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How to Find Best Suppliers for Starting Phone Cases Business?

Today, there are more mobile devices than there are people in the world. That means there’s ample opportunity for you to grab a slice of the growing market for smartphone accessories.

phone cases

Phone cases, in particular, are easy to source and appeal to people who are looking to inject some individuality or extra functionality into the one device they can’t live without. Selling phone cases is an easy and low-risk business to start. That means there are a lot of sellers out there selling phone cases online.

Why Sell Cell Phone Cases?

why sell phone cases

Statistics show that more than 80 percent of the cell phone owners use protective cases for their smartphone. The global mobile phone protective cases market was valued at $ 3,183.6 million in 2018.

As the technology in these phones progresses, and the prices soar accordingly, it becomes even more important to protect these devices. This creates a huge market for cell phone cases, which are fortunately both easy and affordable to produce and ship around the world.

Selling cell phone cases and accessories online is the perfect business for a new entrepreneur. There’s significant, recurring demand and it’s a product category that has global appeal. There are constantly new trends emerging, like cases that sparkle or charge your battery.

The relatively low price point means that it’s a potential ” impulse buy ” or gift for any occasion. It’s also a simple product that is relatively unlikely to generate a lot of refund requests or returns.

Plus, there are healthy profit margins, plenty of suppliers to choose from and lots of opportunities to expand into other products ( cases, lenses, selfie sticks and beyond. )

Steps to Start a Successful Online Phone Case Business

Select the Best Selling Phone Cases

Choose and target around 5-7 most popular mobile phone brands/types. You don’t have to sell phone cases for every phone on the earth. It won’t worth your effort. It’s not just a matter of deciding what kind of phone cases you want, but what kinds of phones you want to support.

However, this can also offer an opportunity to dig into specific niches based on phone models. If you can foresee a need for cases for upcoming phones or spot any underserved smartphone types, there may also be an opportunity to consider.

While the latest iPhone models are probably a safe bet, you can take a look at this research by Device Atlas to see which phones are popular in the regions of the world where you want to sell.

Find the Most Popular Trends to Make or Re-sell Phone Cases

Find popular phone case types and designs to sell online. You have to keep up with the trends to offer the most intriguing products in your store. There are many different types of popular phone cases.

So, when starting a phone case business, you need to have a good knowledge of such trends. You can choose thin flat type phone cases, rugged phone cases, fabric phone cases, bumper phone cases and wallet phone cases.

Choose Whether to Re-sell or Design Your Phone Cases

As we have mentioned in the beginning, when you start a phone case business, you can re-sell the phone cases from wholesale suppliers, or you can make phone cases to sell online.

Find Wholesale Suppliers to Re-sell Phone Cases

If you are not a good designer, maybe it is a good idea to find a Chinese wholesale supplier for phone cases and re-sell their products in your store. For your phone case business, you will need to find the right suppliers who can deliver the quality and quantity of materials needed to make your products.

Without dependable vendors, you will have difficulty scheduling production and fulfilling orders. Your business could fail if you don’t have the right people on your side. A phone case business requires at least three essential components, depending on your business model.

First, you must have blank phone cases. In addition, you need some winning designs and an access to a specialized UV printer. If you chose to manufacture more unique case designs, you may need other materials such as templates, glitter, fabric and paint.

Before you start your phone case business, you need to choose vendors that will continually supply your business with items such as blank phone cases and materials used to decorate the cases.

Also, you will need to find appropriate design and printing marketplaces. Establishing the costs of these services and materials will help you determine the price of your final product.

Create an Online Store to Sell Phone Cases

If you aren’t ready to open a physical store, launch an e-commerce store for your cellphone accessory business. You can use existing marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon or eBay, or you can open your own store with websites such as Shopify to establish your own brand.

Whether you choose to use existing marketplaces and their customer bases or start your own website, you should use online advertising methods to market your business.

Spend your marketing budget wisely. Use services such as AdWords and Facebook advertising to target specific customers who are looking for cellphone accessories. Further promote your products by partnering with YouTube and Instagram influencers to advertise your products.

Create a Fail Proof Marketing Strategy for Your Phone Case Business

Digital marketing is a must-have skill for any business owner. So, in this post, we’ll talk about the four most impactful marketing strategies for a phone case business. You can decide to go with paid advertising, using social media, content marketing or Influencer marketing.

Best Phone Case Manufacturers in China


Chinabrands is one of the biggest wholesale mobile phone distributors and drop shippers in the world, they mainly wholesale phones and cellular accessories.

According to the official introduction of Chinabrands, they illustrate that Chinabrands has 1 million+ products in the stock for selling. Also, they are cooperating with 10,000+ brands, the branded products are totally qualified for selling to the world.


Nihaojewelry offers you very much options of phone cases all at an affordable rate. You can browse a wide selection of phone cases at The cheap but good quality phone cases offered to make them serve your purpose.

They get your orders shipped to you on time for worldwide. And they provide perfect after-sale services, quick refund policy allows you have no worries. Nihaojewelry is a experienced wholesale phone cases supllier that you can fully trust.

Made in China

This China-based website is a leading third-party Business-to-Business platform that offers high- quality products as well as supplier information to its users.

Currently, their website showcases more 3600 subcategories of products; you surely will find the best wholesale cell phones distributors and mobile accessories in wholesale rates here. They have a remarkable collection of phone accessories like mobile phone holders, leather cases, and more.


Epathchina is a good place to shop for your wholesale phone cases in China. They are Chinese based company and supplier registered in Hong Kong. They offer you wholesale shipping and at an affordable rate for your goods. Your phone cases and accessories can be shipped within 24 hours unlike some of the suppliers.

A 1-year warranty for all the things you shop on epathchina is to ensure your satisfaction. Shop at epathchina as they are one of the best cell phone accessories wholesale suppliers you ever want. Here you can check on them at

Global Sources

Global source provides a wholesaler an avenue to wholesale phone cases cheap in China. They give you that zeal to be wanting to shop more. You are going to get many advantages like cheap shipping, easy tracking, and quality products. Visit to start enjoying wholesale prices in China.

Yuda Electronics Technology

Established in 2008, Yuda electronics technology co. Limited is one of the best suppliers of phone cases and accessories. A wide variety of cases are available in their store.

They have a good record of deals with their clients and offer phone cases in bulk cheap. At Yuda Electronics technology, your deals are safe and secure. Reach them at


What types of phone cases are best sellers?

Slim and gel cases- Slim cases are on the thinner side and let you add an eye-catching design and some additional grip to a phone, often through a flexible, rubbery silicone gel material.

Folio or wallet cases- Folio cases have a cover that folds over the front of your phone to protect the screen from dust and scratches, and give the phone the appearance of a small notebook.

Tough Cases- Many people look at having a phone case less as an aesthetic choice and more as a way to protect the hundreds of dollars they invested in their phone should they ever drop it.

To wholesale phone case in China, what license should I have?

You do not need any license to wholesale phone cases in China. Some countries do not allow you to ship some certain goods into the country for wholesale.

What you need to do is to consult the regulatory agency involved in importation to your country. Once you are cleared, you do not need any license to wholesale phone cases in China.


Don’t get bogged down by the competition for phone cases. Like any other competitive market, what you need to focus on is appealing to the right niche and getting your products in front of these people.

Over time, you can figure out winning designs and phone cases, as well as ways to source them to increase your margins, so that you can double down on selling them.

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