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Weekly Recommendation — Makeup Brushes & Tools of Nihaojewelry

Makeup brushes and tools are the hottest products at present. For meet all customers needs, Nihaojewelry uploads many different makeup brushes and tools, let’s have a look!

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is the most important tools for a makeup look. Nihaojewelry provides 9 and 24 colors of eye shadow. Welcome to Nihaojewelry to select you desired eye shadow.


Girls always are addicted to lipsticks. Different color can show different emotions. And different makeup looks need different colors of lipsticks.

Makeup Eggs

This tool is used to apply foundation. Makeup eggs are made of sponge, so it can use when it’s dry or wet. It’s light and small, so it’s convenient and easy to carry.

Makeup Brushes

There are too many different types of makeup brushes, like eyes brushes, face brushes and foundation brushes. If you want to have a perfect makeup look, then brushes are vital. They can help you do a more exquisite makeup look.

Cosmetic Storage Bag

Buying cosmetic storage bag is neccessary. Cause sometimes you may have a short trip but have no idea how to deal with your cosmetic. Then you can put them on a cosmetic storage bag. It’s convenient.

Fashion Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes can make you eyes look bigger and more divine. It has many types, like hick type, long type and curled type. But put it on your eyes which need some skills. Want to have a try?

Nihaojewelry has been tried to bring more products for each customer, and always tend to high quality and cheap price. We hope we can find more fashion and popular products for you. If you have some questions, welcome to leave a comment.

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