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2021 spring fashion: silk scarves

Taking off the heavy winter wool scarf, you need a light and fashionable silk scarf to inject elegant light into your wardrobe.

Silk scarves are almost a must-have fashion item for fashionistas. Colorful printed silk scarves turn the original monotonous clothing into playful and colorful. Simple matching methods create a different style! In addition to the ever-changing patterns of silk scarves, the encircling method full of free imagination also came into being. No longer stick to the stereotypes. The creative collocation you want makes it an unavoidable accessory element.

Silk scarves have been interpreted by various celebrities, such as Audrey Hepburn. The satin silk scarf is not only Hepburn’s favorite daily accessory, but also has its figure in many classic shots in film and television works, showing femininity and personality.

You can see a dazzling array of silk scarves in the market, retro silk scarves, printed silk scarves, silk headscarves and many more. Each one shows a different personality style.

How to choose silk scarves?

According to the shape

In the beginning, the so-called silk scarf was just a piece of ordinary cloth. With the improvement of people’s aesthetics and the bold innovation of designers, the shape has been greatly improved. For example, squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Square silk scarves is the most common. A small square scarf is wrapped around the neck and knotted on the side, which is gentle and delicate. Wearing it as a head scarf is also very elegant.

Square silk scarves
Square silk scarves

The rectangular silk scarf has no fixed specifications for length and width, so it is more diversified in the way of wearing, and because of its length, it has a somewhat elegant feeling. The larger rectangular silk scarf can not only be used as a shawl, but it can also be wrapped around the neck, hung on the chest or tied with a bow on the neck, which is very gentle and charming.

How to improve the fashion of commonly used handbags or personal styles? A slender satin scarf can be easily done. The single product can be worn as a headscarf or around the neck. There are endless styling possibilities waiting for you to discover.

slender satin scarf
slender satin scarf

Triangular scarf is relatively rare in silk scarves, usually it will give people a playful feeling of age reduction. Tie a knot around the neck in a small circle, which is very delicate and elegant. And as a turban, it can also show the liveliness and agility of a girl, especially when it is combined with the tassel design.

According to the color

The color is simply the soul of the silk scarf. It is not only a way of expression of style, but also a factor that can not be ignored to show the grade. In silk scarves, geometric patterns, printed embroidery, and solid colors are common. Embellish geometric patterns in silk scarves, showing full of retro and modernity. Among the more popular ones are plaid, stripes and polka dots. These ultra-universal scarves are the easiest to wear, understated and neutral.

The printing patterns are very diversified. The bright colors of the large printed patterns give people a bold and enthusiastic feeling. When choosing a printed silk scarf, pay attention to the combination of complexity and simplicity. Colorful and patterned silk scarves are suitable for simple and pure-toned clothing, such as white shirts, together with classic blue jeans, black denim or mid-length skirts.

Some common ways to wear silk scarves

1. Silk neck scarf

A small square scarf is knotted around the neck to instantly brighten the overall look. This style of wearing is most famous for the image of Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”. She is wearing a white shirt with a striped scarf tied around her neck. The two small corners of the silk neck scarf sway with the wind, making the whole picture agile and makes this scene an eternal classic in people’s hearts.

audrey hepburn neck scarf
Audrey Hepburn neck scarf

2. Wrist Wrap

Fold the square scarf into a triangle, twist it into a thin outline, then wrap it around the wrist and tie it in a knot. Of course, the thin ankles can also be embellished with silk scarves, making your gestures look fashionable.

wrist scarf
wrist scarf
Picture from pinterest

3. Hair scarf

The classic way to use it is to fold the scarf into a big triangle (it is best to use a traditional square scarf). Tie the longest ends to the head and under the hair.

women wear hair scarves
hair scarves

Tie the hair into a ponytail and tie the scarf to the hair tie.

Leopard Print Silk Hair Scarf
Leopard Print hair Scarf

If you have long hair, knit a satin scarf and long hair together and tie a knot at the end.

knit a satin scarf and long hair together
women who knit a satin scarf and long hair together

Style your hair in a messy bun and tie the scarf around the base of the fun with the knot in the back.

Style hair in a messy bun and tie the scarf
Style hair in a messy bun and tie the scarf

4. Bag decoration

Tie the scarf on the handle of the bag, and then tie the excess ends into a bow to add a bit of fun to your wallet.

a yellow bag with silk satin scarf on it
a yellow bag with silk satin scarf on it

5. Hats decoration

The ordinary straw hat seems a bit monotonous? Tie the scarf to the base of the hat to add more color.

hats with silk scarves as deco
hats with silk satin scarves as deco

In addition to the above, the satin scarf can also be used as a belt, which has practical functions and can show light and agility. Even it can be used as a tube top top! The small silk scarf is light, durable and colorful, so it can easily replace jewelry and become one of the essential leisure accessories in spring and summer.

Where can I wholesale silk scarves?

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