within a period of 24hours. It has warehouses in many countries to facilitate faster delivery orders. Due to its wide networks and more persuasive power to the manufactures, they get big discounts and offer which lowers the price of the products.

  • Gets

Gets has been in business for about 20 years, and it has gained enough experience in manufacturing jewelry. The company manufactures different types of jewelry ranging from pearls, beads, lampwork beads, rhinestone jewelry, precious stones and glass beads.

They also deal with customized goods. The company has 150 professional techniques and 1800 employees. Gets guarantees you competitive wholesale prices, fast delivery and quality products.

  • Yiwu Products

Since 2010, Yiwuproducts has gained experience in providing fashion wholesale jewelry to numerous people worldwide. They mainly deal with the wholesale jewelry business.

They provide products which range from trendy fashion jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry and high-quality semi-gemstone jewelry. They have gained enormous loyal customers from the accessory shop/boutique owners around the world.

  • TTT Jewelry

TTTT jewelry was established in 2010 and has vast experience in fashion jewelry. They have more than 600 experienced workers and therefore, can handle any order at any time and deliver quality handmade jewelry.

As a factory, the company has a partnership with major jewelry raw material suppliers which implies that they produce stylish, elegant and high-end fashion jewelry. They offer trendy designs, top quality and at a fashionably lower price.

  • DHgate

DHgate.com was established in 2004. It connects Chinese wholesalers to global buyers. DHgate ships to more than 200 countries worldwide. You can buy fashion jewelry with a zero minimum order requirement.

  • SOQ Jewelry

SOQ Jewelry was established in 2012 and is located in Zhejiang, China. The company manufactures unique and high-quality products at affordable prices and has proven to be reliable to many retailers all over the world.

The company manufactures a wide variety of products with different designs that appeal to different customer’s preferences. This includes branded fashion jewelry and wholesale costume jewelry.


Wholesale jewelry manufacturers in China are providing a range of jewelry to suit your customer needs. And in an increasingly competitive industry, manufacturers are raising the bar by providing high-quality fashion jewelry, provide discounts, little to no MOQ and fast shipping.

Don’t hesitate to choose the best jewelry manufacturer at your good and make success in this industry. Nihaojewelry is a must-see for every business, but all the companies mentioned above have great experience and will offer great value for any business.


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