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Fashion Trends of Hair Clips Today

The hair accessory trend has recently become popular among women of all classes around the world. Gone are the days where hair was just held in either a low or high bun giving off serious vibes.

These days’ women are adding fun and playful accessories to their hair enhancing their looks and also making them feel better about their hair.

fashion hair clips

Hair clips started gaining popularity in the 90s but recently the trend has dominated the fashion world as they are used both in runways and off.

Everyone from celebrities, bloggers, and social media influencers are into the trend and this is what may be the reason the trend is gaining so much traction.

Why Hair clip is a Must-have Item?

The growing attention to hair grooming and the rising need for trendy hair accessories has resulted in the growth of the hair accessories market in the world. The growing number of influencers pushing the trend is one of the many reasons for this growth.

Whether you want to keep your hair out of your face to get things done, or you want to add some character to your look, hair clips are a trendy and cheap way of achieving a whole new look.

There are several ways of incorporating hair clips into your look to help you achieve a cool persona. Hairclips could be added onto your sleek bun to give you a business casual type look, they may also be used on a low bun or side-parted hair to give you a more casual look.

The introduction of statement clips in 2019 has taken over the scene with a lot of women styling their hair with clips containing their favorite slogan to either pass a message or just be cool.

Hair clips have also been a staple part of the wedding culture as most brides will opt to dazzle in the clips as they enhance the whole look.

Tips on How to Wear the Hair Clip Trend

fashion hair clips

Wearing a hair clip can be a daunting task if you do not know how to style the trend. From business casual to a night out hair clips may fit into any occasion and make you stand out. Below are some tips on how to wear the hair clip.

Business Casual

Styling hair for business means that your look will be laid back and formal so that you can look put together for the office setting. To be able to add some element to your otherwise serious look, you can use some luxury hair clips to your look by adding it to the bun or the classic clips on both sides for straight hair.

For thick and voluminous hair use bigger and more intricate hair clips so that you may be able to stand out. You can also use elegant jewelry like pearls to give you a more grown and sophisticated look.

Edgy and Cool

This style of wearing clips involves large statement clips that have slogans of any words that you want. The slogan clips can be used on sleek pinned back hair or at the side of a bun to create a playful look. This style may be used on casual occasions to show out and create a dramatic effect to your look.

Girly Chic

Whether you are heading out for shopping or brunch with the girls, clips can be used to bring out a fun element to your laid back outfits. Clips can help you add character to your hair to show out your personality.

In this style, the clips are worn on a layered style or also on braids. The style can also include a combination of different colors and styles of clips.

Wedding Hair Clips

Hair clips have been used for wedding hairstyles for a long time. Clips add on to the whole bridal look to compliment the veil during the service and also add an element of fun during the reception and after-party.

Date Nights

For a date night you can choose to use clips that stand out to be able to compliment your outfit be it a little black dress or a long flowing dress. Stacking your clips is an easy way to achieve a well thought out date night hairstyle.

7 Popular Hair Clip Styles of 2020

Statement Clips

statement hair clip

These are edgy and stylish clips that were made popular by British designer Ashley Williams and after other designers got into the trend. The statement hairclips slide into the hair easily and are bold and big enough for people to notice. In this era of social injustice, and other women related issues, the clips can be used to pass a message to the intended audience.

Beaded Hair Clips

beaded hair clips

Beaded hair clips are used to add color and playfulness to any hairstyle as the beads may come in different sizes and colors. The beads can be worn to compliment an otherwise boring outfit to bring out a fun side to the person wearing it. These can be worn out in the sun or for a day out in the park.

Metal Snaps

These are the oldest and most retro hair clips. Every woman has a memory of wearing these types of hair clips as a child, the clip has made its way into the market trend this year by the various influencers who have made the style popular this year.

The Metal snaps can either be worn on side parts to hold the hair out of the face or stacked together as a fashion statement. Metal snaps can be worn on a fun play date.

Gemstone Hair Clips

gemstone hair clips

Gemstone hair clips can complement your look to enable you to create a boho and chic look. Gemstones will make you stand out and look sophisticated and classy while still looking like you did not try too hard. These can be worn during special occasions such as dinners, galas, or any other special event.

Bobby Pins

This is another old trend that has made a comeback this year. the bobby pin style is a favorite among many celebrities like Rihanna who has been seen rocking the style to many fashion events and award ceremonies.

Bobby pins can be used as fashion accessories by being stacked together to form a unique hairpiece or as a functional piece to hold the hair in place.

Minimalist Hair Clips

minimalist hair clips

The minimalist trend is the most popular trend of the year with most stylists hoping for a chill accessory with will work well with most outfits and you will not have to worry about having your hair accessories clashing with your outfit. The minimalist clips are versatile and can be worn on any occasion.

Animal Print Clips

Animal prints add some character to any plain outfit. Animal print hairclips may be used to show out any outfit. The style can be worn both daytime and during night outs and bring a different dimension to your style and make you easily noticed.

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Hair clips are a part of fashion accessories that are on-trend and will have your mundane outfit looking more thought out. With hair being important for most women in the world adding accessories to their hair is slowly becoming a part of their everyday fashion choice.

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