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When the sun burns away the winter clouds and summertime sprinkles upon us, our minds turn to one thing quicker than a sand castle getting washed away by a wave – how to look good on the beach.

  • What is a Monokini?
  • What is a one piece monokini?
  • Why i recommend the monokini ?

Yes, it’s true that we should all be happy in our own skin and you don’t have to look like an Ann Summer’s model to be ” beach-beautiful “, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to enhance our confidence.

That’s why I fully recommend the monokini; and why I believe that anyone buying swimwear should stock them.

What is a Monokini ?

The first monokini appeared 1964 designed by Rudi Gernreich, the first
monokini is consisting of only a brief, close-fitting bottom and two thin straps. source :

In general the monokini is a cross between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit that has the magic of making you feel (and look) amazing.

Just like most women, it’s somewhere in the middle, making it the perfect swimwear choice for the those of us who don’t quite like the thought of parading across the sands in a revealing bikini, yet still want to dress on-trend and look great.

It’s pretty hard to not look and feel wonderful in a sexy monokini, whatever your body shape or size. Bikinis may be pretty, but the reality is not everyone feels comfortable wearing them, and that’s why monokini purchasing needs to become more mainstream.


Wearing any new style of clothing for the first time can be a little daunting ( especially when it’s something that only covers about a third of your body! ). Now unless you are a swimwear pin-up, standing in front of a full-length changing room mirror with your half naked reflection staring back at you will always draw your eyes to those lumps, bumps or body imperfections.

We’ve all been there where we’ve hopped into the fitting room with our dream outfit, only to focus on everything we dislike about the body looking back at us.

And that’s exactly what I was expecting during my first monokini try-out. Just like what happens every time I try on a new bikini, I imagined that no matter how stunningly stylish my sexy monokini was, I would end up scrutinising all the little bits of me that I wasn’t overly keen on – all the unique wibbles and wobbles that make me.

But it didn’t happen. Instead, I felt confident and comfortable slipping into my monokini, and definitely cool enough to feel good on the beach!

That ” exposed ” feeling I’ve always experienced when wearing a bikini was as gone as a grain of sand in the ocean and instead of getting sucked into negative thoughts about my beach body, I found myself celebrating the good parts. For once, the kind of swimwear I loved, seemed to love me too. Result.



The more specific swimwear you need, the pricier it is going to be, which always seems a little unfair for those who can only wear a certain style or design. 

The beauty of monokinis is that they suit pretty much any body shape, which throws all of those over-priced specifics out the window.

Wearing a monokini gives you all the advantages of wearing a sexy bikini without the annoyance of having to find the perfect style.

When it comes to wholesale swimwear, the monokini is the kind of product that will put a smile on everyone’s face.


What is a one piece monokini?

Combining the bikini’s sex appeal with th practicality of the one piece, the monokini is a showstopping swimwear piece that promises you a look that’s fabulous, feminine and fashionable.

The monokini’s recent surge in popularity proves that two pieces aren’t always better than one and that you don’t have to rock a ” barely there ” bikini to make jaws drop on the beach. But what’s become the hottest summer outfit hasn’t always made the headlines for the right reasons!

Today, people choose the sexy monokini to cover up what a two piece reveals, yet ironically, the first monokini was actually designed for women who wanted to minimise tan lines and free their bodies.

In 1964, Rudi Gernreich designed the first monokini which had no top at all! The monokini was pretty much a halter neck where the breasts were intersected by two thin straps that tied around the neck.

While explaining his design to Vogue Magazine, Gernreich said, that women already drop their bikini tops so it was only the logical next step.


Following the revelation of this liberating new swimwear design, thousands of wholesale monokini orders started to flood in and Gernreich sold his product to multiple department stores.

While the bikini has been a swimwear favourite over the last few decades or so, the monokini ( in its more modest design of course! ) has made a massive come back over recent years and is increasing in popularity season after season.

Why i recommend the monokini ?

The monokini is ideal if you don’t want to ” dare to bare ” yet still look and feel sexy at the beach or by the pool this summer. Its comfortable feel and versatile design doesn’t discriminate – whatever your age, shape or style, anyone can look and feel fantastic in a monokini.

In an image-obsessed world where at times, we all feel under pressure to look like the (ridiculously filtered) images we see online, monokinis have the amazing ability to show us at our best and give us the confidence we all deserve to radiate.

Sexy Monokini
Sexy Monokini

The human body is a beautiful thing; each one made of all the imperfections that make us uniquely perfect. But hitting the beach half dressed is a pretty big deal.

There are not many of us who are used to showing off our semi-naked bodies to a crowd of strangers; and for that reason, it’s important we feel relaxed and confident when we’re dressed in nothing but a little bit of Lycra.

If there’s one piece of clothing that’s guaranteed to make you feel great, it’s the classy and sexy monokini.

When you feel good, you look good; and when you look good, you feel good. So this summer, before you rummage through the bikini isles, try heading to the monokini section instead.

The odds are the reflection in the fitting room mirror is going to be one that smiles at you. It doesn’t get any better than that!


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    Where can I buy the monokini shown in your picture? what I mean the picture at the top right of the page, it’s pretty. Available on amazon?

  • jessica


    Monokini was intially known to be a one piece garment with only the brief and just two straps running upwards exposing your entire upper body. In short it was a topless bikini. Later with changing fashion trends monokini too went through a lot of transformation. Nowadays monokini comes in a variety of styles such as halter, triangle, brazilian cut monokinis, push up monokinis and much more.

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