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How Jewelry Boutiques Buy Wholesale Goods and Make Money in Fall/Winter 2020

How jewelry boutiques buy wholesale goods and make money in Fall/Winter 2020
How jewelry boutiques buy wholesale goods and make money in Fall/Winter 2020

Since the jewelry industry is constantly changing with the trends of the market, jewelry is embraced with daily costume looks. The trends in the fashion industry result in the growing popularity of buying jewelry products.

According to, the global costume jewelry market was valued at 30.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and was forecast to reach a value of 52.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. It is increasing at an average annual volume of 700 million U.S. dollars for this industry.

Another statistic research from that site depicts that there were around 19,800 jewelry stores throughout the United States as of 2019. The U.S. jewelry and watch market was valued at approximately 78 billion U.S. dollars that year.

Statistically speaking, the jewelry industry is gaining a larger volume. To try the best to dig into this industry will make profits.

The current chance

Currently, the pandemic is losing its days. The global markets are booming and booming and which is a good sign to each jewelry businessman.

To these who run jewelry boutique stores offline, though business and markets throughout the world have been reversed a little bit at the start of this year.

The fortunate news for most of the open doors is that you are winning against the shutdown doors back from the shutdown period.

That means, you may be the one and only store in the neighborhoods, and your competitors around are reduced.

What’s better, the golden season for retailing and selling is coming up with the rest of the year 2020, Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas holidays are met up with the survival boutiques.

Referred by the past markets, these holidays are huge shares that contribute to the whole GDP for the industry. You will achieve relative retail performance in the hottest shopping periods of previous years.

Where to find jewelry boutique vendors 2020?

Indeed, with good quality and low prices, retails and marketing campaigns have large room for price control, which will be more conducive!

Traditionally, it is more focused on offline wholesale markets and exhibitions to find suppliers. But for this year, it will be a wiser choice to choose or favor online wholesalers.

The features of online wholesale are also obvious:

  • More available merchants and products,
  • Certified merchant qualification and evaluation
  • Save time, no need to travel, try to chat with the merchants
  • Save money, and at the same time, by the computer side, you can quickly calculate some budget, so as to complete the purchase more efficiently.

Most boutiques are of apparel and of jewelry at the same time.

Here are recommendations for the owners of jewelry boutiques to these online vendors:


Nihaojewelry is an overall professional online wholesale jewelry supplier with a large number of low-priced, high-quality, and trendy jewelry and accessories, not only daily accessories but also various categories, including fine jewelry and qualified women’s clothing. They keep up with market trends and update single products daily.

Nihaojewelry homepage- Christmas products banner
Nihaojewelry homepage- Christmas products banner

According to the holidays in the United States, there will be corresponding holiday marketing sales with best-selling recommendations, such as the recent Halloween special page.

They provide shipment with the service of fast delivery worldwide, no minimum order quantity requirement, and the mass production of ODM and OEM which is also available to solve the problem of finding suppliers from several original boutique shopkeepers.

This supplier has been known by more and more people in the industry. Therefore, one of the problems you may have to face is that the jewelry and accessories items you are longing for may be targeted by other people around the world.

For professional business expansion, they launch a new website for wholesale clothing products called Nihaostyles.


Alibaba is also an outstanding wholesale website. It is accepted that you can buy anything on it, but the only demerit is that there are many large merchants involved in categories, you have to ask merchants one by one for their product catalogs, and quickly confirm your product quantity and other requirements according to the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity, which will spend more time for comparison and increase your own inventory risk.


This is actually a full-category website, and it specializes in dropshipping. The reason for commendation is that if your online policy focuses on light inventory and consider dropshipping, you can choose their pages. They also have jewelry-related products.

But the demerit is that they are mainly of electronic products, jewelry, and fashion accessories items that do not update as timely as professional jewelry wholesale websites. So they have limited jewelry types as well.

They offer a very completely intelligent dropshipping system, and a convenient one-click tool to obtain all product information from their pages, which is convenient to transfer to your own online store.


Shein promises to deliver your products across the globe and offers free shipping if your order crosses a certain amount.

They specialize in modern trendy fashion and boutique clothing. You can find a lot of fashion items on this platform.

