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2020 Fashion Jewelry Trends in France

France has for a long time been considered as the fashion capital of the world. The jewelry industry has been present since the 19th century and to date, France hosts some of the notable and well-established jewelry designers in the world.

The Fashion jewelry industry has been catapulted by the presence of most fashion runways in the country. An example is the Paris fashion week where designers showcase the latest jewelry pieces.

The Popularity of Fashion Jewelry Trends in France

the popularity of fashion jewelry trends in France

The ban on jewelry among farmers and commoners in the 19th century by Napoleon led to the increasing rise of the fashion jewelry industry in France.

The jewelry industry in France has continued to grow over the years and to date, the fashion jewelry industry is one that still continues to grow.

The factors that have contributed to the popularity of fashion jewelry trends is the innovative jewelry designs that cater to everyday people. Before jewelry was seen as a status symbol and worn by the French upper class.

Jewelry companies have shifted their focus on designing heirloom type jewelry and are now focused on creating pieces that can be worn day today and for every occasion.

Most people in France are middle class and this means that there is the availability of some disposable income that can be used to invest in both luxury and fashion jewelry pieces which have also led to an increase of the popularity of the industry.

Most manufacturers are also creating products and designs to attract a huge customer base based on the current fashion industry trends and what is trending in the celebrity and runway world.

Before the jewelry was considered to be feminine and most men shied away from wearing jewelry, the introduction of gold chains, signet rings and Cartography necklaces have led to more men entering the scene which has led to the increased growth of the Industry.

The development of the E-commerce industry has also let to the ability of more manufacturers and wholesalers to advertise and sell their jewelry which has led to increased accessibility of people from all parts of France to affordable and quality jewelry.

The inclusion of jewelry pieces in a majority of fashion retail stores has also resulted in the increased popularity of the fashion jewelry industry in France.

When a customer sees a styled outfit they most of the times are inclined to buy the whole outfit and because most times pieces are styled along with jewelry pieces the customer tends to buy the jewelry items too.

France being a fashion capital, has seen a lot of jewelry industry players in the market. Most of the high fashion runways happen in Paris and hence key trends emerge from the runways.

Jewelry is a huge part of the fashion industry and it is much likely that you see some of the jewelry pieces making their way to the mainstream markets.

The wedding jewelry trend is also a developing market in the world and France in particular with the increasing demand for engagement and wedding rings the industry is set to keep growing as years go by.

Fashion Jewelry Trends in France 2020

The most popular jewelry trends in 2020 include:

Neo-Parisian Jewelry

neo-parisian jewelry

This trend dominated the runways and includes layers of gold chains, rings and pearls. The whole combination comes together to bring out the classic Parisian style.


pearls jewelry

Pearls have been a long-standing jewelry item for many years. The trend has made a return with lovers of the pieces both on and off the runway. Pearls evoke a polished Audrey Hepburn-esque vibe.

The trend has moved from being grandma jewelry with the incorporation of a modern twist of unique shapes, fun additions of initial letters and colorful beads which make the trend fun and playful for the younger generation.

Colorful Jewelry

colorful jewelry

The trend is a move from the usual gold and silver type of jewelry. Colorful jewelry has currently seen an explosion with most designers using the trend for most of their spring collection. The trend brings an element of playfulness and fun to any outfit.

Statement Jewelry

statement jewelry

The trend is so much a go big or go home type of style with many people opting to stand out with their jewelry. It includes big hoop earrings, statement earrings, and statement necklaces which tend to show a person out.


rhinestones jewelry

Rhinestone jewelry is also among the classic vintage pieces that have made a comeback in the fashion jewelry industry.

Punk Jewelry

punk jewelry

These type of jewelry evokes a carefree element to fashion and it consists of stacks of earrings paired with chokers to create a more androgynous look.

Top 4 Fashion Jewelry Suppliers in France

With many jewelry manufacturers and suppliers currently in the market finding one that is trustworthy can be a challenge. To be able to find a jewelry supplier you should:

  • Identify your niche so that you can be able to understand the industry channels for the type of jewelry you want to supply.
  • Research on the supplier you may want to use to ensure that they will deliver quality products and services.
  • Ask the relevant questions to your suppliers like the minimum order quantity, payment terms, product pricing and the turnaround time among others.

After finding a supplier the next step will involve marketing your product to be able to have a return on your investment. This process will include a lot of marketing to be able to reach a wide client base.

Some of the top suppliers of jewelry products in France include:

Bi&jou is a wholesale fashion jewelry supplier that was founded in France in 1999. The company deals in a variety of fashion jewelry pieces from stainless steel jewelry, cat’s eye jewelry, tortoiseshell resin and boho jewelry.

The company has a showroom where you can go and view some of the wholesale costume jewelry that they offer.

This is a France based international jewelry designer and manufacturer that offers wide expertise in stock management and supply of quality men and women jewelry. The company majorly deals in gold, silver and steel pieces.

The Company ranks among the best in the world for unique and quality jewelry. The company consists of a variety of craftsmen designers and gem setters that produce an assortment of jewelry pieces.


Agatha Paris is a designer of a variety of jewelry pieces. The company offers unique jewelry products that can be easily accessed on the company website.

FAQs about the Fashion Jewelry Industry in France

Why fashion jewelry as opposed to traditional jewelry?

Fashion jewelry is easily accessible and cheap and hence can be worn by people of different social classes.

Where can I find quality fashion jewelry?

Since the jewelry industry is among the fast-rising industries, finding a manufacturer and supplier of fashion jewelry products is as easy as an online search.

Is the fashion jewelry business profitable?

Like a lot of other businesses the fashion jewelry business industry has its pros and cons and if you are able to maneuver the challenges, the business is profitable.

How can I start a fashion jewelry business?

Starting a fashion jewelry business will need you to research on the product you want to sell and the right suppliers you can use to achieve your business goals.

Challenges Facing the Fashion Jewelry Industry in France

Some of the challenges facing the fashion jewelry industry include:

  • Competitive pricing of products which is caused by the increase of suppliers and retailers of jewelry products.
  • The lack of trustworthy suppliers getting a supplier who you can be able to trust without seeing them physically may be a tall order and due diligence must be done to ensure you avoid cons.
  • Product quality and delivery because most online products are not ones you can see and touch getting a product that is of quality and the right specifications may be a challenge.
  • Customization difficulties most manufacturers may not easily understand your business needs and in most cases finding a manufacturer who understands your needs is not easy.

These challenges are just a selection of the various challenges facing the industry and this is where choosing a good supplier comes in. A company such as Nihaojewelry is among some of the tops in the list due to the number of years dealing with jewelry production and supply and hence it is one of the tops recommended suppliers for your jewelry products.


The fashion jewelry is the most searched for products in the online space. The incorporation of jewelry in various day to day outfits is the biggest driver of the popularity of fashion jewelry as more people are embracing the need for jewelry in their fashion choices.

The French market is one of the oldest fashion markets in the world, with Paris being among the top fashion capital in the world. Trends in fashion jewelry are among the most prominent in France as more people in the country have access to new fashions and accessory designs.

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