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The Latest Trend Of Fashion Jewelry: Let’s Be More Beautiful Together!

Fashion jewelry has been around since ages and nothing can ever take their place in a woman’s wardrobe. Cause fashion jewelry often be used as the finishing touch, which renders you look more beautiful and special.

However, the trend of fashion jewelry has been changing. So this article shares the latest trend of fashion jewelry in terms of product types, materials, elements and so on.

Product types:

Earrings, hair accessories, rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklet are fashion jewelry. And each type has its own more popular style. Let’s have a look.

Analyzing the latest fashion trend, we find that flower earrings, tassel earrings, pearl earrings, ocean elements earrings, acrylic earrings, letters earrings, simple metal earrings and rainbow color earrings are the hottest now.

There are also several types of rings are popular now. Like prime rings, normcore rings, pearl rings, opal rings and natural stone rings.

Then share some kinds of attractive necklaces: normcore necklaces, natural stone necklaces, rainbow color necklaces, letters necklaces, chocker and shell necklaces.

Normcore bracelets, beads bracelets, rainbow color bracelets, leather bracelets, agate bracelets, letters bracelets, shell bracelets are popular.

The popular style of the anklet is almost the same as the bracelet.

All these are common in our daily life, and we can use them to dress up in many different occasions as well as express your emotion. With so many popular fashion jewelry types, don’t you still have one?


Different materials will give fashion jewelry different features and beauties. So I’d like to introduce some popular materials of fashion jewelry.

Alloy: Alloy is a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion. It is widely used to make fashion jewelry.

Natural stone: Cheap and durable are natural stone’s advantages, and it has natural patterns. That’s why choosing it to make fashion jewelry.

Acrylic: Acrylic looks beautiful and has a high transparency. Therefore, it’s special to use it for making fashion jewelry.

Pearl: Pearl has always been popular with people. It’s rich in variety and shape. Not only does it make you look more elegant, but also make you look sweeter.

Crystal: I always think that crystal is a symbol of happiness. You are the shining star when you wear the crystal jewelry.

Zircon: Zircon is a popular gemstone that has been used for nearly 2000 years. Show some beautiful and fashion jewelry are made by zircon.

Turquoise: Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral. Cause its special color, jewelry made from it is pursued by everyone.

Silver: Silver has a long history. It can be used not only to make jewelry, but also to make a lot of daily necessities or decorations. Silver jewelry gives someone an ancient and mysterious feeling, especially the unpolished silver jewelry.

Copper: Copper jewelry is also special and vintage.

Fabric and velvet jewelry are very popular.


  • Pearl element

Pearl jewelry has been around for a long time. Since the 1950s and 1960s, especially ladies prefer to wear pearl jewelry to show their elegance, like pearls with a light and elegant luster.

Today, fashion girls’ pursuit of pearl jewelry is no longer limited to a smooth and even appearance. Irregular and unpolished pearls are more popular in this year.

Many irregular pearls are strung together, and the long earrings better modify the face than a monotonous pearl.

irregular pearl earrings
Pearl earrings

Re-arranged a number of pearls into various shapes, the most popular is a circular shape. Or use pearl combine with one metal material, which makes jewelry have a variety of layers and a sense of design.

Circle pearl earrings
Circle pearl earrings
  • Exaggerated metal

The simple metal jewelry are definitely one of the hottest elements in 2019. Many fashionistas also like to match their personal style with gold jewelry.

The thick metal earrings and the slightly twisted geometric lines have become the new darlings of fashion icons in this year. The more exaggerated, the more you can put on the beauty of minimalist wear.

Exaggerated metal jewelry can definitely surprise you. Try the vintage brass jewelry, which is more suitable for your Vintage dress, which can be held for some formal occasions.

  • Shell element

Shell element , filled with the ocean smell, is also eye-catching. Shells have long been used as decorative elements on necklace, earrings or anklet, especially for summer.

