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Top 6 Wholesale Fashion Watches Suppliers China

Watches are one of the bestselling products. Both women and men wear them, and buyers are less likely to request a return as they don’t need to know the precise sizes.

According to research by Oberlo, watches are the seventh popular products being drop shipped. This means that they are profitable, and there have numerous customers out there.

wholesale fashion watches
Fashion Watches

Factors to Consider When Starting a Watch Business

Starting a watch business is very profitable as numerous watch suppliers in China can provide you the stock you need. Nevertheless, before you begin your watch business, I will share some tips on how to start and keep your business booming.

Market Product Versus Your Product

This tip is essential because I give you the sight of the problems your business will try to solve. To do this, you need an extensive market and product research. Simply, you need to know the difference between your watches and the potential market.

Know the Target Market

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the target market and how to reach them. When you know the target market, you can devise a good marketing and advertising strategy to ensure that the watches reach them.

Putting in mind how and where your customers are and how to reach them will make you watch business move on smoothly.

Get Updated on the Emerging Trends

Most importantly, you must be on the lookout of the fashionable watches that are coming out day by day. And which could appeal to your customers?

Year in year out, designers come up with different trends and that appeal to people. Due to this fact, you need to know what the customers will be drawn to, and every design is coming out.

Know How Much to Charge

Watches can sell from few dollars, tens of dollars and thousands of dollars. Conduct a market research to know the prices of watches from your competitors.

As a new business, you should price your prices lower that other sellers to capture the attention of the customers. You can also consider giving discounts to promote customer loyalty.

Decide of the Watch Style

The watch style is an essential aspect in starting a watch business. They give you a chance of setting a tone for your brand and help you find your ideal customer.

Do a proper research to know the most popular fashion watches. This helps you see what products to seel and will you will get to know the marketing strategy.

Find the Fashion Watch Wholesaler

Finding a manufacturer for your watches may be the hardest part but it is worth al the research and time you will spend to choose the best one.

If you choose to custome make your own fashion watches, make sure the wholesaler and supplier is legitimate, have the experience and are licensed to work.

Popular Wholesale Fashion Watches Suppliers China


wholesale fashion watches supplier
Nihaojewelry Fashion Watches Page


Chinabrands is one of the renowned Chinese suppliers of different products ranging from watches, clothes, accessories, and many more. The company maximizes quality and originality.

Chinabrands have strong control of product quality and excellent after-sales service that you don’t want to miss. You can find numerous fashion watches. Therefore, head on to their website and find your desired fashion watches.


DHgate is the leading b2c online E-commerce platform that different sellers to different buyers. In the marketplace, you can numerous sellers who sell fashion watches are low prices.

However, they work in the fact that the more watches you buy, the lower the price. You can talk to the sellers one on one to get a feel of their services.


wholesale watches supplier

AzkanWholesale is an importer, distributor, and manufacturer of the hottest trending fashion watches. The main factory based in Dongguan China produces millions of watches every year. The company caters to both small and large custom orders.

The company has a minimum order requirement of only $100. Additionally, AzkanWholesale offers low wholesale prices. You can get a 10% discount for orders over $500 and 15% for orders more than $1000.


Made-in-China is one of the largest B2B websites. The platform has numerous sellers who sell almost every type of fashion watch you may need.

Whether you need a fashion watch, smartwatch, luxury watch, you are assured of getting them there. Made in China deal with wholesale products, which means that their prices are quite affordable.

Most of their manufacturers and wholesalers are based in China. However, they have warehouses in different parts of the world.


AliExpress connects different buys and sellers who sell various products ranging from fashion watches, clothes, cell phones, electronics, and many more.

From AliExpress, you can get different types and trends of watches. The website is easy to navigate and therefore makes purchasing easy for you. You can also get quality products, ate affordable prices, making sure that you enjoy the profits.

Is it Right to Sell Counterfeit Watches and Resell?

To be frank, it is not recommended to buy counterfeit watches or any other products on that matter for reselling. Basing on the fake brand you want to sell; this can interfere with your business.

Point to note here is the there is a difference between counterfeit and knock-off products. Counterfeit means that you buy similar products to the original with the same logo.

Knock-off products mostly resemble brand products, but they have their own trademark. Buying counterfeit watches can cost you because of the owners of the original watches gets to know, you can lose most or all your investment. So you need to be careful about buying fake designer watches.

To sum up

Getting in touch with a wholesale fashion watch supplier is not an easy task. The best thing you need to do is to buy one sample product and test if the product is worth your investment and if they have excellent customer service.

Chose the wholesale fashion watch supplier carefully so that you don’t have to deal with any problems in the future. With the top 6 bets fashion watch supplier’s china, you are sure to find one that will attend to your needs.

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