Simplee apparel

This store has been in Aliexpress for over 4 years. During its operation, this store has gained popularity and has positive feedback of 98.4%. It is famous for its women’s clothing, such as jumpers, dresses, cardigans, and coats.

Simplee Apparel concentrates on the quality of their items and not just about an increase

in their production.

Ever Pretty official Store

One of the many brands that are very successful on AliExpress is Ever Pretty. This store

has been in business for more than eight years and has a large fan following. They justify

their brand name and are known for their elegant and beautiful dresses. Due to its

excellent quality and service. it is the favorite of millions of girls all around the world.

Sisjuly Official Store

If you are into the retro style of clothing, this is the perfect store for you. The dresses that

this store offer let you relive the great 30S, 40S.50S, 60s, and 70S. These classic styles that

you find here take you back to history. Some of the styles you can find here include the

famous Marilyn Monroe Pin Up Style of the 50s and the Twiggy Style of the 6os.

The store brings back the retro, classic style and thus, helps to keep the trend alive.

Bella Philosophy

This China-based online store for women has pieces at quite affordable rates. They have

high street styles that will make you the talk of the town. You will find a lot of cool and

contemporary designs for women on this online website. Looking for formals to wear to the

office or to your next formal event? You will find it here.

Or are you looking for a kimono and not sure where to find it? Come to Bella Philosophy

and you will be surprised by the options that it offers. Party dresses. tops. and even lingerie are available here.

fashion jewelry boutique

How the jewelry boutiques select products in 2020?

So for boutiques, when there are suppliers, simultaneously, there are issues for how to select goods from a supplier.

Here are suggestions:

Use search tools to assure trendy niche and best-sellers currently. 

Use Amazon’s product analyzer to see the latest popular styles cause amazon has sufficient retailing data.

install from chrome web store
install from chrome web store

But how to start? Here are the steps:

Like most advanced software systems, you’ll need to enter a few essential pieces of information related to your Amazon account:

Firstly, log into Amazon,  head over to Settings, and click Connect To AMZ Account. You’ll need the following:

  • Seller ID
  • AWS Access Key
  • Product Advertiser API Credentials
  • AWS Secret

Next, head to Processing Options and check off the following:

A number of Reviews and Ratings: Sometimes the sales rank for certain categories is incorrect and you’ll need to lean on reviews to determine a more accurate ranking. While it does slow down the process, Todd believes leaving this checked is worth it given how useful reviews are when it comes to analyzing a product’s profitability.

Detailed Information for Listings: This grabs extra information such as the number of sellers, the manufacturer, and other FBA sellers.

Is Amazon Selling: This option is especially important because the last thing you want is to be competing with Amazon. Amazon is Amazon so they don’t play fair.

Finally, head to the License tab. When you buy the software, AMZ Analyzer will send you an email with your licensing code. Enter the code and hit Activate.

Now you’re ready to find products. Head to the Run By File tab and click Select Product Input File to upload the product spreadsheet.

Use google trendy to analyze the popularity of product keywords to acquire trends. 

Google Trends is a popular tool to find out trending keywords. Anyone with a G account to search how popular a specific term is.

And how to use these tools? Check the following steps:

sign up or log in on Google
sign up or log in on Google

1.sign up for a G account and Log-in to Google Trends( Thus, you can search for what people in any place in the world are looking for.

type into and  start to search
type into and start to search

2. Investigate the Term

You can find out about the increase in searches and seasonality at the same time.

Now that you have placed the term, you can customize your analysis. The first thing is to not be afraid of the results. The numbers don’t represent the number of queries, but only the proportion of interest.

As you can see, it’s possible to customize the location. The products may be sold worldwide, or perhaps you only need to know how a specific country behaves.

The first gold hint here is to set the longest possible period. That way, you’ll not only check the yearly seasonality but also how the searches have been increasing. In the example, you’ll figure that hoodies are becoming more popular with time.

Also, it’s possible to define if you want to search for a specific category. Besides that, configure if you want a complete Web Search or to look on the News or Images database.

result showed with conditions
result showed with conditions

3.Where are the Clients?

Which country or city provides most of the visitors?

