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5 Tactics of Enhanced Interactions and Reduced Invalid Postings for Facebook Marketing

Facebook is warning us with new algorithms: Overmuch content publishing is not only invalid, but also harmful!

Facebook is warning us with new algorithms: Overmuch content publishing is not only invalid, but also harmful! Only content that creates value and brings interaction to the audience is what Facebook wants.

For businesses and brands, enhancing user interaction, finding ways to win more likes, forwarding, sharing and commenting is the key to solving new algorithm problems, and is the long-term solution for playing Facebook marketing!

Here are five enhanced marketing and reduce invalid postings for Facebook marketing tactics:

Tactics 1 : Use ” preferred audience targeting ”

” Preferred audience targeting ” is a new targeting feature added to Facebook: This new feature allows posters to target specific posts for specific posts, and is free! That’s right: you can choose to post to a specific group of people, and only those you choose will see your post!

This is actually a gesture that Facebook gives to the merchant ( poster ): Let the merchants first filter the audience. Filtering and actively filtering out those who are less likely to be interested in a message; this is naturally beneficial for Facebook and users and for the business, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages: Compared with the previous widely advertising.

The business is forced to make more selective and targeted speeches to enhance interaction and forced to post weight-heavy messages into more targeted, community-oriented and heavy weightless dialogue.

At the heart of this new feature is that if you want to improve your interactions, you must stop the noise first ( don’t bother users who are not interested in it ); if you want to talk effectively, you must respect the user first ( giving valuable information ).

Let’s share a specific case to crack this feature:

W is a software company which has just developed a feature. This can benefit people including entrepreneurs, social marketing practitioners, and e-commerce practitioners.

It is of little value to other people. So, when posting to announce this feature, choose to publish for these three groups, and exclude other people. You can further narrow the scope by ” News feed targeting “: for example, the age limit is between 24-65 years old, and the location is selected in the United States.

create post
create post
news feed targeting
News Feed Targeting
Restricted Audience
Restricted Audience

Tactics 2 : Exploring the ” Tower ” Content

If we use interactive sharing as the criterion for content selection, it is not difficult to find a phenomenon called ” content pyramid “: 80% of the content is at the bottom of the pyramid, bringing in traffic and value less than 20% ; Perhaps less than 20% of the content is the ” tower ” content that brings you 80% of the traffic and value.

It must be admitted that your content every one is excellent, and it is impossible to win hundreds of praises and sharing. It’s important to find the ” tap ” content that is most promising and most likely to be shared on Facebook.

Facebook’s new algorithm has warned us that overmuch content is not only invalid but harmful! How to survey, evaluate, and select The ” tap ” content will directly determine your Facebook interaction rate.

Is there any way to survey such content? The magic trick is: Posting a lot on your Twitter or other social platforms to test the content of the most genetically transmitted.

Twitter/linkedin is still a very good ” widely advertised ” platform so far, a large number of releases are still valid, it is unnecessary to worry about the interactive index.

Specific methods: Send an average of 20-30 tweets a day to find the highest 5% or even 1% of the likes, sharing and replies – these are your ” tap ” content, only such content It’s great for Facebook! You can use Twitter Analytics to sort and select them more efficiently.

Twitter Analytics

Tactics 3 : Post Engagement Ads

Posting interactive advertising is no stranger to most marketers who use Facebook. Many people use this as one of the ways to spread news, but this is actually one of the ways to enhance interactive advertising.

If you don’t post an interactive ad, there’s probably only about 1,000 natural touches, and maybe only a few hundred people actually see this post. But if you spend $20 for interactive advertising, you get 4,400 “exposures”, and these exposures will bring more than 1,000 interactive actions: including likes, sharing, comments, etc.

When people share your content on their own “social wall”, friends who are related to him can naturally see your content, at this time, your natural reach and interaction rate will increase accordingly. Of course, the premise is that your advertising audience is positioned accurately.

Tactics 4: Invite interactive Users to be Friends

First statement: This feature is very hidden, many people still do not know the existence of this feature; and this feature is not yet open to all users; it is possible that this feature is not available on your page; So check to see if your page has this feature. If you have one, then you earn it! Right, this feature is still free!

Simply put, this feature allows you to actively invite users who have interacted with your post ( content ) to become your ” fans “: such fans are more likely to interact with you and help you forward!

Specific moves: In your past posts, click on the names of people who have interacted with you – whether it’s liked or liked, and then there are three buttons: Invite ( invite – clickable ), liked ( liked – not clickable ), and invited ( invited – not clickable ). Then click the “Invite” button. In general, 15-20% of the invitees will be your fans.


Tactics 5 : Multiple Video Content

If you are an old user of Facebook, it is not difficult to find out that Facebook has paid more attention to video content in recent years. According to the statistics, Facebook’s current daily video traffic reaches 8 billion – and these videos are often the source of most interactions ( whether ” like “, ” like “, ” share ” and ” comment ” )! The following set of data can explain the interactive advantages of Facebook videos:

Facebook has been fighting against Youtube to capture the position of video marketing boss, this is no industry secret. So when using Facebook to post video content, don’t put the YouTube link, but upload the video directly, which avoids the risk of lowering the ranking or prioritization due to external links.

Of course, the most important thing is the content itself: short videos, live videos, humorous videos, and videos full of emotional appeals and stories can often win a lot of interaction – and interaction itself can bring more interaction, and finally form a ” virus ” propagation effect. .

For merchants and advertisers, the ideal distribution should be 30% marketing video and 70% video with ” virus ” propagation elements ( This same rule applies to non-video content/general posts ).

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