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How To Find A Clothing Manufacturer?

Whether you want to start a next big fashion line, or want to sell everyday clothing items, finding a wholesale clothing manufacturer and supplier is essential to your business.

clothing factory
Clothing Factory

If you are looking through this article, then I can assume that your business idea is already in progress. In that case if you have a niche in mind, designs and ideas for the clothing items the following content will be helpful in locating the best wholesale clothing manufacturers.

Tips for Finding a Quality Clothing Manufacturer

  • Check Them if They Can Meet Your Product Requirements

This is an important criterion before you partner with any manufacturer. All manufacturers have different potential to produce products. Similarly, not all manufacturers can produce all types of clothing. Some manufacturers are specialized in specific clothing products.

For example, White Oak clothing manufacture produces jeans for famous company Levi’s Jeans. Find out which clothing product you want to get manufactured, and check whether your shortlisted manufacturers can produce it or not.

  • Know the Minimal Order Quantity

Most suppliers have a MOQ requirement. For instance, if the MOQ for a supplier is 200 pieces, you can only purchase at least 200 pieces.

You should know that MOQ normally reflects the minimum amount of fabric the supplier should purchase from their subcontractors. If you aim to order lesser wholesale clothes, you may need to find suppliers with lower MOQ.

  • Request for Sample Products

You need to try before you buy. There is a reason why clothing stores have changing rooms. The same applies to manufacturers. You must always request the manufacturer to send you some samples, so you can first check the quality and then proceed with the deal.

It is an important part, so you can adjust before committing to a large order. Most manufacturers are happy to provide samples, normally at a modest fee.

  • Gauge the Standard of Quality

Before making an order, you need to know the fabric specifications. You can send an e-mail to manufacturers to know what kind of fabrics they use to make products.

You may always do research and read reviews to see the standard of their quality. You can even visit the factory to see how the product is made.

  • Pricing

One of the most important things is the products and shipping costs. You will want to ask the manufacturers for their pricing on different quantities and if they have any fees, you should know about it. Know if they offer discounts for bulk orders.

Where to Find Clothing Manufacturers

  • Directories

Directories can provide you with a wealth of clothing manufacturers for your business. Some of the larger directories can contain hundreds or thousands of potential manufacturers/factories for your next project.

  • Search Engine

Search Engines like Yahoo and Google are one of the ways through which you can find clothing manufacturers. You can even go through reviews from the audience and select your choice wisely. You must consider the first ten sites that show up as it is an indication that they are active in their work.

  •  Referrals

Business referrals are important in creating a strong working relationship. So, continue networking and interact with experienced business community. You may learn a thing or two from your competitors as well!

  • Trade Shows

Fairs and trade shows are exhibitions where manufacturers showcase their products. They are a good place to meet different manufacturers face-to-face. Trade shows are common in the clothing industry. You need to keep yourself updated on the events organized.

  • Industrial Meetups

You can decide to personally go from one manufacturer’s factory to another looking at the progress of their work and discuss your plans. Industrial meetups are important because you get to check the fabric qualities.

Clothing Manufacturers in China

  • Yotex Apparel
Yotex Apparel homepage
Yotex Apparel.com

This is a sportswear manufacturer based in shanghai that provides ODM and OEM one-stop full package service for different retailers. Some of their products include Bikinis, swimsuit, sweatshirts and seamless leggings.

For wholesale clothing, Yotex is a good place for active wear and sportswear. They also accept custom design requests with their silk-screen printing, DTG, heat seal printing technology.

  • Shandong Demian Incorporated Company
Demian homepage
Shandong Demian Incorporated Company

Established in 1997, Shandong is located in Dezhou. It hosts a group of subsidiaries that ranges from knitting, dyeing, printing, weaving, and spinning. You can find carded and combed knitting yarns and natural color cotton from this vendor.

  • Zhongshan Arlisman Garment Factory
Arlisman homepage

Arlisman is a typical garment factory founded in 1999. It provides customization, garment and mapping services. The company produces Men’s T-shirts, Polo shirts, jeans and knitted sweaters. They provide a range of services from design to shipment.

  • Weiqiao Textile Co ltd
wqfz homepage

Weiqiao Textile company limited manufacturers and supplies products, cotton yarns, grey fabrics and denim items.

Their products include combed, carded, compact and open-ended spun cotton yarns: grey fabrics, such as plain fabrics, twill weave fabrics, tribute silk series, jacquard series, and khaki drills; and denim comprising cotton, cotton spandex elasticity, cotton dacron elasticity, cotton and bamboo blend, bamboo joint and cotton regenerated cellulose fibers blend.

  • Jinjiang Changda Garment Co. ltd
fjchangda homepage

Jinjiang Changda was founded as an OEM/ODM supplier of sportswear, casual wear and children’s wear. Established in 2005, Changda is located in Jinjiang city.

The company exports its products to the US, Germany, France, Australia, Spain, and many more. The minimum order varies; however, most of their products are limited to 10 pieces.

Nihaojewelry homepage

If you need the best clothing manufacturer at an affordable price without MOQ, you should check out Nihaojewelry.

Nihaojewelry is an established online wholesale website that has served many customers worldwide. You can find various stylish fashion and clothing pieces including outwear, swimwear, plus size clothing, dresses, T-shirts and many more.

Each product provided by Nihaojewelry is at wholesale rates for you to earn maximum profit. Nihaojewelry covers high-end wholesale clothing at affordable prices wholesale prices.

What Do You Get from Nihaojewelry?

Imagine dealing with over ten different manufacturers in one day. This can be tedious and you can be spending so much time communicating and managing different manufacturers.

You can depend on Nihaojewelry to help you in your clothing chain management and focus your attention on selling and promoting your business. In conclusion, Nihaojewelry can be considered the best wholesale clothing supplier for your clothing business.

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