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Fall-winter Jewelry Trends 2020

As we usher in 2020, we need to bid farewell some fashion from the past season. While some fashion jewelry will stay trendy forever, there are stylish new accessories that will be worn by everyone in 2020.

Of all the fashion accessories, the next season’s jewelry trends may be the most fun to experiment with. If you love to use jewelry to accentuate your style, the change in seasons is a good tie to dive into the fall-winter jewelry trends.

As you change your clothes for the next season, you can also change your jewelry. If you are itching for a quick refresher in 2020, below are the top trends for the fall-winter season.

  • Statement Earrings
statement earrings
Statement Earrings

Earrings that are oversized and long are impossible to slip by unnoticed. It is as though the fall 2020 jewelry trends will be a competition on who could wear the longest earrings.

Let your earrings reach your shoulder. This is simply the trend we are looking forward to. Long earrings are a trend that began in 2019 and we are looking forward to them this fall.

These statement earrings are fun to see on the runways with different designs, shapes, and should length.

  • Stacked Rings
stacked rings
Stacked Rings

Since Meghan Markle unveiled this trend, it has been a rage for fashionistas. For a statement piece, staking rings is a trendy look that describes it.

Staking rings have been seen mostly with brides who want to trend the bridal jewelry. For many years it has been traditional to pair rings with the same color metal.

But this year you don’t need to stick to the usual. This fall will see a mixing of metals. For example, adding a pop of color and create a style that is all on your own by wearing rose gold rings on a silver ring.

  • Bolo Necklaces and Bracelets
bolo jewelry
Bolo Jewelry

Bolo ties are being transformed into stylish slinky necklaces. 2020 will see an evolution of bolos from cowboy roots to modern jewelry design. These necklaces make a subtle yet shrinking statement.

Exceptionally versatile, bolo necklaces can be styles at the throat, draped long and low or even flipped around to cascade elegantly down a bareback.

Those without set closures can also do double duty as bracelets, wrapped around the wrist multiple times. You can expand your chain to slip the bracelet over your hand then snug around your wrist to the tightness you need.

  • Linear and Stick Earrings
linear earrings
Linear Earrings

Stock earrings are a perfect pick for any daytime outfit that you need to turn into an evening wear easily. You can wear these earrings in varying widths and lengths. Stick earrings are versatile, and they swing from one side to another without affecting the daily activities.

  • Chunk up
chunky jewelry
Chunky Jewelry

Statement-jewelry lovers, here’s another one for you. Chain-link necklaces were also spotted on the runways in pumped-up sizes, whether paired with open-front silhouettes or layered over crew-necks.

Chunky chains have taken the place of dainty jewelry more and more lately, and if the recent runways are any indication, the trend is only going to gain steam in the fall. 

The chains can be considered a contemporary classic. Both silver and gold iterations popped up in the forms of edgy chockers or statement bracelets.

If you are new to this style, you can try out short necklaces and layer it with daintier styles to bring out a dynamic look that does not feel too precious nor too punk. With these of-the-moment styles showing no signs of disappearing, shop the must-have ahead of the season.

  • Colorful Jewelry
colorful jewelry
Colorful Jewelry

I like flavor and I loved this trend last year. For fall, winter 2020, I see a jewelry trend of overwhelming pieces and maybe oversized earrings and necklaces with colorful gems.

Colorful gems may feel like costume jewelry, but the world is a stage and we should rock these pieces. 2020 is a year to be bold by the color explosion.

Tips for Wearing Fall/Winter Jewelry

Fall means moving from tank tops and sundresses to jackets and gloves. But the fact that you are covered up does not mean that you don’t rock a piece of jewelry. Some pieces of jewelry are tailored to the cold season in mind, so feel free to jazz it up.

Because hats, scarves and gloves are necessary this season, you need to choose your jewelry pieces wisely. You need to choose accessories with few raised gems, beads or stones to avoid threading in your scarves or gloves.

Pearls are perfect for winter events. Sleek and opulent pearls will always be the best choice for any upscale setting. They are smooth and therefore, they will damage your winter clothing.

For people living in polar and extra cold regions, consider an alternative to metal jewelry. Being a good conductor, metal cold down when exposed to cold air.

Anyone who has made a mistake of wearing metal bangles in the cold can testify. A leather wristband of a velvet choker is less likely to cause discomfort during the fall-winter season.

Brooches are not just for your grandma alone! If you have to wear a statement piece of jewelry during this season without worrying about any cold metal, consider a brooch.

A brooch is a good way to add a sparkle to your winter outfit. A brooch can range from a tiny pin to a big collection of metal or stone. Metal gears and cogs are stylish designs for a brooch.

Fashion Brooch

At Last:

To make a bold statement, fall and winter are the perfect time to take advantage of color. You can never go wrong with the gorgeous traditional colors, so keep an eye for wholesale jewelry in beautiful winter hues.

Now that you have the ideas on how to reinvent your fall and winter jewelry, Nihaojewelry is here to help bring your style to life.

We offer a wide variety of wholesale jewelry trends, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and many more. We can also create a piece of tailored season jewelry to match your fashion sense.

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