8 Ways to Make Customers Buy from You

buy from you

When you are just starting your online shop, you are likely to worry about no customers. “I am nobody, why would anyone buy from me?” Then, you realize that your business is really not good, and you start to worry about why nobody is interested in your product.

Based on the experience of many shopkeepers, I will share with you the reasons for winning the trust of customers and starting sales.

1. They found you first

If customers find you first before competitors, they will be more likely to buy from you. You can create your own blog, and then write a blog to tell people what you are selling, why your things are good or share knowledge of the industry you are doing. Then your blog will be directed by the background, and you will gradually accumulate your own fans by continuing to output the blog. Slowly, there will be sales in your store.

Or if you find an influential person to introduce your store or product, or let an influential person repost your blog, it will bring traffic to your store. This will bring you sales.

2. You found them first

Instagram hashtags, or any related hashtags, are a great way to find customers who are looking for your product.

You need to use product-related hashtags to build an audience group on Instagram so that more people can participate in the post. Then you find some of them and ask them to publish your product images in their posts.

3.You solve a problem

Products that solve the problem often lead to soaring sales. In the past few years, we have seen fingertip spinners, acne removal, posture correctors, and similar products occupying sales in online stores. Because these products can solve everyday problems, they are exactly what people are looking for.

However, solving a problem does not only depend on the product. You can create blog content to help them solve their biggest problems. Having first-class customer support can also alleviate some frustrations when problems arise. Therefore, when focusing on building a new store, ask yourself, “What is the biggest problem I can solve for customers?” Then, take action to solve them one by one.

4. You entertained or educated them

You educated your fans

It is a smart way to hire social media freelancers to run our social media pages. Your social media attract fans by operation, which promotes the popularity of your brand. You can strengthen connections with your fans by sharing professional knowledge, or give discounts.

5. You offered better customer service

The brand that treats customers best, wins. Trying out customer service ideas like giving birthday freebies, responding to emails with a personalized video message, and solving the biggest pain point can help you win the sale.

When you go shopping, you get a good shopping experience that will be more valuable than the price of the product. People prefer going to shops that make them feel good, not just cheap shops. This is the importance of quality customer service.

6. You have awesome products

As a drop shipper, you can choose from hundreds of thousands of outstanding products. This requires you to have high-quality and reliable suppliers. A high-quality supplier will give you cost-effective and fashionable products, which attracts customers to take them.

7. Customers trusted your shop/website

Customers trusted your website

It takes time to design the store. You have to make sure that the store pictures are very clear and beautiful, and the product descriptions are detailed. You can find someone who is professional to do it for you.

Even if you are not a big brand, you can still play the part. Therefore, you must ask strangers or friends around you for feedback on your shop to make your website look professional.

8. You have a lot of followers on social media

Some people build out their social media when they build their brand. However, some marketers choose to build their audience first. Let’s say you’ve got an Instagram fan page for a specific niche you’re obsessed with. You’ve spent months understanding what type of content your followers love. You work hard to increase your social media engagement. You gain countless Instagram followers as a result. Now that you’ve got the audience, all you need to do is pair it with a product to monetize your Instagram account.

I know it can feel discouraging when you’ve launched a new store. You probably feel like you’re too small to compete. But by building an audience, helping customers find you first, getting your brand in front of your relevant audience, and a few other tactics shared in this article, you really do have a competitive advantage. Don’t look at where you are today, focus on where you want your business to be six months from now.

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Want customers to buy from you? Establish your own blogs, find influential people to cooperate with, provide customers with useful knowledge and good service experience, operate social channels to promote your stores, and find reliable suppliers. Start making changes right away and more customers will come to you.

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