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Choosing which products to sell in your retail store is perhaps the most difficult decision you will have to make when starting a business. Choosing the right products can make your job easier. The choices customers make have a big impact on your company’s profits. If they don’t have a choice in your store, they may turn to other competitors.

  • What’s a better product to choose

Seasonal products are products that are usually available in limited quantities at certain times of the year. They may be associated with holidays, special events, or changes in climate. For example, swimsuits, winter jackets, Halloween ornaments, Christmas decorations, etc. may only be sold during a limited season, and the rest of the year, even if you sell them, they will rarely be in demand. However, if you choose non-seasonal products, they are not dependent on the season and can be sold all year round. You no longer have to worry about building seasonal inventory.

What non-seasonal products are available

1. Fine Jewelry & Men’s Jewelry
2. School & Office Suppliers
3. Beauty
4. Toys
5. Accessories
6. Home Decor
7. Fashion Bags

Fine Jewelry & Men’s Jewelry

Fine jewelry has no specific season and can be worn all year round. With the improvement of people’s esthetic level nowadays, more and more people begin to pay attention to the importance of accessories, and they strive for perfect makeup. High-quality jewelry can improve the overall temperament and enhance the appearance.

high quality fine jewelry

Nihaojewelry is a wholesale fine jewelry supplier in China. If you are looking for fine jewelry for your boutique and do not want to spend too much money, you can usually find wholesale fine jewelry at very reasonable prices at Nihaojewelry. If you plan to run a fine jewelry business, we are a good source for bulk purchases.

School & office suppliers

Office & School Supplies items such as notebooks, stickers, pens, etc. are everywhere in our daily lives. We not only need them at work, but they are also essential for children’s learning. Kawaii stationery is loved by girls, they are fashionable and practical, and one of the most popular gifts for women. Nihaojewelry online offers a wide range of cute Office & School Supplies online wholesale.

Wholesale Office & School Supplies
Wholesale Office & School Supplies 


Traditionally, the beauty industry has primarily marketed to women, however, in recent years, the beauty industry has become increasingly inclusive and diverse. Many brands are now targeting men, non-binary individuals, and people of all ages and races. Generation Z is buying more skincare products than previous generations.

In addition to physical health, beauty also helps improve our mood, beautify our appearance, and express our personal style.

Wholesale Beauty
Wholesale Beauty


The market for children’s toys is vibrant and in high demand. The number of customers that can be reached via the Internet is much greater than in a physical store. And since toys are not tied to seasons, opening a toy store is certainly a great business opportunity.

Home Decor 

We can create the style of our home with candles, wall decorations, clocks, mirrors, and other accessories and home decorations, it just depends on the aesthetics of each. We offer over 2000 wholesale home decor items for retailers, browse our wide selection of wholesale home decor items.

There are many more cheap wholesale fashion accessories at Nihaojewelry, such as fashion hats, fashion sunglasses, women’s belts, cell phone cases, and keychains, which are updated every day. We have stock products from our own factory and quality is guaranteed.

  • What are the benefits of selling non-seasonal products?
  1. Non-seasonal products have a longer sales cycle and are essentially sold year-round.
  2. The sales of non-seasonal products will be relatively stable and will not have a large drop with the change of seasons.
  3. Non-seasonal products basically do not have the problem of inventory accumulation, because there is a predictability of sales, the seller will not stockpile too many products.
  • How to sell non-seasonal products
  1. It can be packaged and sold as a package and drive sales of another product at the same time.
  2. You can advertise and set up coupons to get extra traffic to a certain extent.
  3. Regularly set up a number of different forms of promotion to create revenue generation.

In short, seasonal products will be relatively more suitable for experienced retailers, while newbies will be more suitable for non-seasonal products. You can make your choice according to your own situation.

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