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5 Tips for Starting Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook, one of the world’s largest social network with over 2 billion active users is becoming a good place for online marketing. Through Facebook marketing activities, thousands of people have achieved their business goals.

Luckily, you don’t need much money in marketing on facebook, what you need is skills, patience and time, by building up your Facebook account to an influencer, your business shall rising like a rocket.

First thing first, you need to know basic stuff about facebook marketing, we are gonna talk them in the following chapters.

1.Define Your Audience

As a shop owner, you got to know about your customers – how old are they? Where do they live? How much is their budget to buy things from you? How often do they use facebook?

To define your audience, you could use Facebook Insight or Facebook demographic to get familiar with users on facebook.
By using these tools, find data like age, gender, education, relationship status, location, and language. Use these data as your marketing index, plan your business activities based on the information.

Target audiences

2.Set Goals

Once you have decided who will be your target customers, then you need to define the goals of marketing activities. Increasing sales, adding more value to the organization, creating more influence on the market, attracting more traffic to your store, etc. Following are 3 examples of marketing goals

  • Increasing the quality of sales: Increasing your sales with precise targeting. By executing a well-planned Facebook marketing strategy, you shall get more audience efficiently. Post what they like to see about your business, you will gain more traffic from the platform.
  • Adding values to your service: Let people know more about your business, improve awareness and provide more valuable information to your customers. Make Facebook your store’s information hub for everyone.
  • Smarter growth: Reducing churn, limiting spend and increasing profit are all parts of a successful marketing plan. Facebook can help you in each of these areas. Whether it’s through ad spend, increased targeting or more social selling.

Remember, everything you put on Facebook—every post, every image, every video, every ad—should work to achieve your goals. To keep things on track, it’s a good idea to breakdown the whole picture of your strategy down into a Facebook mission statement for your brand.

Business goals

3.Your Profile Page

In the “About section” of your Facebook Page, you can provide your business details to audiences who are looking for specific information, for example, your contact information, the date your business was founded, company address, or honors your company has received.

Images on the page like banner and cover photos create the first visual impression of your business on Facebook, so choose images on your page wisely.

Pictures with your brand logo are usually the best choices, or you can use creative ones as your profile cover. Check Facebook recommends to optimize your profile pictures.

All the information on about page helps build your brand’s credibility and convince potential followers that your Facebook is worthy of a follow / like.

This also helps your page appear in searches by search engines, directing users to your page when they’re looking for information about your products or business.

Facebook also takes a user with a complete profile as a more credible account, which gives you advantages in the Facebook algorithm and will help ensure more people see your posts.

Nihao Jewelry's profile page
Nihao Jewelry’s Profile Page

4. Details of Post

Facebook prefers “short, fun-to-read copy and eye-catching contents” What does that look like in practice? We will tell you several tips to build up your posting skills.

4-1.Media Contents

It is common that posts with photos receive significantly more likes and views than text-only posts. Each of your posts should come with photos, as an online seller, you could upload high-quality pictures about your products with your posts.

You could also try creating a unique video that conveys valuable information relevant to your business. Short videos have conquered social networks since 2017, people are willing to watch a video or a live stream on the internet, you could use this as one of your post strategies. For instance, shot a short film about your business or special collections in your store.


4-2. Informative Posts

Yes, you are doing business on facebook and audiences are happy to know about your deals and products. But at the same time, other users may want their feeds to have entertaining and informative posts, not only pushy and sales posts. In particular, Facebook found in a survey that followers do not like posts that:

  • Too promotional – only promotion information without valuable content.
  • The meaningless link – links that direct people to enter a webpage without providing any detail about why it is relevant to the post or audiences’ interests.
  • Reused content from ads – it is a re-post of old posts, people don’t like it especially it is a promotional post.

Take these 3 points into consideration. You may now have a large group of customers, but by putting an informative post onto your Facebook page you can reach more potential customers.

Therefore, give your audience more informative posts which they could share with their friends is a method to attract the user’s attention.

Useful information

4-3.”Golden Hour” Post

What is the active time of your customers? Find it out and schedule your posts. Post that sends out at “golden hours” receive more likes and views because users will see it when they refresh their feeds, those posts which are sent out at mid-night could be flush down to the bottom because it is an “old” post.

Golden hours
Golden Hour Example

5.Communicate With Your Audience

Do not be a cool dealer that only do sale stuff, try to communicate with your followers, your customers. Your thoughts or experiences from the life or business shall be the best topics!

Reply to comments that your audience left under your posts. This action could build your customers’ brand loyalty because they feel respected through your replies. Create a facebook group page for your audiences to chat with each other, this is the place that new valuable ideas pop up.

facebook groups


Facebook is a place that people can hear you from thousands of miles away, also a digital marketplace for near all types of business. If you wanna earn more money from Facebook, it is better to send out smart information to suit your audiences’ needs.

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