How to Buy Wholesale to Sell in My Boutique?

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In past publications, we have shared “what to do and what not” regarding shopping for your boutique. We have also wanted to help you in how you can lead a more balanced life as a boutique owner and manage your business in such a way that you become successful.

We hope you have already discovered who your ideal customer is so that everything flows better.

But once you’ve completed this research period, it’s time to strategically apply what we’ve shared with you and start making your wholesale purchases at Nihao Jewelry to sell at your boutique to create inventory for the coming seasons.

Before you start making your wholesale purchases, there are a few more ways you can prepare yourself in addition to identifying your ideal customer: 

1. Take notes on the inventory you currently have and determine what has sold and what has not. The items you still have on your shelves and sideboards are likely to represent colors, styles and sizes that no longer appeal to your customers. 

2. Research what your direct competitors and stores have on the shelves, take a physical look and also analyze the websites of your favorite brands. Whether there are similar stores near you or competing with certain brands online, pay close attention to their inventory so you can avoid buying the same items in abundance and make sure you have a unique variety of options with the style of your boutique.

3. Also devour fashion, fashion websites, Pinterest, etc. and save images of items that are relevant to your store, you should be able to find a lot of inspiration! Look for similar items when you place your order at Nihao Jewelry so that when you have these items in stock, you can frame the photo of VOGUE or GLAMOUR magazine (for example) and show it next to the product you have already purchased. This serves to encourage the impression that your boutique is aware of fashion trends. It also helps customers visualize the product in a different context and inspires them with style ideas.

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Now that it’s time to buy wholesale to sell in your boutique for the season, here are some tips on how to place an appropriate order for your store: 

A. Identify the quality of the products in Nihao Jewelry that you think are suitable for your boutique. We remind you that in Nihao Jewelry you can find items of all qualities from economic line to fine, so everything will depend on your ideal customer.

We also recommend that you establish contacts with people who also own boutiques, jewelry and accessories, for that we recommend the facebook group Nihao Jewelry, are you in yet? 

Here we leave it to you: 

2. If you have not yet purchased with us, register on our platform:  so you can start receiving information from our new arrivals, as well as researching customer reviews on trustpilot, but above all the most important thing is that you navigate on the platform, get acquainted with it and start adding the items you need according to your budget and ideal customer. Once you have navigated on our platform and completed an order, your shipment will arrive direct from our factory warehouse in China to your door.

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Remember to ask questions if you have them, directly to the Facebook group, we can give you some ideas to do so:

What are your best-selling items? 

Does any item/order size qualify for discounts? 

Can they give you an overview of what items they have been buying at boutiques? 

At Nihao Jewelry we want you and your customers to be happy because, if you are successful, so are we! 

4. The size of your purchase depends entirely on the size and demand of your boutique, which is unique and unrepeatable, as well as you. But, in general, we recommend buying 3 pieces for each style at least and if it is clothing you’re buying consider making size packs. Of course, you can adjust this depending on your store and order less of the sizes you rarely sell. 

As a general rule, you can buy more classic items that will be sold throughout the year and regardless of the season and make collections of items that are fashionable and that don’t last longer than the year.

But in the end remember that customers love the new arrivals and you will have to watch out for changes in fashion and of clothing styles that are in high demand for them to reorder quickly in Nihao Jewelry.

5. Schedule your wholesale purchases from our warehouse in China to match the buying seasons. 

Most boutiques start doing their wholesale shopping for the fall in August and for the spring in February. 

January and July tend to be the months of the greatest discounts/offers.

It’s a great idea to start buying wholesale to have “gift” items in stock in October, in time for holiday shoppers. 

Remember to have a “resort line” in your inventory: a selection of warmer weather options and brighter colors during the winter months for those planning a vacation. 

And finally, always remember that we at Nihao Jewelry #1 wholesale platform is here to help you, we want to see you succeed! 

We are experts in wholesale fashion products by supplying direct from factories in China and we are available to answer any questions you may have about our catalog or anything else!

Enter, register, fill your cart and let your business flourish with

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