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What Jewelry Has The Best Resale Value?

Your jewelry collection is as unique as you are. Investing in the right jewelry is like investing in a beautiful piece of artwork. You can weal and enjoy it without compromising its value.

fine jewelry

You may want to clean out your jewelry box. Before committing to investment jewelry, you must understand the quality and durability of fine jewelry. Specifically, that makes it a worthy acquisition.

How well jewelry holds its value depends on several factors, mainly the materials used to craft. However, most jewelry pieces hold their value. The high demand for diamonds helps your jewelry remain valuable and profitable if you ever want to resell it.

  • Vintage Jewelry
vintage jewelry
Vintage Jewelry

The period that jewelry is created Is not only sorted but valuable. The prices of the most needed vintage jewelry have increased by 80 percent in the past few years. The value of vintage and antique jewelry does not fluctuate greatly.

In most cases, older pieces may even appreciate it. So shop the different pieces and hold on to them until you get a solid offer. Two vintage jewelry brands that hold their value include Cartier and Tiffany.

In auctions, Cartier jewelry has been known to have a resale value higher than the original price tag. Vintage design jewelry has a high resale value, especially those that have the brand name stamped on them.

  • Brand Names with Power

Jewelry does not have to be encrusted with precious stones to be a worthy investment. Names like Channel are recognizable brands that increase the overall value of the piece and the resell value increases over time.

Similarly, Cartier jewelry appreciates over time. The high-quality materials, together with the respected brand name, infer that Cartier pieces are valuable and have a high resale value.

Additionally, unbranded pieces can still retain their luxury value. For instance, natural pearls are increasing in value over cultured pearls. Older jewelry with a substantial stone can be sold and reset in a new style to appeal to contemporary tasted can be mainly valuable.

  • Gold Items
gold jewelry
Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has a high resale value. Unlike other precious metals or stones, the demand for gold does not fluctuate. Its value has gradually increased over time.

For instance, the value of gold has had an increase of about 176 percent since 1975. When shopping for gold pieces, look for items above 18 karats. When you want to resell your item, you need to pick a good time. Follow the market prices to ensure you get the best value.

  • Diamond Jewelry
diamond jewelry
Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have been in high demand for centuries, regardless of the economic factors that were taking place in society. These shimmering pieces are worth a great deal in loose form or when set in a piece of jewelry.

Quality and size increase the value of a diamond jewelry piece. The big high-end diamonds are valuable due to their greater clarity, lesser flaws, and exceptional size.

Additionally, high end colored diamonds such as elegant pink stones are rare and tend to increase in value over some time. Diamonds with unusual colors normally have a high return value as they are hard to find.

To Learn the Resale Value of the Jewelry, You Need to Know the Following Terms

  • Market Value

The market value of jewelry is based on the cost of labor and materials to make jewelry.

Market value is how much retailers pay manufacturers to sell their products in their stores. The market value price is slightly higher than the cost of raw materials and labor, so that manufacturers make money too.

  • Retail Value

Just like a manufacturer ups the price of jewelry when selling to a retailer, retailers increase the price when selling to the general public. The retail value is the cost people see online or in-store.

Just like all businesses, jewelry stores have to cover their costs and make a profit. That means the retail price is higher because it covers business expenses like employee wages and marketing.

The retail value fluctuates and is more dependent on trends, style, and brand name than market value. The market value is fixed and based on the cost to buy materials and produce the jewelry piece.

  • Appraisal Value

Most people don’t realize there are multiple types of appraisals, and it is important to get the right type for your situation. The most common appraisal, called an Insurance Appraisal, is the cost it would take your insurance company to compensate you for lost or stolen jewelry.

That goes beyond what the jewelry is made from, and may include extra compensation for sentimental pieces or loss of an heirloom. There is nothing wrong with buying jewelry pieces. Go ahead and buy them if you are fond of wearing them or as a gift for your loved ones.

Regardless of monetary value, your jewelry has an intrinsic worth that money cannot buy. The piece is representative of a moment in time that you will cherish forever. 

Most importantly, it will always hold a sentimental value that will increase as it is passed along to future generations of your family. But, if you ever lose your job, become widowed, or need money after a divorce, your fine jewelry can be resold for a nice profit.

How to Increase the Resale Value of Your Jewelry?

  • Clean Your Jewelry

You need jewelry to be appraised at its best price. You should make an effort to clean your jewelry and make any repairs that are needed without interfering with the integrity of the original jewelry.

  • Do Enough Research

Some jewelry pieces have serial numbers. Therefore, you should be able to find the precise model and get adequate information about the manufacturer. There is a big advantage with having enough information about your specific jewelry item.

  • Decide Where You Want to Sell the Jewelry

A piece of jewelry could be worth a certain amount an auction and a different amount at a pawnshop. Select your ideal buyer carefully and also consider the time frame in which you sell your piece.

At Last:

After reading this article, do you have ideas about what jewelry has the best resale value? Hope you can benefit a lot from this article.

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