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How To Find Cheap Trendy Jewelry and Reliable Suppliers For Small Jewelry Business

Nowadays, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are dominating people’s online activities with interesting posts and charming multimedia content.

Over 2 billion active users are browsing facebook every month, this makes Facebook a great place for marketing, in truth, a huge portion of facebook’s income is from advertising.

Sellers or influencers post their favorite goods and accessories onto facebook, some of them are so charming that no one can resist. The problem is, how and where to find such charming stuff like jewelry in cheap prices and good quality?

In comparison, most of the people who buy from social networking sites such as facebook, instagram are creative, novel and cheap products. Even if they are accessories, people will choose distinctive styles, not the classic styles of brand owners.

These products are also cheap and trendy jewelry styles. so how to find cheap trendy jewelry styles and reliable suppliers for your online business.

In this article, we will tell you how to find a proper supplier/seller for your summer style demands or for reselling demands.

1.Where to buy?

There may have millions of jewelry factories or workshops across the world, it is hard to find a manufacturer/supplier to fulfill your requirements if you are not familiar with this kind of business.

Start with the country – America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. You could find different styles of jewelry from the whole world, but I suggest you look for a place that has a complete supply chain which could reduce the cost of products and has a higher production rate. China, which has thousands of jewelry factories and suppliers doing business domestically or globally is the best country to fit your needs.

There are several cities/towns famous for jewelry production/business, such as Yiwu, it is a city located in the southeast part of mainland China, millions of business owners in this city made it a trading hub for near all types of business, especially small business. If you are going to buy or start your own jewelry business, then this is the place I recommend you to go to.

2. Critical Attributes for Suppliers

If you do not want to go that far to find a jewelry supplier for your business, here are several that can help you find a proper business partner.

2.1 SKU numbers

When someone doing a fashion business, what he/she will face firstly is “What to sell”, in other words, they got to find something that could make profits from selling activities.

It is hard for a small manufacturer or supplier to satisfy every requirement that asked by buyers due to their limited production/ storage capacity. When people going to a jewelry store, the best way to let them stay for a longer time is showing them as many kinds of jewelry as possible.

More kinds of jewelry you have, more chance you could make a deal. A supplier that holds thousands or even millions SKU in its stock is the best choice.

In a word, a supplier that has a vast number of different styles of jewelry in stock is a better choice for you.

2.2 Stick With Fashion Trends

Fashion trends change fast that no one could image, some styles will suddenly become people’s favorites in a sec. If you do not want to be behind the trends, it is better to find a supplier that updates their product list quite frequently and you are always able to buy the latest stuff for your business at any time.

According to this requirement. You may have to create a supplier list that has manufacturers/suppliers which provide different kinds of latest jewelry, or you could find a supplier who updates their product list regularly so you don’t have to spend time searching the latest fashion stuff.

In a word, go find a supplier who updates their products list pretty frequently.

2.3 Low MOQ (Important for small business)

MOQ, also known as “Minimum order Quantity”, this is the word that buyers must know for doing business with wholesale suppliers. In this kind of business, most suppliers sell their products at a relatively low price but require an MOQ to accept buyers’ orders to ensure they could earn a significant profit.

For those chain-store owners and giant sellers, this is not a problem. However, small business owners found it is quite risky to buy pallets of goods from their suppliers at once because sometimes they could not sell all their goods out before jewelry went “outdated”.

If you are running a small business, a healthy level of stock is the critical thing you need to pay attention to, make sure your storage is fulfilled with 80% products which make high profit, 20% of test goods that you could test their sale’s potential.

In a word, as a small business owner, it’s better to find a supplier with low MOQ.