Shells and pearls, a natural marine object. If use them combine with metal materials, always have a sense of the ocean’s legendary story. Just like someone picked it from the bottom of the sea, waiting for the real princess to discover it.

Pearl jewelry sets
Pearl fashion jewelry sets
  • Letter element

Different English letters can render you match your own jewelry. Nowadays, it is more and more popular to wear jewelry that can represent oneself, so the letter element stand out.

  • Amber lines

The variety of amber lines and colors has also made the versatile of these jewelry. For example, the reddish brown amber lines are more classical, and the black and white amber lines are more modern.

  • Flower element

This year’s popular flower elements are no longer figurative shapes, but abstract or recombined flower patterns are more popular.

Monochrome flower jewelry is better for matching clothes. Especially the flower jewelry with bright colors, with the basic white shirt and solid color T-shirt, even the plain clothes can be very fashionable.

Bright flower earrings
Flower earrings
  • Tassel element

Tassel jewelry has a flowing beauty, sometimes it is exotic.

  • Evil eye

Evil eye also be widely used to make fashion jewelry. It is cool and attractive.


Next, let me introduce some of the most popular women’s jewelry this year. First is the colorful hairclips.

Second is the normcore jewelry.

Third is the pearl jewelry.

Fourth is the shell jewelry.

Last one is the acrylic earrings and hairclips.


Well, men’s jewelry will be more simple. Then I list several popular men’s jewelry in this year. First is the beads bracelets.

Second is the titanium steel rings and vintage silver rings.

Last one is the simple and natural stone necklaces.

Best seller on several websites:

We selected several websites and found the most popular fashion jewelry on these websites, then we listed these fashion jewelry.

Best seller on Amazon:

  • Multilayer necklaces
  • Shell chocker
  • Leather handmade adjustable beads bracelets.
  • Boho national style alloy long earrings
  • Egnaro silicone ring
  • Titanium steel love bracelet

Best seller on Ebay:

  • Cherries brooch pin
Cherries brooch pin.

Cherries brooch pin
  • Multilayer alloy chocker necklace.
  • Boho midi finger knuckle rings.
  • Rhinestone crystal pearl earrings
  • Tassel earrings
  • Rainbow stone crystal necklace
Rainbow stone crystal necklace.

Rainbow stone crystal necklace
  • Seashell necklace
Seashell necklace.

Seashell necklace

Best seller on Aliexpress:

  • Big Geometric earrings
  • Alloy necklaces
  • Bohemian retro rings
  • Silver alloy letters bracelet
  • Black titanium ring
  • Crystal marble bracelets
  • Vintage leather bracelets

Best seller on Alibaba:

  • Simple alloy necklace
  • Seashell necklaces
  • Black couple ring
  • Handmade rattan woven earrings
  • Evil eye stud earrings
  • Handmade pearl hairpin

Best seller on Nihaojewelry:

  • Knitted hair band
Knitted hair band.
Knitted fabric hair band
  • Colorful hairclips
  • Zircon copper plated necklace
Zircon necklace.

Zircon copper plated necklace
  • Flower earrings
Flower earrings.

Flower earrings
  • Evil eye earrings
Evil eye earrings.
Tassel evil eye earrings
  • Geometric baking alloy rings
Geometric alloy rings.

Geometric baking alloy rings
  • Vintage alloy bows bracelet
  • Simple geometric bangs clips.
Geometric hairclips.

Simple geometric bangs clips.
  • Pearl hairclips and earrings
  • Vintage earrings and hairclips
  • Simple alloy necklace and rings
  • Shell jewelry
  • Rainbow color bracelet, necklace and ring.
  • Natural stone necklace
Natural stone necklaces.
Natural stone necklaces


That’s what I want to share today. After reading this article, I hope you can find your favorite style about fashion jewelry, and if you want to know more information about the lattest trend of fashion jewelry, please click here. There are plenty information and products about fashion jewelry everyday. Let’s be more beautiful together!

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