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Hot trends are not fixed, it is constantly updated with the public’s preferences. Let us look at last week’s hot wholesale trends compiled by Nihaojewelry for you. Whether you sell online or in a retail store, this is undoubtedly a wholesale strategy that you can not miss.

Halloween Collection

A retailer has to order seasonal items months in advance. The most recent major and high-demand holiday is Halloween, for which many people begin decorating their homes in the first weeks of October. Retailers must be prepared to wholesale Halloween items earlier so their stores can benefit more.

Nihaojewelry has everything you need for Halloween, including Halloween party decorations, party favors, paper plates, costumes, and more! We also offer pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, and spiders related to a variety of products for you to decorate the party. Scary and fun!

Wholesale Halloween party supplies now! Find and wholesale Halloween supplies online at cheap prices!

Wholesale Halloween

Pink Doll Collection

Barbie Pink Collection is a stunning collection that blends classic Barbie glamour with trendy fashion for a sophisticated look, and we offer a wide range of Pink Doll Collection items here, so there’s always something your customers will love.

Wholesale Barbie Collection

Home Decor

As the standard of living improves, many people are not only focusing on what they wear, but are also focusing on the artistic aspects of their lives, and they use candles, wall stickers, clocks, mirrors, and other accessories and home decorations to show off their personalities and preferences in their homes.

We offer retailers more than 2,000 types of wholesale home decor, browse our wide selection of wholesale home decor.

Wholesale Home Decor

For Men Hip pop CHAIN Jewelry

Men are not suitable for wearing jewelry? Of course not! Wearing jewelry has long been a patent for women. More and more men are beginning to pay attention to appearance and are keen to dress themselves up with fashion accessories.

At Nihaojewelry, we have selected bulk fashionable men’s jewelry for you to wholesale, including various styles of men’s bracelets, men’s rings, men’s necklaces, etc.

Wholesale Men's Jewelry

Lingerie & Pajamas

Lingerie & Pajamas are an everyday necessity for every girl. The global pajama market is expanding rapidly due to the increasing demand for pajamas from women across the globe. Therefore Lingerie & Pajamas is definitely a category you should wholesale.

Wholesale Lingerie & Pajamas

Fashion Bags

When you look through the series – of fashion bags wholesale, you will find each bag is a magical accessory, the perfect embodiment of the mature woman’s personality and temperament.

Depending on the function, we divide our wholesale bags into the following categories: shoulder bags, backpacks, handbags, evening bags, and wallets/purses. Other stylish bags for women such as fanny packs, and bucket bags, are all available. Our styles are up-to-date and fully stocked.

Wholesale Fashion Bags


Undoubtedly, children’s toys is a wholesale product line that never loses money, we offer a wide range of bulk plush toys, educational toys, and other novelty toys for different age groups from toddlers to children at prices as low as US$0.1, with no MOQ limit and fast shipping worldwide.

Wholesale Toys

Office & School Supplies

For a child to attend school, it is important that they have their favorite school supplies. Items such as pens, pencils, sticky notes, notebooks, calculators, etc. must be available to children so that they develop more interest and enjoyment in learning.

Cute and kawaii stationery receives great love from girls. They are both stylish and practical and also one of the most popular gifts for women. In the back-to-school season, buy cheap but good-quality stationery!

Wholesale Office & School Supplies

Kids Hair Accessories

Fashion today is not only an adult’s patent, many children also like to be dressed up cute and beautiful, just like a little princess. Brightly colored kids’ hair accessories are children’s favorite small accessories, which are very cute on the head.

We provide a variety of cute, fun, and fancy baby headbands, hair bows, hair clips, hair barrettes, scrunchies, etc. for newborns, toddlers, and baby girls. Patterns of various shapes such as flowers, animals, and fruits are available. Each one is a style that children like.

The production materials meet the standards and will not affect your child’s health. Please bulk buy our cheap kids’ hair accessories with confidence.

Wholesale Kids Hair Accessories

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