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Where & How to Wholesale Fashion Accessories?

Fashion accessories are popular with customers all around the world. In the recent years, wholesale fashion accessories have become a new trend.

Now most of the people want to join the fashion accessory business, but they are considering many factors such as the reliable suppliers and trendiest fashion accessories to purchase.

Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Fashion Accessories

purchasing wholesale fashion accessories
Purchasing Wholesale Fashion Accessories

The fashion accessory industry is one of the upcoming and never-ending markets in the world.

Though there are numerous benefits in this business, few of them have been mentioned keeping the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer in mind.

Affordable – Fashion’s accessories wholesale market has vast potential. This is one such market where your investment in manufacturing the products is the least.

All you need to have is creative thinking or if you can hire a fashion designer, who can design your products based on the latest trends.

Manufacturing these fashion accessories does not cost huge. You can get the raw material at the dead cheap rate. All you do is design and manufacture in bulk.

Large market – This is a market where you never see an end to the product innovation. The more you innovate, the more it is sold. Women in today’s world are incredibly fond of fashion accessories like bags, sunglasses, scarves, earrings, nail paints, etc.

It is a never-ending list. Today wearing just lovely clothes is not enough for the outgoing fashionistas. These accessories add up to their beauty quotient.

Significant margin – As the manufacturing of these fashion accessories is cheap and also that it has a never-ending market, the profit margins are enormous. These accessories can be sold at whatever pricing you decide.

The prices of fashion accessories are entirely dependent on market trends. If it is trendy, it can be sold at any price, irrespective of its manufacturing cost.

And wholesale women’s accessories online could be even better, as you purchase directly from the manufacturer.

List of Wholesale Fashion Accessories Websites


wholesale fashion accessories supplier
Nihaojewelry Homepage

Nihaojewelry has its factory when you place your order on this site. It can arrange delivery to the first, and this will save many costs and time. The quality of their products is very reliable, and they have special inspectors to control the quality of products. 

Plus, it has the ODM manufacturer and OEM of some famous jewelry brands. Therefore, if you need this type of service, you just have to tell your idea or what you want to do.

After the confirmation, they will buy the raw materials, they will design, produce, process and package. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay for any design or other cost. It can help you save many fees.


It is one of the best online fashion accessories wholesalers from which you can purchase fashion accessories. Their delivery service is faster compared to other accessory wholesalers.

This is due to their use of better logistic approaches and partnership with many other logistic companies. Chinabrand.com offer rewards and discounts to customers as CB points which can be converted to money for use in the next purchase.


This is a business to business e-commerce company that connects a large number of manufacturers and suppliers of fashion accessories to a large number of international buyers around the world.

The company has been in existence since 2004 and it is one of the recommended online marketplaces that can help your business to grow.

Dhgate.com is another wholesales accessories marketplace that sells fashion products, accessories and many other products of the different category at bulk prices.


Alibaba.com is a wholesale website in China. They connect millions of buyers around the world with suppliers of various categories of products. Therefore, they have quite a number of fashion accessories to offer at wholesale volume.

When you want to order for any product on Alibaba.com you can make use of their inspection services, by so doing Alibaba.com will send an inspector to your supplier or manufacturer’s location to go and verify the quality and integrity of the product you want to purchase.


HKTDC is an online sourcing website, an online marketplace that belongs to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council which connects millions of international buyers with suppliers of quality products and services. There are lots of wholesalers of fashion accessories that can be found on the website.

Factors that Affect the Fashion Accessories Selection

fashion accessories selection
Fashion Accessories Selection

Why do sellers choose this wholesale fashion accessories suppliers instead of others? The 5 factors that you should know to influence sellers.

Shipping Time

Whenever it is, transportation aging is the biggest concern for customers. Because as a seller, they need to start stocking before the season comes, and they also need to test these products, so a fast logistics can help them save more time.

Product Designs

For the apparel industry, design is very important. Because today’s consumers like some products with well design, so product designs is one of the most important factors that affect the fashion accessories suppliers selection.

Product Quality

The clothing with a good design and a fast shipping, but without the quality, I think this is a failure. Therefore, product quality is the basic, you can imagine that you would be willing to spend money to buy a poor quality but well-designed clothes?

Product Price

The price of the product is also a major factor for sellers to consider, because in order to get more profit, they will compare the pricing of multiple suppliers. For some expensive products, they are generally not considered, except for those sellers who sell boutique fashion accessories.

Whether the Product is Updated in Time

Wholesale fashion accessories should choose the latest trends. The products that are popular every season are different, so this requires the seller to keep up with the fashion pace. In order to satisfy the seller, the supplier needs to update the product and display it on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Where can I buy fashion accessories in the USA?

There are various places you can get fashion accessories in the US. Nihaojewelry drops ships fashion accessories to different countries. However, the most reliable webaites to purchase fashion accessory products include:

  • Wholesaleaccessorymarket.com
  • Ewamboutique.com
  • Wonatrading.com
  • Bling2lady.com
  • Wholesalefashionsquare.com

What fashion accessories should I stock for my business?

The most popular fashion accessories include: scarfs, hat accessories, headbands, earring accessories, brooches and many more. You need to evaluate your market before you decide to purchase the fashion accessories. Know what your market lacks.


The above article has given a clearer idea of wholesale fashion accessory business. First, you need to get a reliable wholesale fashion accessories supplier to cooperate, then you should find out the trendy fashion accessories and optimize your online store.

These are the basic steps to starting your online fashion business and it looks simpler. Start with your business with Nihaojewelry and it will offer you various service to make your business easier and get more profits.

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