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6 Popular Wholesale Jewelry Dropshippers China

The $70 billion jewelry industry is skyrocketing in online sales, making it a lucrative and competitive market to break into. The jewelry industry offers you a wide-ranging selection of items.

You can sell gold, silver, rose gold, cufflinks, watches, necklaces, or earrings. Also, women’s, men’s, and wedding jewelry.  You can simply replace an unpopular product with a new one without risking anything.

While wholesaling jewelry can leave you with lots of unsold products, drop shipping saves you the additional cost. Further, dropshipping lets you focus on promoting items rather than packaging and waiting for inventory to arrive.

jewelry dropshipping
Jewelry Dropshipping

Dropshipping Companies in China


jewelry dropshipper
Nihaojewelry Homepage

Nihaojewelry is a wholesale online jewelry store that dropships their products to different sellers all over the world. They have thousands of jewelry products in stock with a wide variety of designs and styles.

Nihaojewelry offer huge discounts based on the volume of orders. There is now minimum order requirement on jewelry and their pricing are relatively low.There is no minimum order, and quickly refund policy is also their merit.


Chinabrands is a top international dropshipping supplier that has warehouses worldwide in over 200 countries. The company provides one-stop dropshipping services that include sourcing, publishing, systems integration, and shipping.

The only thing left on the part of the business is to promote their products online and let Chinabrands do the heavy lifting. The selection of manufacturers on the platform that you get to partner with are verified and have years of experience. It is not just Chinabrands that are thriving.


Next on the list of best dropshipping jewelry companies is Topearl. It is an online store dealing with drop shipping a selection of Chinese cultured pearls. They also provide beads, pendants, and turquoise jewelry.

Topearl uses UPS Express to ship products directly to the customer at no extra cost. All goods arrive on time and in excellent condition thanks to their product tracking system.

SilverBene Sterling Silver

Here we have an online jewel dropshipping company that’s based in China. They deal with a variety of products that include bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, and necklaces.

One reason to choose SilverBene is because of their competitive prices. You’re also guaranteed that all their products are lead and nickel free. There is also little fuss when it comes to returns and refunds, they are quite accommodating from anywhere in the world.


PFHOO, wholesale jewelry dropshippers China, is currently engaged in fashion wear products, including rings, necklaces, earrings, headdresses, bracelets, bracelets, jewelry suits and other fashion accessories and sterling silver jewelry wholesales, focusing on exports.

Through in-depth cooperation with the industry’s top partners, PFHOO has opened up the entire supply chain professional services for foreign exporters.


The significant difference between DHgate.com and other dropshippers is that the full range of products they offer are at a lower price in comparison to other reliable dropshippers.

One of the primary services it offers to its buyers is that it takes care of not only the shipping of products but a purchase of the product as well. Their prices come with reasonable prices and efficient communication between the seller and the dropshipper.

Tips for Dropshipping Jewelry

Supplier Vetting

Often, jewelry purchase is said to be an emotional purchase, since consumers buy to commemorate occasions or as a reward. Therefore, if you ship products that are substandard and do not meet the quality requirements of the customers aesthetically, it can increase the number of returns.

To avoid this, you should vet your suppliers to ensure the goods they supply are as depicted. In addition to that, you should not overlook their shipping durations and reliability, and whether they can do custom packaging for their products.

Store Presentation

When it comes to selling on an online store for jewelry, or any product for that matter, appearance is critical since it is the first thing that attracts the customer to your products.

You can opt to use Shopify, a website builder and an e-commerce platform which has several templates that can be used to make a custom website that suits your needs. Their designs are suitable and optimized for online selling.

Beautiful Product Photos

Once your store is running, you should take beautiful product pictures. Most people like to feel an emotional response when they shop for jewelry. Get them attracted with lovely photos, which are clear and have been adequately angled.

Well organized, clear macro images work best for jewelry. Don’t forget that simplicity is pivotal when it comes to amazing photos. For each jewelry piece, you can opt to take the photographs from several angles, so that it can be vivid to the customer before he/she makes a purchase.

Another factor that is usually overlooked is the fact that you should take the photos using natural light/ daylight so that the image color will be bright.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is an exciting yet not-so-common shopping trick. By offering to ship on a customer’s behalf, you instantly make your deals appealing and will capture the attention of any shopper.

However, because shipping costs are typically high, more so when they are delivered within a short time frame, you can offer free returns instead of ensuring the sustainability of the business.

Exclusive to Facebook Fans

Simple marketing campaign strategies can go a long way in ensuring that your products sell. For instance, instead of offering free shipping in isolation, you can decide to make it more interesting by giving the offer exclusively to Facebook fans.

Necessarily, that will achieve two things: First, the free offer will attract customers, and second, and most importantly, the customers will have to follow you on Facebook, which will significantly enhance your marketing potential for your products.


This article highlighted the various dropship jewelry companies and supplies in China. The jewelry industry has promising future Market analysts predicted its sales would reach a whopping $ 250 billion. If you want to start a wholesale jewelry business, you must find a supplier.

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