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Best 8 Wholesale Shoes Suppliers in China

Are you running a shoe store?

Are you intending on starting a shoe business?

Are you looking for a reliable wholesale shoe supplier?

The article will take you through some of the best wholesale shoe suppliers in China that can help you commence your shoe business. It is very profitable to order shoes from wholesale shoe suppliers.

There are numerous reasons to support this fact. Primarily, it is because you can a huge range of products from the China shoe suppliers, and at the same time, they are known to provide affordable and cheaper products.

Additionally, the quality of the products is excellent when bought from China shoe suppliers. These suppliers also offer drop shipping.

List of Wholesale Shoes Suppliers in China

China is a manufacturing country, which means there’re a large number of different kinds of manufacturing company in China. So you can find many wholesale shoes suppliers in China. Next I will introduce some reliable wholesale shoes suppliers for you reference.


If you are wondering where to buy fashion shoes, Nihaojewlry is one of the best options for you. Nihaojewlry has a wide range of wholesale shoes, and all of them are sold at wholesale prices. The company has invested resources in quality control.

All the products from Nihaojewelry go through quality inspection who check the quality of the shoes. Nihaojewelry insists on offering the best price of wholesale shoes for all the customers.

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Orange Shine

This is a wholesaler from China and has been known to offer the most affordable range of shoes to its customers. So you can very well expect to get some of the low priced products from this very site.

You can get all sorts of shoes on this site, which may include booties, high heels, flip-flops, and much more. There is not a single type of shoe that you won’t find it here.

Wholesale Fashion Shoe

If you are looking for a great online wholesale shoe supplier, then you can go for this site where you can find a whole lot of different collections of shoes that you can order. Starting from all types of ladies shoes to accessories, you can get it all from this site.

The site is very well-organized, so you won’t face any trouble browsing through the different categories of shoes on the site. This site is mainly known for its fashionable collection of shoes.


Chinabrands is a leading global drop shipping wholesaler from China. They have global reach servicing customers in more than over 200 countries. The advantage of Chinabrands’ distribution price allows you to buy wholesale shoes at a lower price online, including cheap women’s shoes.

It integrates a supply chain network of key manufacturers and agents to save on wholesale costs continuously. This ensures that customers around the world can benefit directly from it.

Dress Head

This is an ideal site for those who want to provide their customers with the best of the products. You can browse through the different categories of products on the website with the help of the filters that are there.

On this site, you can find some of the most stylish range of shoes that you may not on any other site. Well, that is what the site is known for! Other than just shoes, the site is also known to deal in jewelry, hair products, swimwear, dresses, and much more.

Rose Wholesale

If you are looking for fancy boots to order, then you should check out this site. This site is mainly known to supply collections of trendy boots. Here you can find all the latest selection of boots in the store. 

Other than boots you can also find other types of shoes as well. You may find other stuff as well, like for example, watches, Halloween costumes, etc. In short, it can be said that this is a pretty impressive site where you can find all sorts of different boots and shoes for your retail store.

Mia Shoes

This is yet another site from where you can buy all sorts of a good variety of shoes at low prices. If you want to have some of the unique collection of shoes for your site, then you should check out this site.

Lashow Room

This particular site is known for its special collection of boots and other types of shoes. This is a site where you can find some of the unique designs of boots that you may not find anywhere else. 

If you think that the prices are high, then you are very wrong. You can get some of the best quality boots and shoes from this site at the lowest possible price. So if you want to grow your business, then you can quickly start ordering from this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

wholesale shoes suppliers

What are the trendy shoes in 2020?

Some of the trending shoes of 2018 include the following:

  • Knee-high boots
  • Square toe
  • Shoes with chain details
  • Fancy Mary-Jane pumps
  • Truffle collection sandal
  • Combat boots

What are the most popular colors and sizes?

As a business person, you cannot order shoes of the same color. Additionally, you should also stock a variety of sizes for different customers. You should have some black shoes in your stock and stock popular sizes. For women, size 8US and 6UK are common while for men size 10.5US and 10UK.

What shoes to buy and sell all-year-round?

When It comes to the shoe market, seasons are the most important. For instance, you cannot sell sandals all year while no one wants cold feet during the winter.

Additionally, no one would want to wear knee-high boots during the summer. This does not mean that you cannot sell boots during the summer. The main thing is that you need to be aware of your market and also stock summer shoes during the summertime.

How is the shoe industry going? Is there still any business opportunity?

The global footwear industry collectively sells a huge number of shoes and get the maximum revenue.  Online shoe marketing is not a business of a single person, but on the whole, the shoe selling industry makes the business of more than $52 billion each year.


Going through this article, you now know the best wholesale shoe suppliers in China that can help you start that shoe business you have been wanting. If you are looking forward to expanding your business and offering your clients with a variety of quality shoes, then you should check out this sites mentioned above.

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