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12 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Jewelry Business

things to know before starting a jewelry business
things to know before starting a jewelry business

It truly is interesting to be able to start your own wholesale jewelry business. But before you get started in the process of establishing your wholesale jewelry business, there are some things that you should consider in order to ensure that the wholesale jewelry business will experience much success. That is why we share some important things for your benefit that you should know before starting your wholesale jewelry business.

to do list before start a jewelry store
to do list before starting a jewelry store

1 Provide clarity for your business.

Prior to getting all the various pieces of jewelry that you will be selling, you need to be clear regarding the details that your wholesale jewelry business will entail. That is why you should come up with a business plan in written form. Your written business plan does not have to be complex. The business plan will allow you to have clarity for your thoughts regarding the details of your business.

2 Consider your finances.

It does take quite a bit of money to start any type of business. This is also true when you want to start your own wholesale jewelry business. That is why you must consider your finances. You must realize where your funds for the business will come from, as there are many expenses that you will have when starting your business, such as advertising, products, a rental space for your business, etc. Maybe you will need to withdraw a lot of your savings from your bank account in order to fund your business or maybe you will even need to apply for a bank loan if you do not have enough money. Knowing these things ahead of time can help you to be more successful in running your wholesale jewelry business.

3 Legalize your business

Understanding the relevant policies and the basic licensing requirements for business development is an absolutely indispensable link. This is one of the prerequisites for legalizing your business.

Different countries or regions have different laws and regulations. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about and register the company and obtain a license from the local government before officially launching the business. Many jewelry wholesalers will require you to show a business license or corporate tax ID number.

4 Consider the type of jewelry that you want to sell.

There are many different types of jewelry that you can sell. You need to consider if you want to sell fine jewelry or more casual, trendy jewelry. This will then depend on where you get your jewelry from in order to sell to people. When you know clearly what type of jewelry you will sell in regard to your wholesale jewelry business, then you will be more prepared for success.

5 Consider how to find the right jewelry supplier

Now that the type of jewelry to be sold has been determined, looking for a suitable jewelry supplier should also be on the to do list. Different jewelry vendors may have different advantages. For example, Nihaojewelry mainly provides high-quality fashion jewelry; Silverbene focuses on silver jewelry. List your screening criteria and find a wholesale jewelry supplier that meets the requirements. Compare them and choose the right ones.

Both local and overseas/international jewellery vendors should be chosen to reduce unnecessary troubles. Although local jewelry wholesalers may not provide as many products as international jewelry vendors, the price may be higher, they will replenish your inventory in time when there is an unexpected situation in the delivery of international jewellers.

Here we list some reliable wholesale jewelry supplier for you to refer.

6 You need to consider the location.

jewelry storage on the table
jewelry storage on the table

You need to decide if you will need to rent a retail space for your wholesale jewelry, an office space or if you will operate your wholesale jewelry business from your home. When you know where you will run your business from, this will help you to find a great location if you need to rent a location or this will help you to prepare your home to make it efficient to accommodate your new jewelry business. Preparing the space where you will run your business is truly essential.

7 Need to consider the sales places

For physical jewelry shop owners, the sales place is a specific geographic location. When choosing, you need to consider factors such as foot traffic, traffic, etc., in order to get the maximum exposure for your store. And if you start an online jewelry business, you can choose to sell on third-party platforms, such as Amazon, Alibaba, or self-built websites. Here are some online location options for you to sell jewelry.

Physical stores and online stores have different competitive advantages. Choose different sales locations according to your needs.

8 Consider if you will work by yourself or if you need to hire some workers.

Maybe you will want to work alone at the beginning of establishing your business due to a lack of finances. This is truly understandable. But then you also need to consider if your business does well and grows if you will be willing to hire some workers to help you. This will give clarity for the direction for your wholesale business to help you be able to direct the business in a successful manner.

9 You need to consider the price of your products.

This means that you will need to establish how much you want to sell your products for. You also need to take into consideration how much you pay for the products before you sell them. This will help you to determine how much you will sell all the jewelry pieces for in order to make a decent profit. You need to decide if you will be selling to high-end customs or to more general public. The kind of clientele that you will be selling your jewelry to will also determine the pricing, as it is understood that you will charge more money for fine jewelry than trendy, casual jewelry.

How to use pricing strategies to promote sales and get more profits? Here are five pricing strategies worthy of your reference.

10 Consider how you will set yourself apart from your competitors.

There are many people who are selling wholesale jewelry. You want to be able to get your part of the market share as well. This is why you must decide how you will set yourself apart from your competitors in order to achieve more sales and profits for your business. This can be achieved by offering excellent customer service and mentioning to customers in communications, advertising and on your website regarding how your wholesale jewelry is unique and how it is high quality, etc.

11 Consider the regions where you will sell your products.

You need to consider if you will sell your products only locally, only in your country, to a few countries or internationally. You need to consider also whether you will sell in a physical location, online or both in a physical location and online. This will provide you with the clarity that you need in order to set up your business in an effective manner for the best possible success.

12 Work on building a strategy for your marketing efforts.

promotion for jewelry business
promotion for jewelry business

You will need to start marketing even before you open your jewelry business. This will get people interested in the jewelry business and this will likely generate a lot of sales when you first open your business. Then you also need to realize how you will also market your business once your wholesale jewelry business is well established. Thinking about these issues now can help you to be more successful in the long term in regard to increasing the sales and profits.


When you are careful to think about these issues before you start your wholesale jewelry business, you will have more success. The process of establishing your business will go much more smoothly for you, as you will know the important elements that really matter before you start your wholesale jewelry business. Then you can enjoy seeing all the different aspects of your business fit together well and you can have fewer hassles. This will allow you to enjoy your business and to be prepared to serve your customers well as you also achieve great sales and profits for your wholesale jewelry business.

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