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How to Improve the Online Shopping Experience for Jewelry Business?

Providing your customers with superior experience breeds customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are some of your best marketers since they eagerly tell their friends and social circle about their enjoyable experience with your brand.

Below are a few tips that can help you to e successful in regards to customer satisfaction, connecting with customers, and ultimately building your brand to be sustained in the long term.

online shopping
Online Shopping

The Development of Online Jewelry Business

There is no denying it: the e-commerce industry is booming. The jewelry industry seems poised for a glittering future. Annual global sales of €148 billion are expected to grow at a healthy clip of 5 to 6 percent each year, totaling €250 billion by 2020. Consumer appetite for jewelry, which was dampened by the global recession, now appears more voracious than ever.

Tips on Improving Online Shopping Experience

tips on improving online shopping experience

Keep Payment and Shipping Procedures Straight and Concise

The initial thing the prospective clients will notice is how simple you have categorized your jewelry products. This is how the products are arranged to make it easy and convenient for them. So while designing your website, ensure that your categories the products well.

For instance, earrings, bracelets, rings, solitaires should have proper subdivisions to select from. Another issue for jewelry customers is the presence of a secure mode of payment.

Ensure you provide your shoppers with the availability of safe payment modes. Ensure you offer your customers easy and secure payment modes. The methods of shipping should be stated clearly on your website.

All orders should be shipped before the expected delivery deadlines. All the jewelry items should be packaged appropriately and check with the customer whether they received the order on time.

Mobile Optimization

Have you ever accessed an unoptimized jewelry website on a mobile device? It’s annoying. The links and buttons are tiny, and the forms are difficult. More often than not, users would just abandon the site because not everyone has the time to deal with that.

Customers are busy people, and they are too impatient to stick with your slow-loading page when they can easily find another website that understands their needs. Hence, mobile optimization is critical.

Make exclusive Deals Stand Out

Many online stores are quite busy. Therefore many shoppers may end up missing the jewelry deals. To ensure that your discount and offers are not getting lost in oblivion, highlight the special jewelry offers is such a way that shoppers will see them clearly while shopping.

You can use popups to promote your exclusive deals. You can also use the info bar at the top of the page. Additionally, you can also make use of the sidebars.

Offer Attractive Schemes and Discounts

Evolve a good marketing strategy with seasonal campaigns offering discounts on your product range. Offer purchase gifts on festive occasions and celebrations.

Loyalty programs work well in the jewelry trade if used cleverly. Gain more useful tips from your Retail consultant who will customize the strategy for you.

Quick Responses

One of the most critical aspects of building customer satisfaction is having reliable customer service. No one likes to wait on having their questions answered or issues resolved.

Whether it be through the phone, email, or an appointment form on your website, responses should not take longer than a day. Your responses are some of the first impressions these customers have of your store, so you must take advantage of the opportunity to give the right idea.

User Reviews

Positive reviews play a significant role in motivating first-time buyers to make a purchase decision. So adding user reviews can help increase conversion rates. We highly recommend this for your jewelry website.

Keep Your Jewelry Stocks Innovative and Refreshing

Increase online sales by recreating your marketing magic. People buy jewelry as gifts to celebrate meaningful events in their lives or when they find a specific design so irresistibly eye-catching. Fuel their desire to purchase from your store by keeping your collection creative and refreshing.

Don’t bore them with limited options, instead take the time to create new pieces regularly—this way, you are giving them reasons to visit your online store frequently.

While holiday promotions and positive store perception can help drive impulse buying, jewelry retailers should match this with enticing jewelry products to maintain its marketing magic.

Incorporate Products Videos

According to statistics, video customers are about 75 who are most likely to buy the jewelry pieces. But not all sellers can afford to include the product video, and that is totally fine. For those who can afford, it is an easy way to enhance conversions.

Positive Attitudes

How you respond to your customers is essential when you want to create a lasting relationship with them. If you have received a negative comment on your website, Facebook page, or even on a review platform, your response to that comment will be there for anyone who read, including future, potential customers.

This is why you must respond to such critiques respectfully and positively. You cannot be defensive or take offense to it, but instead, try to find a resolution with the unhappy customer by offering solutions to turn him or her into a satisfied customer. Even if your offer is still rejected, the fact that you reached out will always reflect positively on your brand.


Where can I buy wholesale fashion jewelry online?

Your best option is nihaojewelry because of the easy way to buy, the fast delivery system, and their capability to ship worldwide. More importantly, they refresh their jewelry collection everyday. Other good companies that ship worldwide are Mainlysilver, Wholesale Clearance UK, Miss Milly, and Jewel City.

Where can I find fashion jewelry wholesale from China?

  • Nihaojewelry
  • Chinabrands
  • Jewelry Bund
  • GZ Market: Guangzhou Xijao Building/ Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City/ Guangzhou Liwan Plaza

What are the red flags when buying jewelry online?

  • No certificates
  • Outrageously Low Pricing
  • Limited information


Whether it is a physical store or an online store, it is vital to provide customers with a good shopping experience. The online shopping experience should be highly valued. Because customers cannot intuitively know the product quality and experience, Nihaojewelry has always been focused on continuously improving the online shopping experience.

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