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How to Make Your Handmade Jewelry Shop Unforgettable?

Making jewelry is a popular hobby, with thousands of people devoting all over the world, and many craft people with artistic inclinations make their jewelry just for themselves, purely as a form of self-express with no other ambitions.

But if you’ve spent years honing your skills, why not take it a step further? Assuming your designs are cool enough and you’re willing to do a little market research, you might be able to turn your hobby into a full-blown profession.

There are dozens of websites out there these days where craftspeople and artists of all types can quickly put their creations up for sale, and legions of customers who’re just dying to buy handmade items.

Why Sell Handmade Jewelry?

handmade jewelry

Selling handmade jewelry to stores can be a great way to supplement your jewelry sales income, or it can even become your primary source of income. There are many advantages to selling wholesale or on consignment.

It is easy now for people to earn extra money by starting a handmade jewelry business. A handmade crafts business focuses on a hobby you are already very passionate about.

Tips on Making Handmade Jewelry Shop Unforgettable

handmade jewelry shop

Identifying Your Market

One mistake that many people make is that they design without knowing their audience. Who likes your work? Identifying who your customer is from the beginning will be your number one strategy for designing for and reaching your intended market.

The good thing about design is that there is a market for almost any handmade business. However, it is your job to identify the market to sell your handmade jewelry successfully. Identifying your target market makes it easy to talk to your customers.

Have a Definite Collection

While it is essential to explore different designs in developing your line, it is essential to make choices that will define your collection. You need to begin by selecting one or two of your best designs.

Put more emphasis on the trends, aesthetics, and projected saleability, build a substantial collection that is around your theme and style of your top choices.

When you select your favorite designs, it will mean that you feel 100 percent committed to designing. When your designs relate to each other, your collection will present as a strong brand.

Without that, you not only run the risk of lowering the perceived value of your work, but it will also be more challenging to attract a solid audience. 

Proper Pricing

Typically, they do not compete on pricing in the handmade business market. Art is subjective, and the value your place on your work is relative only to three things. Product interest, perceived value, and what the market will bear.

It is better to price your handmade jewelry business higher than to low. If you compete with the handmade jewelry industry, it immediately puts your business in the low-value section, which will keep your business below sustainability.

Create an Online Presence for Your Business

In the current age and day, it is essential to have an online presence. It can be a blog, shopping website, or a business Facebook page that will offer an excellent avenue for your customers. This will cost you less to non, and it will provide you a reliable way of promoting your business.

Craft shows and regular customers are always seeking artists by visiting their websites after a show, and nothing is disappointing as not having to find a handmade jewelry seller’s work online. It leads to lost sales and lots of interest from potential customers.

Handmade Jewelry Suppliers


Nihaojewelry is committed to wholesale fashion jewelry and accessories, and its products are loved and supported by customers with high quality and cheap prices. You have a wide choice of handmade jewelry here, no matter earrings, necklace, bracelet or hair accessories.

No minimum order quantity is also their advantage. If you have any questions, they provide 24-hour online customer service. Fast delivery and quick refund policy guarantee that you have a great shopping experience.


Handmade accessories can be the most popular niche for dropshipping and Chinabrands is making it possible. Stitching accessories wholesale or embroidery accessories wholesale whatever handmade accessories it is, Chinabrands never compromise with quality and services, and this thing makes it different from other wholesale suppliers.


This company deserves most of the credit for launching this whole industry. They’ve been around longer than just about anybody, and they have a huge base of customers who are clamoring to buy all kinds of handmade stuff, including jewelry.

One of the basic rules of business is to go where the customers are, and in the world of handmade crafts, a whole lot of those customers are currently browsing Etsy. To sell your jewelry here, you have to pay a $0.20 listing fee for every item you put up, but there are no transaction fees until after you record a sale.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon added this crafts marketplace to their store a few years ago, and like most things they launch, it didn’t take long for it to grow into something pretty huge. To join up, you’ll have to go through an audit process where they check out your products and make sure your skills are top-notch.

If you pass muster and get an account, this barrier for entry could work in your favor, since it means you won’t have to deal with quite as many competitors as you would in a wide-open marketplace.

Shop Handmade

The best thing about this service is the price tag. It’s one-hundred-percent free to set up a shop, and there’s no referral fee or commission on any items you sell. Shop Handmade isn’t quite as well-known as some of the more prominent names, but their tools are top-notch.

They have a well thought out category system that makes it easy to find the right spot for your products, their system will automatically promote your products to the right customers, and the initial setup for your storefront only takes about five minutes.


This site caters to edgy and rebellious styles, like punk rock, metal, and modern-day rockabilly, so if your sensibilities are a little wilder than most, you might find a happy home here for your Jewelry.

From the sound of things, you’ll have to go through an approval process to make sure your designs are a good fit for their customers, but there are no upfront transaction or setup fees at all. The only charge is a 15-percent commission on each completed sale.

Hot Handmade Jewelry Styles

Beaded Jewelry

Handmade beaded jewelry can be some of the simplest or most intricate jewelry designs depending on which beads are used. Makers can use beads on a single strand of stringing material to create bracelets and necklaces.

Hand Stamped/Engraved Jewelry

This is one of the most popular types of handmade jewelry today. Hand stamping allows a maker to create personalized custom jewelry for customers quickly.

It only requires simple tools and techniques, so it’s an easy craft to begin. Designs are created by hammering a metal stamp impression onto a metal blank with a heavy hammer.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Handmade wire wrapped jewelry is easy to spot: It uses a lot of wire! Most jewelers use wire wrapping to create pendants or charms with stones and beads.

Final Word

Regardless of the perspective on handmade jewelry, it’s undisputed that the handmade jewelry from Nihaojewelry adds the perfect final touch to a lady’s outfit for day or evening event.

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