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5 Ways to Wear Headbands

In our childhoods, most girls had spent a period of time with headbands. It was an iconic item in our lives, represents our school time. Now, the fashion world brings it back to the runway. Prada and D&G released the power of this vintage accessories across the world. Not only big brands favor headbands, influencers and celebrities also tap into the trend.

So, how does the headband change your looking style? If you are still confused about how to wear a headband to lift your summer style, then this is the right page for you. We will go through 5 different ways to wear a headband.

1.The basic, The Classic

Slip the headband over your head. The fastest way to change your hairstyle with a headband is also the simplest way.

This is an irresistible and classy look you can easily recreate.

If you are looking for an accessory that could match your summer looking, a plain headband with a similar color would be the best choice. Wearing a headband that has a different color of your top is easy to create a contrasting looking.

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2.Formal Style

As an item that most people got familiar in their childhoods, some people may think headband is a little childish. Thanks to designers, we got cool headbands that we could wear for formal events.

Blingy pearl embellishments demonstrate that a headband could be turned into a crown and no doubt this could go with most of the formal outfits.

Headbands whether embellished or classic are both available to be your event’s choice. Plain one with classic colors like black, white, silver and golden has the most versatility. Take them to fit your formal dress.

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3.Casual Days

Headband found in endless styles. Besides traditional and formal dressing rules. Here is a casual type you must with to try.
Wear your headbands as a turban, this channeling all things casual and go with your most comfortable summer outfit.

With a large head area covered by headbands, it becomes a part of your top dressing. you could choose to have a headband that has the same color as your top. or create a contrasting look with two different colors.

Try a special patterned headband to create an interest in your summer look which is one of the most ubiquitous styles.

What I love about this look is how different and unique that you could get by your selection, and how this turban-like headband can turn your regular outfit into a head-turner outfit.

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Bandana is a big trend on the spring/summer 2019 runways, its whole point is to add that touch of magic to everyday life.
Simply tie a knot on top of your head creates a girlish and cute vibe, no matter you choose to have printed one or a plain one.

Tip: Hide the knot under your hair if you do not want to be too childish. A small change makes a huge difference, this is the magic power of bandana.

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5.Go Polish

Prada has shown that headband can be chic and elegant and Kate Middleton may be the most famous headband lover across the world. How to wear a headband in a posh way? Let’s find it out.

Embellished with pearls and diamonds, padded headbands soon become luxury fashion icons. A crown-like headband is attention-grabbing and creates a strong vibe.

In addition to padded headbands, those stuffed with golden frames and floral elements could also change your everyday look.

You don’t have to save these headbands for fancy events, try them and make a twist on your daily look.

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