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How to Buy Clothes in Bulk for Resale

HOW TO Buy Clothes in Bulk for Resale
Buy Clothes in Bulk for Resale

The resell business is one of the easiest to start as you only act as a middleman between the customer and the manufacturer.

With the resell business, all you need to do is to source out for suppliers for the products you intend to sell and this gives you the freedom to select products from a huge selection of suppliers.

This means that as a reseller, you can get into any business you prefer to make money and your chances of expanding are much higher as you are not limited to only one product.

The clothing industry is one that is ever-changing and with this change comes the need to provide up to date products to the market.

The B2B market Nowadays

The B2B or (Business to Business) marketing is one of the components of the marketing mix.

B2B marketing involves transactions between businesses where one business provides goods and services to another business.

The B2B model includes the reselling of goods, provision of raw materials, or operational services between businesses.

The B2B eCommerce markets are growing and statistically, the number of sales using this model is increasing which will mean an increase in profits in the online markets using this model.

The B2B model is more complex as it is majorly driven by profits as opposed to the B2C or business to consumer model which is mainly driven by the needs of an individual.

Since the whole world is moving to the eCommerce platforms the B2B model is therefore mainly performed online more and more buyers are using e-commerce as a means to efficiently do business as this means more accountability, quicker delivery, and relatively cheaper services as opposed to physically buying goods.

Since the B2B model involves huge transactions, the websites that are used need to be reliable to deal with large purchases.

Some of the current trends of the B2B markets include:

  • Chatbots– these are programs that are used to efficiently find information. Chatbots are necessary for B2B businesses as they reduce the waiting time that is normally present in the normal customer services.
  • Augmented and Virtual reality– this is a trend that is emerging in most B2B transactions. Since most of the transactions are done online, most buyers would like to have a real view of the image and this is where the AR and VR technology comes in. Buyers can have a real visual representation of the products that they want to purchase which makes it easier for them to make decisions.
  • Omnichannel B2B e-commerce– this is a marketing method that provides customers with a smooth and integrated shopping experience which is meant to improve the overall customer experience. Most B2B buyers are independent and hence prefer that their shopping experience be designed to make them need less help.
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tools– since the B2B business model is more complex, the pricing and quoting process should be made to deal with a higher volume of purchases. The CPQ tools are used to efficiently enable the personalization of customer needs.

What is the pattern of buying in bulk for resale?

The resale market is one of the fastest-growing in the world, this can be attributed to the high demand for products and also a large number of suppliers in the market.

Buying in bulk usually involves the purchase of a larger inventory of products to sell and these products are purchased at cheaper prices and sold at a profit to retailers or the consumers.

To be successful in the resale business you need to first do your research on the market.

Market research is important as it allows you to identify the top-selling items which can be able to sell fast in the market.

This is important as most of the sales that are currently happening are dictated by trends.

The current trends of buying in bulk for resale include:

  • More focus is on the consumer experience when buying goods for resale the focus should be more on the consumer since the consumer is the final buyer of the product, the purchases should be, made to ensure overall consumer satisfaction.
  • Online supplier directories- finding a good supplier will ensure that your business is successful as the supplier is responsible for the type of goods you get. The process of finding suppliers has been made simpler as most of them can be found online through online directories or individual company websites.
  • Focus on the current trends-when buying in bulk, you need to be able to consider the products that can sell easily. Since you will buy a lot of goods you need to be sure that you can find the market for them to avoid losses.
  • Finding a store for your purchases- after making a purchase you need a place to store the goods before you resell them. Ensure that the location of your store is safe and easy to access.
  • Automated inventory- inventory automation includes using software to manage inventory in real-time. Using updated inventory software will improve your services and allow you to track the sale of items.
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Is it possible to make money reselling?

Like any other business, the resale business can make you a lot of money, but you need to have done your research on the market to be successful.

There are numerous opportunities in the market and so if you are keen you can be able to provide products that can sell easily.

The clothing industry heavily relies on trends, you will have to carefully study the current trends to know what type of clothes to sell to your target market.

To make money in the resale business there are some factors you need to consider:

  • Find the best supplier for your clothes resale business- the clothing industry has a lot of market players, you need to work with suppliers that can provide you with the latest trends of good quality clothes at affordable prices to ensure you make profits.
  • Find the right price for your goods- the price of the clothes you sell will be determined by a variety of factors including the price you bought the items, the cost of service, and the overall market price. Set your prices to ensure that you stay above the competition and also make profits.
  • Create an online store- since the current market is more online-based; ensure that your business has an online presence. This will enable you to reach a wider market which is important if you want to make profits.
  • Market your business- For your business to succeed you need more people to buy your products. The only way to reach more customers is to have an efficient marketing strategy. This will include buying ads, using affiliates, or working with influencers while these methods require that you use money, you may decide to promote your business through the various social media channels.
  • Automate your services- since you are dealing with bulk products, you will need to automate your store to ensure that you can easily track your sales. This is important as you can easily know what has more traffic and stock more of it and what to avoid. This will make it easier for you to make profitable purchases.

Top 4 clothes suppliers


For a long time, Nihaojewlery has been among the world’s leading supplier of fashion jewelry and accessories, the company has diversified to include women’s clothes, fashion accessories, swimwear, and shoes among a variety of other products.

Especially, Nihaostyles is upcoming for the dress business made by Nihaojewelry.

Nihaojewelry provides top quality and latest fashion trends at the most affordable prices to ensure that you make profits.

The services offered at Nihaojewelry will enable you to have a smooth shopping experience from the top quality customer care services to an easy to use the website.

At Nihaojewelry, you will have the confidence of fast shipping and additional drop shipping services should you wish.


chinabrands offers the latest trends on both men and women’s clothing at affordable prices.

At chinabrands, you will work with a team of market researchers who will help you find the pieces that can sell easily to ensure that you get the best selling items.

Bloom wholesale

Bloom Wholesale is a wholesale company based in the USA that deals with a variety of women’s clothing.

The company offers the latest trends in top-quality clothes at a variety of sizes.

At bloom wholesale, you will be able to get the best customer service and efficient delivery of products.


Parisian is a UK based wholesale clothes supplier offering unique fashion pieces at affordable prices.

The company ships products across Europe and the rest of the world while offering free shipping for a specified amount of purchases.

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The clothes industry is versatile and fast-changing, and for you to get into the business of supplying clothes, you need to be able to be easily adaptable and provide products that can sell easily.

Study the market to find the current trends and provide the market with quality products to be able to succeed in the business.


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