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8 Tips on Buying Wholesale Earrings for Distributors

Due to an increase in popularity in fashion jewelry, the jewelry industry has seen a huge increase in sales over time.

For most people, jewelry is a way to look put together while boosting your confidence.

Wearing an earring or necklace will bring more character to an otherwise plain outfit while in some instances; it may be used as a form of fashion expression.

Earrings have been a staple in the fashion scene since ancient times with earrings being used to add beauty to the women who wore them.

Since a wide number of people wear earrings, there is a huge market for them and the result is an increased production of earrings with a variety of designs.

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Earrings market and distribution

If you are someone who dresses plainly, wearing earrings is a way for you to add some personality to your outfits.

Earrings have been used as a fashion accessory for a long time, from regular minimalist type earrings to large and bold statement pieces, earrings add style to any outfit.

Earrings are among the most worn fashion jewelry pieces and this makes the demand for earrings very high, new trends that are coming up for earrings also make the market dynamic and ever-changing.

Since most of the jewelry industry is influenced by the fashion runways, most of the pieces that are created for showcasing different outfit designs on the runway are translated into wearable pieces.

Before jewelry was sold by big-name brands but these days, the demand for everyday pieces has increased resulting in an increased market for cheap and easily accessible pieces of jewelry.

Since the earring market is influenced by trends, most of the pieces of jewelry produced are made to fit the current trend and this ensures that the pieces produced sell easily.

Companies producing and supplying jewelry are always making efforts to supply the most current pieces of jewelry to the customers.

With various clothes retailers selling jewelry and accessories, the market will forever have a supply of products.

Ecommerce has made it possible for people all over the world to have access to suppliers and manufacturers making it easy for customers to have access to a variety of accessories.

The online market has made doing business very efficient and since setting up a business online does not require much hassle, any jewelry manufacturer or distributor can have access to the market.

Since the fashion industry is diverse, the earrings being worn also change.

Before people only stuck with a single piercing on each year but these days’ piercings are getting unique, from tongue piercings to multiple ear piercings among others, this has resulted in different styles of earrings being produced.

Since the market for earrings is diverse, a distributor may opt to sell conservative pieces or they may sell a variety of extraordinary pieces.

Since the jewelry industry is large, there is also increased market competition and therefore, a distributor should ensure that they maintain a steady and reliable market to ensure that they make profits.

8 Tips on buying wholesale jewelry for distributors

Since the demand for jewelry is increasing, the distribution business is also growing to deal with a high number of customers.

The wholesale distribution industry is the most important element of a business as it connects the suppliers to the customers.

Some of the benefits of distribution for business include:

  • They offer a wider market reach for products- this is because the distributors are the connection between the supplier and the customers hence, they can provide readily available products to a readily available market.
  • Enable the products to reach the customer faster-since the distribution business involves logistics and transportation, the customers will have their products reach them faster as opposed to facilitating their transport.
  • Reduce the costs of storage and logistics for the business for suppliers, the distributors lessen the burden of having to facilitate the movement of products from their factories or warehouses to the customer.
  • They have an established market- before sourcing for products; distributors have a ready market to sell to.
  • Offer efficient sales and marketing –since the distribution business involves reaching the customers, a distributor will ensure that their marketing model is efficient enough to attract a huge customer base.
  • Facilitate easy market expansion- as a distributor, your market is not limited as you have structures in place to reach a wider customer base and you can easily expand into new markets should you choose. This makes the distribution business flexible and easy for making profits.

To be able to make it in the jewelry distribution business, you have to ensure that you provide efficient services to enable you to compete in the market.

Some of the tips on buying wholesale jewelry for distribution include:

Find a product niche

To be able to make it in the distribution business you need to identify a particular product to sell. This ensures that you find the best suppliers to work with and you will also be able to identify your target market.

Be updated on the current trends

This is to ensure that you provide customers with the most updated jewelry. Since most people are influenced by the trend culture, they will most likely buy the latest trends of jewelry in the market.

Find a supplier

A supplier is the most important element in a distribution business.

The supplier provides the goods to the distributor who then facilitates the movement of the product to the customer.

Finding a trustworthy and reliable supplier is necessary for the success of your business.

Be wary of fake jewelry

Since the jewelry market is large, the number of suppliers available is also wide.

Some of the manufacturers and suppliers may provide you with poor quality products which may ultimately harm your business.

Ensure that you have researched the genuine products and suppliers who can provide the pieces.

Have adequate knowledge of the industry

The type of jewelry you want to sell-since most customers will have questions on the jewelry you are offering, ensure that all the information on the jewelry you are selling is at your fingertips.

This will enable customers to trust you more.

Have a budget

If you are new to the business, it is advisable to first test out the supplier and the product.

Sticking to a low budget will ensure that you will not incur huge losses the first time.

After you have been in the business for some time and you have already found the best suppliers for your business you may be more flexible on the amount you will choose to use.

Run product tests

Instead of buying a lot of products, you could start by buying a few pieces of jewelry as a start.

This will allow you to determine the viability of the products and give you the flexibility of changing the supplier.

Determine your customer base

Knowing your target customers will help you identify the type of jewelry to supply and the price you can set to ensure you make profits.

Once you have identified the customers you will be able to know the right incentives to use to get them to buy the products.

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FAQs on the wholesale jewelry distribution

1. Is the wholesale jewelry distribution business profitable?

Like any business, you will need to be very involved and knowledgeable to succeed.

This will require you to research the products you want to sell and determine how you can efficiently, make profits.

2. What is the best wholesale website?

Since there are many suppliers for jewelry products, it may be difficult to find one who is efficient.

To find the best you need to know the type of jewelry you want to sell and identify suppliers who can provide the product.

Nihaojewelry is among the most recommended jewelry wholesalers in the world who have a proven track record of providing quality jewelry and accessories at affordable prices.

3. Can I buy wholesale earrings for distribution?

You can buy wholesale earrings for distribution from a variety of suppliers available.

The suppliers may be found through various online directories or you can search for the individual suppliers online and get in touch with them.

4. How do I get into the jewelry distribution business?

Getting into the distribution business is not difficult; all you need to do is to research the best products and find the best supplier for your business.


To be able to succeed in the wholesale jewelry distribution business, you will need to have all the tools needed to ensure your business will be profitable in the long run.  

Before you start, make sure you have the relevant knowledge on the industry and the current trends to provide.

After identifying the trends ensure that you have the best suppliers for the jewelry pieces and since a supplier can make or break your business, ensure that the supplier you choose to work with is trustworthy and reliable.

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