Google Trends allows you to check where your prospects live. Customization according to a city, metro, or subregion is possible. The option of your choice depends on the strategy you are trying to build.

Why is it important to know the location?

Well, it matters if your engine has a multilingual function. You can decide which translated content to exhibit on the website. Also, you can customize the needs according to the season of a particular country.

The example shows the states of a single country, but it could be several countries of a continent. Even all the countries in the world. English words usually are how people search for products on the internet. However, knowing the terms in other languages would be a plus to create a good selling strategy.

related data showed by subregion
related data showed by subregion

4.Analyze the Related Data

After checking the geographic information, it’s time to analyze further. The most crucial point is down below. There, you’ll find the topics that are related to it. That’s a good manner of finding out which products could be indicated on the product page.

Next to it, all the queries on the search engine that are related to that one of your interests. You can filter according to the top ones within the period, or those which are increasing in importance.

comparison between two stuffs
comparison between two stuffs

5.Specific to Google Shopping

This time, we kept the United States for an example on purpose. That way, we can analyze the seasonality of a product. Also, it could work setting to the entire world, but it could generate some complex data.

As expected, the simple example of a jacket shows increasing interest when the season of Winter comes. Using that information, you can customize discounts, sales, and other strategies to attract customers at the right time.

Now you know how to use Google Trends to find products to sell. However, there is one final and small step to take. It will help you to get new ideas, now that you know how to work the ones you already have.

current trends
current trends

6.Check the Current Trends

Back to the homepage of Google Trends, you can open the left menu and explore its options. One of them is excellent to be a step ahead of the competition.

The Trending Searches is a tool that shows a daily check of what people are talking about. In the example, we have a film that is about to premiere. If the Dropshipping shop sells stuff related to movies, geeks, or similar, it could help.

How the daily news on trending searches will impact your business depends on your products. Also, your strategy will define how fast you can convert the information into products that sell.

That is just another manner to use Google Trends to find products to sell. Checking it once a day for a few minutes is enough. From that, you can get an insight that will reveal itself as a pot of gold. You can read about how to improve your creativity, using general information in your favor.

Use Instagram to know what the hottest product is posted by influencers.

Learning to use Instagram will lead to big progress for jewelry boutiques, outstanding suppliers are published regularly on Instagram with their niche.

For example, Nihaojewelry posts their Instagram about 5 times each day, the most popular products shown in 2020 on these tools are fashion hair bands and hottest necklaces designed with letters.

Instagram log-in page
Instagram log-in page

And now I will show Tips to Trend on Instagram:

1.Sign-up and log-in

It is basic to log into the application or the website.

2. Use Trending, Relevant Hashtags

type into and attached kinds of stuff will be showed
type into and attached kinds of stuff will be showed

Type into the bar with your words and find the hottest hashtags. Using popular hashtags relevant is a great way to trend on Instagram.

These hashtags can help you target the right posts and influencers more effectively as you can show up in relevant hashtag searches.

3.Subscribe to the influencers

An influencer is another excellent way to trend on Instagram. Since influencers have massive and engaged followings, and their involvement could help you gain more information and inspiration for your own business.

They often post pictures or products regularly.

4.Influencers’ fans reviews

To check the inflencers’ post reviews and feedback, those will remind you of more inspirations.

Besides, other tips for the goods selection:

  • Make a summary of the operation data and research on the attributes of the best sellers. On Attributes of style, popularity, material, price, purpose, if it’s clothing, including size. So as to sort out the detailed purchase plan.
  • Try to choose the ones that don’t request MOQ, so you can freely combine the number of goods with best-sellers and trial editions.
  • Orders after being placed, the process time and shipping time must be clearly clarified which determines the selling plan.
  • The delivery cost should also be covered in the budget.
  • If you are purchasing from the same supplier, try to choose one with the complete catalog of products and keeping up with the trends.
  • Whether the supplier provides customized services is an essential factor. To the evolvement of the boutique business, a supplier with capabilities of ODM or OEM services must be considered.
  • Possibility of long-term cooperation. Boutique business mode needs firm cooperation with permanent possibilities. To the start, it is advised that a storekeeper is nitpicking for each element in the duration of the contact between the store and the supplier.