2.4 Delivery Services

I would like to talk about stock level management first in this session when running a retail or wholesale business, it is crucial to know stock levels of all kinds of goods. The targets are:

  1. Keep hot selling goods available for sale at anytime
  2. Keep the storage cost as low as possible to save more money
  3. Make sure your stock is not fulfilled with low-profit products

To achieve these goals, what you need to do is checking your products stock level regularly and purchase more goods from your suppliers based on the stock data you gathered. In this case, a reliable delivery service is a must for stock management.

For instance, a reliable express carrier will deliver your order on time without damaging your items so you won’t pay extra time or money for accidents.

Trackable delivery service could let you know when your order will arrive on your door exactly, therefore you could manage your stock level with ease.

In a word, establish a stock level manage plan, make sure your orders are carried by a reliable delivery agency with trackable information.

2.5 Customer Services

This is a service that everyone may familiar with, as a customer, you must want to have someone helping you with any problem you encounter during the business processes, right?

This is how important good customer service is. Nice customer service shall understand your needs or questions then provide a proper solution as soon as possible.

Nice customer service is a comforter for you. When you are purchasing goods from a supplier, make sure you know their customer service quality.

In a word, do find a supplier with nice customer services which fast in response and could provide a proper solution for any problems you have.

3.Supplier Recommendations

According to the 5 key points of good suppliers above, you may find a nice and trustable supplier for your jewelry business.

For your convenience, we will go through 3 famous Chinese jewelry suppliers in this session in case of you still confused about finding a nice supplier.

#1 Nihao Jewelry

As one of the most experienced jewelry suppliers, Nihao Jewelry always takes its customers’ satisfaction as their priority. With years of business experience in fashion and apparel, Nihao Jewelry knows a correct prediction for upcoming hot selling goods is a huge help for business.

If you go to Nihao Jewelry’s website, you will find it extremely easy to use compare with other wholesale supplier websites. Tidy and elegant, really simple to place the order, could get connected with a customer team member by a single click on the chat button on the front page.

We could say, they are running B2B business in a B2C style. You will discover more of humanized details when you go through the whole purchasing process.

Nihao Jewelry
Nihao Jewelry

For new customers who are not familiar with the site, they have a complete guide to lead them to finish the whole process from registration to post-purchase.

Nihao Jewelry knows how fast fashion changes day by day. All these years, our professional purchasing team sticks with fashion trends and uploads over 200 new items to our product list every day. Thanks to them, our SKU number has exceeded 400K.

Nihao Jewelry
Nihao Jewelry

As a professional supplier, they know logistics is more important than anything else, reliable delivery service is a key to their customers’ business success. Trackable express delivery services provided by famous international shipping carriers will make your mind in peace.

These are not enough, to satisfy small business owners’ needs, they got an important feature on the website – “No Minimum Order”. No matter what quantity you want for your store, Nihao Jewelry will always ship your orders. This is, let’s say, a cure for “overstock”.

Don’t ignore the most important point : cheap trendy style, this is the product style you need to look for most, in nihaojewelry, most trends & fashion products are less than US$2, there is a very large space for you to adjust the price, maintain a certain profit, and your customer is acceptable price.
It is also nihaojewelry’s characteristic to publish weekly trend reports. There is always a section showing weekly trend products on the homepage. I recommend you to focus on this area, which will surely help you increase sales.
So a cheap trendy jewelry collection is always in nihaojewelry .

One last thing, if you have a problem with the website or your orders, just click “what’s up” in the top banner on the front page, their nice customer services will help you with any problem you have.

#2 Alibaba

You may have already heard this name before, one of the largest wholesale supplier platforms in China and across the world. In Alibaba there are over tens of thousands of manufacturers/suppliers list their products and services for international business, you could find nearly everything, of course, jewelry is one of them.

By selecting the target category from the list, you can browse all products under that category, let’s take jewelry as an example.


Click into the product page, you will find the page is quite different from product pages of Nihao Jewelry. This is because the Alibaba is designed for traditional wholesale business, therefore you will find lots of information about this item like MOQ and lead time and the most important button on the page – contact supplier, negotiation is important.

