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5 Ultimate Tips To Increase Sales on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is coming next month, this biggest official shopping day was launched in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary. Every year, customers are looking for the most valuable items with the lowest price in this shopping event.

According to last year’s data, over 100 million products were sold on Prime Day. Global transactions reached $4.19 Billion and the sale transactions from the USA reached $2,650 million. This shopping festival is still in fast-growing. No seller could ignore this event that can boost their sales rapidly.

Sales of Amazon Prime Day
Sales of Amazon Prime Day in the USA

Last year’s Prime Day Started from July 16 and last for 36 hours. This year is about to be the same. According to the leaked email, this year’s prime day will begin around mid-July and last for two and a half days(36 hours). Only one month left, have you get yourself prepared for this selling battle yet?

Perhaps you are still looking for some tips to increase your shop’s sale for this year’s Prime Day. We gathered some valuable advices for shop owners like you.

1.Keyword Optimization

Amazon Keyword optimization

As an Amazon seller, you must know the importance of keywords of your listings. This is the major index that runs your ads campaign on. Basically, sellers are able to turn on two basic campaign systems at the same time – Automatic and Manual.

In auto campaign, you can find the key terms which bring more traffic and orders to your product from the machine-selected key term list, you can test these terms in your manual campaign.

The manual campaign allows you to choose your key terms and match types. Be aware of the broad match. For most of the time, it is the way to find key terms for phrase match and exact match. Spend more budget on the last two match types rather than broad match.

Check your campaign reports ( Auto Campaign and Manual Campaign ) more frequently before the Prime Day. Note Down those terms which have most CTR or are in the trend of dramatic rising.

Furthermore, test some new terms that relate to the newest product trend. Negative keywords are also a useful tool to help you to save your budget with a more specific search result.

2.Refine Your Image and Product Details.

Amazon detail page editing guide

Besides the title, images, bullet points, and descriptions are also critical for your listing. No matter it is in Prime Day or Not. You could optimize your product pages in 4 ways for Prime Day.

1.Your product images shall have a pure white( RGB 0,0,0 ) background with the product in the center. Each image size needs to be more than 1000 px in each side to enable the enlarge function, this allows your customers see more details about your product. Information-rich and attractive images are preferred by customers, make sure your target customers know the features of your product through pictures, this is the most direct way for them to know your products.

2.Bullet points, the 5-line description of your product is the best place to show the features of your products. Please note, bullet points area is a special place to promote your product.

  • Begin with a capital letter
  • Be formatted as a sentence fragment ( don’t use end punctuations)
  • Reiterate important information from the title and description where applicable

3.Enhanced Brand Content, also as known as the A+ tool, a powerful tool that increases your conversion rate, traffic, and sales by adding a unique brand story, enhanced images and text placements to your product page. This is the process of build brand awareness and brand loyalty in the buyer’s mind, people know you and your brands by these elements on pages.

4.Make sure your product page is mobile-friendly. In the year 2019, mobile shopping is dominating the online shopping market, a good-looking page on mobile phones is a necessary component for sale rising.

Official detail page editing video tutorials from Amazon

3.Ad Campaigns

Amazon Ad Campaign techniques

Smartly spending your money, is the way leading to successful selling.

The in-site campaign is the major method most sellers use on Amazon for their online business. There are three campaign methods available at this time, if possible, please use ALL of them on Prime Day to maximize your in-stie traffic.

  • Sponsored products
  • Sponsored brands
  • Product Ads

Official Ad campaign video tutorials from Amazon

As a seller on Amazon, you may familiar with these campaigns and are using them for your online business. However, the optimization of campaigns in Prime Day is a challenge, an annual testament for your campaign skills.

On Prime Day, the conversion ratio of your campaigns may reach their highest point among months. As we mentioned above, a wisely chosen set of keywords are the best weapons for this selling battle.

What’s more,you may notice that most of your sales come from several products. These are hot listings of your store, your money bringer. A large portion of your campaign budget should go to these products. At the same time, you may have listings that still waiting for further campaign results.

DO NOT waste your budget on them, even prime day is the best time to test campaigns’ performance. Focus on the most profitable goods and try to maximize your income is the major task.

Negative words could wipe out searches that have the same keywords as you set in the campaign but are not related to your products. Use this function to save your budget and increase the conversion rate.

Rising your budget to the maximum level that you are willing to pay for all campaigns you run during that day.

This is the key to have your products and store shown the first page and the headline of search results. Keep an eye on your campaign budget, make sure the credits does not down to 0 during the selling time.

4.Gain Traffic From Other Channels

Multiple Social Media Platforms

Although Amazon prime day is only for Amazon members, potential customers are everywhere. In addition to the in-site campaign, sending your deals’ information to social media platforms to gain extra traffic is also a good approach.

Call to Action plays a critical role in this method. If you are running social media accounts as a part of your business, then let your followers know how much money they will save on that day, how long will your deal last, what special combinations you will have in your store for the Prime Day.

Distributing Prime Day deals and pictures of your products with these tags to attract more new customers to your store. Remember, your posts shall have hashtags like #lighting deal, #AmazonPrimeDay, and#PrimeDayDeals… These are going to be hot tags on Prime Day.

5.Inventory Management

Amazon Inventory Management

It is simple, you just got something for sell. In the prime day, customers will wipe your shelves. Get your inventory prepared for this big day, make sure your suppliers could send the number of goods you require to the warehouse.

It is better to transfer inventories of all your products to FBA ( Fulfill-by-Amazon ) to make sure orders could arrive at the customers’ door as soon as possible. Wipeout low-in-sale products from your inventory to save more storage space for those hot-selling ones to boost your sales.

Don’t know how to find a reliable supplier for your business, let’s talk about it by examples:

Imagine you are a Jewelry Seller on Amazon, which way you would like to buy products to fulfill your warehouse?

A: Searching the latest, hottest item from the internet. Wasting lots of time to find manufacture which may suit your need. Waiting for the specimen sent by the supplier for days or weeks.

If you are lucky enough, you may find a proper supplier with several attempts. The supplier or the manufacturer you found only solve one problem for you – delivery the goods.

B: Contacting a supplier like Nihao Jewelry which assembles products from hundreds of manufacturers in their stock and it has a modern, easy-to-use website for you to buy what you need.

You even could find the latest and hottest stuff on this site because every day the product team uploads over 200 new items to the site and they also put hot selling items to the banner on the front page.

Tractable services and English & Spanish customer services have you covered until your order arrives in your hand.

Are you now more clear about supplier selection? To put it simply, find a supplier that connects other manufactures that can provide you one-stop wholesale buying services. You can save your time to think more about your marketing and selling performance.


Amazon Prime Day is only one month away, we wish this article could help you achieve your goal in this year’s selling event. If you have questions about marketing techniques or have more ideas about Prime Day marketing, please write your comments below!

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