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Top 8 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Holiday

Are you looking for affordable gift ideas to make your family, friends, coworkers or any of those hard-to-shop for people?

Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays have so many gifts to find. However, every person you want to get a gift for is unique and different in their own preferences.

jewelry gifts ideas

What should you get your sister, your mom, your dad, your best friend or your fiancé? It will be a problem if you don’t put thought onto every gift.

With thousands of gift idea online, it is also very easy to get overwhelmed, and lose sight of what your loved one may love to receive. You can always consider jewelry gift ideas.

Jewelry gift ideas are always well received and appreciated. There are different ways to customize jewelry in order to give it a more personal touch.

6 Jewelry Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones Will Appreciate


The first thing you should think of is earrings. We all need one pair of goo earrings. If your best friend, sister or mother is missing some basic, classic earrings, don’t hesitate to get them this. They will definitely use them.

You can go for some classic stud, such as pearl studs, small diamonds, or a simple drop earring. Getting their favorite color, is very important. It is also essential to check for their complexion when deciding to choose silver or gold.


Some brooches come and go out of style but some remain timeless. A personalized brooch can be a good jewelry gift idea. Take the time to find a crest, design, animal, or flower that will be meaningful, and you’ll score big on your loved one’s special day!

Brooches can also be great pieces because they are versatile. They can be worn on a shirt, shawl, bag, or hat. If you want a jewelry gift that keeps giving, a brooch is the way to go.


Another option is chunky chain bracelet. These can come in gold or silver depending on your friend’s skin tone. These beautiful pieces can be fun as chains but also double as a fancier bracelet as well. Coil bracelets or bangles are also always in style.

With the foreign Egyptian or Indian look, your friend will feel unique and exotic on her special day. Just like rings, inlaid jewels can make a bracelet shine. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a tasteful stone or two can really bring out the glow of your loved one’s looks.

While a less common item, consider getting your special someone a bracelet with glass charms. These ornate, colorful pieces will shine on anyone’s wrist and will definitely show you put some thought into your gift.

Fashion Rings

Fashion rings offer big style at an affordable price. Not only are they a minimal investment, but you can find unique, high-quality rings to suit any of the friends on your Christmas list. Look for popular trends such as infinity shapes and rose gold finishes to keep your giftees in style.

Fashion Watch

Keep the fashionista on your list on track and on trend with a beautiful fashion watch. For business and evening wardrobes, bracelet and bangle watches are the perfect complement, while wraparound and graphic print watches accentuate more casual wardrobes.

Initial Necklace

Some things will never go out of style and an initial or monogrammed necklace is one of them. Monogram jewelry comes in a huge range of styles, from diamond studded name pendants to polished metal cursive initials. These versatile accessories complement nearly every wardrobe.

Why Jewelry Gift Ideas are Cherished?

Jewelry Can be Work Everyday

If they’re versatile and pretty enough, many pieces of jewelry can be worn every day. It’s the best way to start any morning. An 18k gold strand necklace or a two-tone ring, for example, are items that can be worn in combination with any outfit or any other item of jewelry.

Knowing that particular piece of jewelry was chosen with love and thoughtfulness will brighten all of your loved one’s tomorrows.

It’s a Win-win

If you know your leading lady well, you’re bound to select a piece of jewelry that’ll be truly significant to her.

For example, if she holds her faith dear to her heart, imagine what a cross pendant necklace would made in Israel will do to her heart? With such a thoughtful gift, you’ll be able to experience the joy in knowing you selected the right token of your love.

Meanwhile, the joy of receiving such a beautiful piece of holiday jewelry will be written all over her face. Win-win.

Its Everlasting

What’s one of the most common heirloom items? Jewelry! And that doesn’t only include your grandma’s wedding band. This also includes a pair of diamond stud earring.

Holiday Jewelry is not Selected Randomly

At least, it shouldn’t be. Whether you’re going on the hunt for that starfish or rose pendant, or you’re simply browsing your loved one’s favorite jeweler online, you probably won’t randomly select a piece of jewelry. This is going to be a unique gift that was chosen with one person in mind.

Does she like silver or gold? What’s her birthstone? Each consideration takes time and thoughtfulness. That thoughtfulness will be happily received in whatever gift you choose to give.

Best Jewelry Gift Suppliers

wholesale jewelry suppliers


Nihaojewelry is a popular and experienced jewelry brand known for its reliability. The production process is completed within the factory and undergoes a special inspection to control the quality of the products.

The company makes custom and branded products to suit your every need. As a customer, all you need to do is describe your ideal product and material to be used and the custom made jewelry is done.

The advantages of this wholesale designers is that you get the factory price and have no MOQ requirements . You can find many designers and drop shipping services.


Jewelrybund is one of the most experienced wholesale jewelry designers in China. They mainly focus on Korean and Western jewelry designs and related accessories.

They frequently update new designs on their websites, and you can always find something exquisite. Jewelrybund owns three factories in China who are known for their latest high-end designs.

They do wholesale business with different customers in the world. The company provides professional service with stylish jewelry at a lower price.

The Welman Group

The Welman Group is an experienced fashion jewelry wholesale in the US. The company mainly deals with silver jewelry and stainless steel jewelry.

They offer top quality products, diverse selection of styles, great customer services and excellent prices. The company offers frequent discounts that can go as high as 7% for purchases of more than $2000. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.


For more than 30 years, Koleimports has been one of the largest wholesale jewelry sellers. With a novelty of high end and attractive designed jewelry pieces, Koleimports offers numerous discounts.

Their products are also reasonably priced, both for wholesalers and those who purchase directly at retail prices. Their largest sales over the years have been wrist wear, necklaces and earrings. H

owever, they have many other products on their platform. The good news is that the company offers drop shipping services as its main business model. This means that retailers who are just starting with selling these products should consider this company.


Jewelry is a timeless gift that is always appreciated and well received. There are also numerous ways to customize jewelry in order to give it a more personal touch. If you’re feeling bold, you can also make your own, giving it the ultimate personal touch.

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