Most of the time, you have to contact suppliers for your quote, product and shipping details. All this information must be confirmed by sellers before you pay for your order.


As we said, Alibaba has over tens of thousands of sellers on it, you have to find a proper one all by yourself. This will take a long time, but if you are lucky enough, you may find one after several attempts.

Do remember 5 key points for choosing a proper supplier:

  1. SKU numbers
  2. Stick with fashion trends
  3. Low in MOQ
  4. Delivery Services
  5. Customer Services

#3 DHgate

Another well-known wholesale supplier platform. Just like Alibaba manufacturers and suppliers could open their shops to start their online business.

The difference between Alibaba and DHgate is that DHgate is more focusing on small B2B business in all product categories, basically, it is an online market for both wholesale and retail business.


The problem is the same as Alibaba, you got to spend your time finding a reliable supplier with reasonable prices of jewelry.

Remember- 5 key points to find a proper supplier.

4. How NihaoJewelry could help small jewelry business

4.1 Why NihaoJewelry?

If you are running a small jewelry business online or in a brick and mortar store. I strongly recommend you choose the Nihao Jewelry as one of your business suppliers. Here are the strengths of Nihao Jewelry:

  1. Over 400K SKUs in stock
  2. Upload over 200 new products to the product list every day
  3. No minimum order
  4. Trackable global delivery services
  5. Fast & nice customer services
  6. Professional purchasing team that stick with the latest fashion trend
  7. Post Valuable information about fashion, jewelry, and marketing techniques regularly.

4.2How to find the hottest & latest fashion stuff on NihaoJewelry is friendly to all internet users. However, there still have several tips to find the most popular products on NihaoJewelry.

First of all, you need to create an account for your purchases. Please check the Complete Guide of NihaoJewelry

Nihao Jewelry Guide
Complete Guide of NihaoJewelry

Purchasing team will upload over 200 new products into the product list, to find them, select the Latest Updates and a list of recent updates will pop up (Red Boxes). Or you could simply select New Arrival on the top of the front page(Yellow Box).

Latest Updates
Latest Updates

On the left side of the front page, you can choose a category to browse all products under it on a product page, on the page, the left side filters (Red Boxes) that could help you find a specific category of fashion stuff.

On the top are the sorters(Green Box), which could sort all results in a specific order. Use them separately or at the same time, you can get a results page that contains all the products you need. (e.g. For bestsellers under earrings, select specific properties that meet your need, then click Best Sellers on the top).

Filters & Sorters
Filters & Sorters

4.3 Checkout and delivery

Click the Cart icon on the top of the website, you could access to the cart page, on this page, you could

  • Double check items in your cart.
  • Apply coupons or use your account credits
  • Estimate your shipping cost and delivery time
Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart

If you have no problems with items in your cart, you can now click “Proceed to Checkout” to start the payment process.


On this page, you need to select an address for your order to ship to. There are two blocks you should take care of.

1.Invoice Value – This is the value of the invoice to be checked by the destination country’s costume.

We recommend you select the last option “By our experience, 10% ~ 30% of real value”.


In this section, we provide several options for our customers if the item in their orders is out of stock. The first option will allow us to send the in-stock items in your order and refund the out-stock ones to your account credit.

You could use your account credits in your next order. Or you could contact us about the stock details of your order, we will hold your order until you make your decision on this case.

Then double check the block 5 to ensure the total value of your order(including shipping fees)
Click “PLACE ORDER NOW” to process your payment procedure.

On the payment page, you need to select on the payment method for your order, before you click “PAY NOW” Button, final check your shipping address and the value of your bill. If everything is ok, click “PAY NOW” and you will be guided to the payment page of the method you select.


We hope this article could help you find proper suppliers for your jewelry small business. If you want to know any other tips or knowledge about small scale jewelry business, please let us know, we will try our best to help you with your business.

Nihao Jewelry
Nihao Jewelry

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