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Top 5 Summer Wholesale Dress Suppliers in 2020, the Year of COVID-19

The fashion industry is one that is mostly dictated by seasons and the result is that fashion trends change to fit a particular season. The fashion period consists of spring/summer and fall/winter.

Summer is the most anticipated holiday all over the world and for most people, the season offers an opportunity to put away the heavy and warm clothing for light and summery outfits.

For most people summer is the perfect time to dress up and show out and since the weather is mostly hot, dresses are the perfect staple outfits to have during this time.

fashion summer dresses
wholesale summer dresses 2020

Current Situation of the Summer Dresses Market

Most of the major fashion trends in every season are dictated by the street and runway fashion. Most buyers and manufacturers base their trends on what is current in the runway fashion scene and how the outfits translate into wearable pieces.

Previously the fashion trends were determined by fashion houses but with the introduction of social media, the industry trends are now being dictated by influencers and celebrities with most people wanting similar outfits like those worn by some of their favorites.

This means that manufacturers will be inclined to tap into the influencer culture to know what type of outfits to produce for the market.

Summer is the season that offers people the opportunity to play around with different styles and since you do not have to layer pieces of clothes the main article of clothing should be bold enough to make you stand out while having fun with your outfits.

The main summer trends that have always been or trend are the flowery prints, bold patterns, or polka dots.

With the weather warming up in the summer season, wearing flowy dresses will help you be cool in the extremely hot temperatures.

With the current pandemic, the fashion industry has shifted to cater to the unexpected stay-at-home orders that are currently in place. More people are now into the effortless chic and nightgown inspired outfits to have comfort while working from home.

Most people have shifted their perspectives about fashion to embrace the more comfortable and laid back outfits to bring them comfort and incorporate pops of color to bring out the fun and colorful aspects to help escape the mundane life of staying at home.

The summer dress market in 2020 is, therefore, one that seeks out for practicality; the season which has come in the time of the pandemic has made more people opt for outfits that are functional as you cannot wear complicated outfits while staying indoors unless you are extra.

People are searching out for looks that uplift their spirits by choosing bold colors and flattering outfits that fit their silhouettes.

The current situation has forced people to take a chance on their fashion choices as it takes a lot to try and wear your maxi dress that has bold colors only to take out some trash or join a zoom call. The current trend has forced people to be a little more experimental and choose outfits that allow them to get the best of the otherwise sad situation all around the world.

The focus now when shopping for summer a dress is to choose an outfit that sparks joy. The current situation with the pandemic and the lockdowns has resulted in decreased interactions and if you are one of those people who need to be around people to have a good time this time has been particularly stressful.

To lift your spirits, you may need to be deliberate about your dress choices and choose dresses that bring you joy.

summer fashion wholesale dresses
summer fashion dresses

Can You Make Money by Selling Summer Dresses?

The summer season mainly entails clothes made of light materials and bright colors and if you are planning to make any money during this season you will have to focus on selling dresses that are on-trend in the summer season.

To identify the dresses that will make you money after sales you will need to do some research on the market and this is done by:

Identifying the current summer dress trends

The fashion industry is ever-changing and seasonal and so you need to be very informed on the new and latest trends and be able to source and supply them to your customers.

Source the dresses

If you are not producing the clothes yourself, you will need to source for manufacturers to buy the clothes from in bulk to sell. Finding a good and trustworthy source is important in the success of your business and so you will need to be very careful when selecting a source for your clothes.

Choose a manufacturer who understands your needs and can easily satisfy your market requirements.

Ensure that you have an online presence

In this era of eCommerce; a lot of people prefer to shop online as opposed to going to the stores to buy clothes. This business model has been further accelerated by the COVID -19 pandemic which will most definitely change how business is conducted.

To catch up with the changing times ensure that you have a functional online store that has a list of all your products. For dresses ensure that the pictures you take are clear and offer a sizing chart to help the customers know what to buy.

Market your clothes

To make money selling summer dresses, you need a wide customer base. Marketing is the only way to increase the number of customers that will buy your product and so you need to choose a marketing method that will reach a huge number of people.

Social media has made it extremely easy to reach people and promote your product but you will still need to find attractive ways to earn customers as the market competition for dresses is high.

Attractive Prices

Ensure that you have attractive prices for your products to attract customers and still make profits.

What are the Hottest Summer Styles of 2020?

There was a lot of enthusiasm for the fashion industry at the beginning of the year but the pandemic that has affected the whole world has changed the predicted trends.

Currently, some of the hottest summer trends include:

Tie and dye maxi dresses

These dresses have light material and bright colors to bring an element of fun and comfort.

Night-gown inspired dresses

These resemble nightwear but make you look dressed up. These dresses are made of either silky materials or light cotton to ensure that you look like you have made an effort to look good both indoors and outdoors.


These dresses have been a staple for most working women and with most people working from home now, the wrap-dress gives a homey feeling as it looks like a luxury robe and also gives off a put-together type of vibe.

Tiered dresses

These dresses are either short or maxi and look good either way you choose to wear them. You will have fun in this dress while taking a stroll in the neighborhood or having a small picnic in your backyard.


Zoom meetings have now become a norm and when its summertime the collared shirt dress will come in handy if you want to look professional but still be comfortable.

top 5 summer dresses
top 5 summer dresses

Top 5 Summer Dresses Websites

Some of the top websites to buy your summer dresses include:


Nihaojewelry is a one-stop-shop for all your fashion and jewelry needs. The website offers the latest quality summer fashion trends at affordable prices; the website is updated daily and offers fast delivery of products all around the world.

The company has no minimum orders for products and hence you can purchase products from 1 item to the maximum number that you want.


Offers a huge selection of summer dresses at affordable prices. The website is updated daily with some of the latest styles the website features clothes for all body types and daily discounts on products.


If you are looking for some of the lasts fashion trends at affordable prices, boohoo is the place to be. The website is carefully crafted to help you find outfits that will enable you to express your individuality while looking good.


Zaful is a one-stop-shop for all your trendy and edgy fashion looks the company ensures that you get the best products along with awesome customer experience.


Asos is a British fashion retailer that offers a huge selection of clothes to fit people of all shapes and sizes at affordable prices. The company offers fast shipping of products and efficient customer experience.


Summer is the time to show out and have fun with your outfit with several companies available that offer summer dresses, you should carefully consider the trends and the style of outfits when choosing what to sell to ensure that you have products that can sell easily to ensure you make profits if this is a business you choose to do.


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