These are the main suggestions and consider requests for boutique storekeepers before placing orders. The most vital job is to assure what the clients will like to have.

Attention, the niche products are mentioned in the lines, but for more, what a niche is led to not only the trends of the industry but also the needs of your neighborhoods, the needs of your store, or your design.

So, it is advised that do the questionnaires and make a summary of the operation data.

 strategy development goal marketing vision planning business concept
strategy development goal marketing vision planning business concept

What are the strategies for jewelry boutiques for better performance in 2020?

Therefore, how can these boutique stores achieve better sales performance for the rest of 2020?

Here are some suggestions:

1.Conduct offline and online operations simultaneously

When modern technology and medicine are advanced, everyone feels that there will be few such infectious diseases wide-spreading, but the pandemic in 2020 has taught us a good lesson.

Many shopkeepers who run offline boutique stores rely on the operation of physical stores and they only opt to close their doors in the face of the pandemic.

Now in relatively secure days, you should prepare to establish online retail tactics.

If there are no ideas about these tactics, please operate as the following advice:

  • Set up your own independent website /app/estores/- To set up the corresponding online stores according to the sales goals. Independent websites or apps are more suitable for stores with individual styles, which can be better at the display of the brand attributes, but the preliminary preparations will take more time. Relying on sales on other platforms, like the Amazon or eBay stores may be more suitable for taking the route of the masses’ daily accessories, and the overall design style of the store will be more in accordance with the websites’ rules.
  • Photography, editing, and uploading your own products or requesting pictures and texts from the suppliers- detailed pictures and text introductions will reduce the number and time of customer inquiries and increase the order rate of customers. The choice of fonts and fineness of pictures will be extremely important.
  • Ensure the online sales process -establish an order processing mechanism, stocking, product details, packaging, contacting the carrier, transportation time, after-sales processing, etc.. All need to be formulated in the early stage, and the process of operation will save a lot of time. Of course, one of the most important experiences for online shopping is a short-term shipment. This is really vital. You must choose a service carrier that you are satisfied with.
  • Ads and social media strategy- google ads promotion system, social media content posts, and regional exposure policy must also be paid attention to, combined with a good website foundation and product attributes, will make your business to a higher level. Cause more and more users are also searching for various information in a certain area on Google, such as where to eat a nice meal nearby, where the nearest Wal-Mart is, etc..In the meanwhile, amazon, and eBay own the promotion policies as well, you need to focus on these policies for better performance.

2. Conduct shopping surveys at the boutique stores

Shopkeepers might conduct surveys on products and services which affect the whole shopping experience, and to get customers’ feedback overall to improve the stores through surveys is the most efficient interaction.

3. Carry out the planning of shopping activities in advance

To grasp the increase in sales volume throughout every possible sales season, and to pay attention to the end of the year, choose goods early, plan the corresponding goods. Make sure to buy wholesale products at least two months in advance, and Place orders quickly to prevent slow delivery due to logistics reasons.

4. Attach importance to the construction of a safe shopping experience

The pandemic is still on so that at a secure and health store, customers can be more assured when they come to the door. Customers are becoming much more concerned about security since the pandemic although most of them are not willing to even wear masks, however, a clean and tidy shop does attract the walk-ins.

You and your staff, at least, do services with wearing masks to reduce the chances of acquiring the virus. And for more benefits are to reduce the risks for business losses.

5.Re-selection of cheap suppliers

Under the premise of not affecting the quality of your own goods, you can re-select the suppliers of the goods. 

To buy them at a lower wholesale price, to use the Internet to quickly and efficiently start the selection, and to assure to make more profits in the business.


The year 2020 is catastrophic, luckily, it is about to lose its days, and your competitors are much less. This is the most positive strike of all the news.

But this lesson to the business is also meaningful. As small and medium retailers who may be operated in the neighborhoods could utilize the evolution of the Internet, especially 5G is gradually being promoted and expanded, to break through into the online operations, and it may turn to a brand new business chapter.

Simultaneously, to adjust and upgrade the business strategy in time according to the current situation is also a good quality that a businessman should have!


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