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7 Popular Hair Accessories You Should Own for Summer 2019

2019 Summer has already come, it is time for you changing your style into another season because the best way to maintain in fashion is catching up with the latest fashion trends.

If you are still desperately looking for what to have & wear for this summer, then this is the right blog for you, we will update articles about the newest fashion styles and items regularly.

In this article, we will tell you the 7 styles of ideal hair accessories you should have in your buy box for this summer. On the runway this summer, vintage elements returned and new ideas and modern elements still shine on the stages. As two elements from different ages met in the same season, fashion trend has changed dramatically like never before.


Using scarves as a hair accessory may sound a little ” granny chic ” but scarves influenced nearly every runway for years. That could say, this is the true evergreen fashion accessory. The secret for scarves has such long-last fashion life is also the key to make it a classic item in fashion history — versatility.

Recreating your current hairstyle with scarves is the most straight forward way to achieve a better appearance, just tie your hair into a ponytail with a scarf or you could do a top knot with a scarf.


Prada, the girls’ dream brand unleashed the power of headbands in 2019 summer, everyone went crazy with the ideas Prada had shown on the runway. The padded headbands are mostly simple in design.

Headbands which are single-colored and concise in shape without superfluous details could be used to adjust the color balance of your whole appearance.

In addition to uncomplicated headbands, here are new selections available this summer, headband with diamond or pearl embellishment looks like a crown, an accessory that could elevate your whole attire level.

When you buying headband for this summer, please take details and main colors into consideration, they should enhance your style and make you truly unique on the streets.

Prada headband collection
Prada Headband Collection

3.Hair Clips

Gucci, another big boss in the fashion world brewed a new fashion trend on the runway, which is modified hair clips. This is another vintage hair accessory back to stage this summer, unlike traditional plain hair clips, the newest trend transformed the hair clips from plain to ornament-rich. Diamond decorated Gucci clips would be a dream for all fashion girls.

If luxury clips are a little over your budget, there are other styles that everyone could afford and get excellent looking with any outfit. For instance, oversized hair clips and mixed up hair clips set could also steal people’s attraction.

Personalization is crucial for your clips’ selections, plain hair clips may be outdated, taking into account clips which embellished with gems or pearls to gain a unique and chic appearance.


The bow is stylish, classic and feminine and is the most girlish hair accessory ever in the fashion world. It is the magic accessory you will fall in love with.

Bows could be put on ranges of hairstyles like ponytails, bund, bangs, etc. If you are not satisfied with your current hairstyle, just give it a shot, your hair may get an instant elevation.

What matters to the final result of the appearance with a bow is the color and material of the bow. For the color of a bow, the best choice is black — which is the king of chic colors all the time. As for the material of a bow,
velvet — the championed one due to its soft tactile feeling would be the best.


” The old king is dead “, it’s time to reform the old-fashioned accessories’ concepts with modern elements. Traditional hairpins get new lives in 2019. The traditional hairpin was originally designed for maintaining complex hairstyles. In the past, it should not be seen and most of them were black-colored and thin in shape.

Stylists have turned them into a new bright spot on the head this year. Pins that are rich in colors and textures give infinite possibilities to the appearance of your hair. It is way easier to let pins change your hairstyle than a complex hair makeover.

If you want a concise appearance, take straight and light-colored hairpins as your choices, vibrant colors are the best fits for recreational dressing in summer. If you want to stand out on the street, then the pins embellished with pearls or diamonds maybe your right choices.

Here is a tip to maximize the elevation in overall looking with hairpins, stick multiple hairpins to your hair, they will form your unique pattern which makes you different from others on streets.

6.Power of Floral Element

The floral element usually plays a key role in spring. This year, stylists have now brought it into summer, the other season full of bloom.

Floral element is more like to be found on hair bands and hair clips. Adding colors and vibrancy to your hair by floral accessories couldn’t be easier.

This style of hair accessory is widely used in celebration occasions like weddings. If you have a celebration event coming up this summer and you are planning to go to the event with the most appropriate attire, floral accessories might be the right choice for you.

7.Pearls – Gems Come From the Sea

Pearl dominated the fashion world for ages, and its reign has not yet finished. Recent months, we witnessed a rising selling trend of the pearl accessories market. The pearl has now been driven to a new level with modern hair accessories’ design.

Copious kinds and sizes of pearls piqued designers’ interest, the pearl was no longer limited in extravagant series, pearl also adorned other design styles like cute, concise, vintage. The pearl established a romantic castle for stylists in the fashion world that everyone dreams about.

Will this pearl tide continue to next season? We will see.

In a word, wearing hair accessories is the easiest way to change your hairstyle and elevate your whole appearance. So, stay close to fashion trends with given selections above and try some listed hair accessories which are mentioned in this article to embrace this summer with your best image!

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