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How to Choose the Best Shipping Method?

E-commerce, also known as internet commerce is the process of electronically buying or selling products online or over the internet. E-commerce encompasses activities such as online auctions, internet banking, and ticketing.

Shipping involves the physical movement of goods from one point to another. The process includes the packing of goods by the manufacturer who then uses a logistics company to ship the products. Shipping usually depends on the distance covered and the speed of delivery that is required.

best shipping method

But how to choose the best shipping method? After reading this article, you will better know how to choose the best shipping method.

Choosing a Shipping Company

Choosing a shipping company can be a challenging decision as this may affect the quality of your service. Being a service industry, great consideration should be taken so that you may choose a shipping company that will ensure that the products reach the customers in good time.

To be able to find the best shipping company to work with, you first need to do your research and evaluate the best and most trustworthy shippers.

Based on your business needs you should analyze and evaluate your options to find a shipping company that will fulfill your organizations’ supply chain needs.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a shipping company include;

Type of Product You Want to be Shipped

It is important to identify the type of company based on the type of products that you want to transport. This will be necessary as you will be able to identify a shipping company that will ensure that your products are shipped efficiently.

Services Offered

When you are looking for a company to use for your shipping you must first consider the type of service that you want. In doing so you will be able to find out if the company you have identified can satisfy your needs.


A reliable company is one that can positively build your company’s reputation. This will, in turn, cause your business to grow and your customers will be able to be satisfied. A good and reliable company will offer accountability for the services that they offer.

Price and Quality of Services

When choosing a shipping company you must consider the prices they have put in place and the quality of services that the company offers. There is no need to use a cheap service with poor shipping services or an expensive service which will not ensure return on your capital or one that you may not easily make profits.


The mode of transportation is an important factor when it comes to capacity, as shipping comes in different forms the method the company uses to ferry products will determine the capacity of products it can transport per shipment.


You must ensure that the company you will use for shipping will ensure the safety of the products that they are shipping. A company that offers safety is one that will be able to pack and deliver the products as they have been ordered by the clients.

This is important as it will build up your supply chain image and customers will be able to trust your company for their shipping needs.


In this era of climate change and with more countries calling for increased environmentally friendly practices, the company you decide to use for shipping should ensure that the means they are using to transport your products are not harmful to the environment.

Industry Experience

A company that has been around longer having more experience in the business. When choosing a shipping company, ensure that you use one with a sufficient amount of experience in the industry to avoid any disappointments.

Carrier Network

A good shipping company is one that has a wide network of reputable carriers. Depending on the type of products and the customers that you have you will be able to choose a shipping company that has a wide reach so as you may be able to satisfy all your clients’ needs.

The main parties that are involved in the shipping process are the seller, buyer, shipping company, and freight forwarders. The parties must enter a legally binding contract to ensure that there is some form of accountability on each of the parties involved.

First, the product is moved from the warehouse by the shipper who then gets into the whole process of logistics to ensure that the product reaches the customers. The logistics involve having the correct documentation that is required for handling the products along with the required destination.

Shipping companies offer services like:

Same day delivery-Most customers tend to prefer this service as compared to the others. Though most people prefer this method for shipping it is mostly used for people within the same location.

  • Same Day Delivery — Most customers tend to prefer this service as compared to the others. Though most people prefer this method for shipping it is mostly used for people within the same location.
  • Next Day Shipping — Though this option is only limited to big retailers, this option is mostly used within clients within the same location just like the same-day delivery option.
  • Expedited Shipping — This is a form of express shipping where customers will have to offer a few more dollars to spend as it is a more expensive shipping option.
  • International Shipping — This is the most used type of shipping that is used if you are offering services on a large scale. This type of shipping will depend on the company that you are using and the customer location. This type of shipping also depends on the demand, shipping fees, and the applicable regulations in the destination country.

5 Best Online Websites with Fast Delivery


This is a wholesale jewelry company that also includes a variety of products to choose from. With over 100+categories to choose from, Nihaojewelry offers products that are diverse, cheap, and of good quality.

Nihaojewelry offers fast shipping and delivery services all over the world with no minimum order quantity. The company also offers efficient services in that most products will be delivered in 2-4 days.

The customer care services offered are also efficient to ensure that your products are delivered on time and in good condition. The company also offers tracking options via their service provider DHL to ensure that you can see the progress of your order.

Following are some links of those common logsitics which provided by Nihaojewelry:

1) DHL



4) UPS

5) E-packet

And view this: 4 Valuable Money Saving Tips About Shipping Cost When Shopping On Nihaojewelry. You will know how to save shipping cost when shopping on Nihaojewelry.


The Company offers direct and premium shipping services over a wide range of countries. Aliexpress shipping ensures that cross border orders are delivered within 10-20 working days and offer online tracking and door to door delivery. The site offers translations of over 5 languages and deliveries to over 200 countries.


The Company offers the easiest and most effective all in one solution for business, with the ability to buy and sell a variety of products in bulk globally.

The company also offers secure payment services and enhanced logistics solutions to ensure that your products are delivered on time and in good condition across all borders.


This is a worldwide online program that ships millions of products all over the world. Amazon uses a list of carriers to deliver products to all regions in the world.

With a variety of sellers all over the world, Amazon is a platform that allows you to access a wide array of products and have them delivered right at your doorstep.


This is an online e-commerce platform that offers online retailers with a variety of options from marketing shipping and customer engagement to simplify the process of running an online store. The company has a variety of products and ships products to over 175 countries.

FAQs about Shipping

How do you find a good shipping company?

To find a good shipping company, ensure you have done thorough research on the product that you want and your target customers.

How much does it cost to ship products?

The price of shipping depends on the company you are using to ship your products and the number of products you are shipping.

How long does shipping take?

The time that is required for shipping depends on the company and the region that you want your product shipped.

How is online shipping done?

Online shipping is done when you make an order for a product on an online e-commerce platform. The product then goes through a shipping company that delivers the product to you.


Shipping of products has allowed for various companies to enlarge their customer base to reach a variety of customers around the world. This is an efficient way to ensure that your customers get the products they have ordered without physically coming to your store to get the product.

Shipping has made it easy for businesses to operate and make profits as they can operate without the need for a physical store. In the online business, shipping plays a major role in the success of your company.

A good shipping company is one that ensures that your products are delivered to the customer in the specified time and while still in good shape.

Your shipping service provider may either help your business grow or lead to business failure due to customer mistrust when choosing a shipping service provider make sure you have done proper research so that you may choose a company that you can trust.

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