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Decorate Your Hair With Pearls

No-one has any idea who first discovered pearls but from when they first appeared they were an immediate fashion hit. Pearls have been found in sarcophaguses of Persian Princesses and they were given as presents to Chinese royalty in far back as 2300BC. They were so highly prized the Romans that they even passed a rule allowing only the ruling classes to wear them!

pearl jewelry

And as pearls are strongly back in the mainstream we are going to take you on a little journey through their fashion history and into the latest way to wear them.

What part did pearls play in the fashion industry?

Pearls were initially the symbol of wealth and prestige. They were given as gifts and worn as a status symbol of wealth. They were versatile enough to be used in rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and brooches.

They played an important role in differentiating those with wealth from those without wealth. And pearls were a massive status symbol – if you wore pearls you had money!

But luckily for us – they didn’t stay that way! 

Pearl’s development trend in the fashion industry

model wears pearl on stage

Pearls have been one of the longest standing items that have been able to adapt to the changing fashion industry that us ladies have seen – from corsets to trainers!

Now pearls have developed from being items of jewelry through to being incorporated in everything from adorning trainers at Miu Miu, through to the necks of catwalk models and the hair of festival goers. 

The latest fashion as you may have guessed is pearl hair accessories. And it’s a trend that doesn’t look set to change any time soon. Whether you are doing your hair for a day in the office, heading out to a weekend festival or getting married. 

And because pearl hair accessories are so popular, we decided to complete a list of all the different ways you can wear them!

  • Pearl Hair Clips
    Not only stunning but super functional. These hair accessories are great whether you want to clip back those annoying strands of hair, try and remedy that fringe you are trying to grow out or just add a little extra glam to a simple ponytail.

  • Pearl Hair Vine
    Anyone thinking of getting married will have searched through the endless listings for these hair accessories. From large pieces through to smaller ones’ pearl hair vines immediately romanticise any hair do. 

  • Pearl Hair Pins
    You know when you look at someone’s hair and there is just something about it you have to look again? Chances are they probably have thrown a few little pearl hair pins in there. These gorgeous pearl hair accessories are subtle enough to wear in the office, and look fantastic on a night out. They are also a great way to keep that hair do in place.

  • Pearl Twisted Hair Spins
    Festival goers these pearl hair accessories are for you! These little hair spins are super simple to attach – whether your hair is up in a ponytail or in a long romantic plait running down your back. 

  • Pearl Hair Claws
    When you need a hair accessory that will also tame that wild mane. Throwing you hair up with a pearl hair claw just makes any hair do look effortlessly chic. 

  • Pearl Hair Bands
    These are a league away from the hair bands you used to have to wear in primary school! No longer do these pearl hair accessories lie in the realm of the purely functional – they are an absolutely fantastic way to spruce up any outfit to channel that inner little girl in all of us.
Pearl hair accessories match

With all of these options though there is one very big question – how should you match your pearl hair accessories?

Pearls are incredibly versatile and will blend in perfectly with the majority of outfits and other accessories. However, there are a few things to consider:

  • Colour
    If you are looking to match your pearl hair accessories with other pearl jewellery like earrings or necklaces, then it’s worth making sure the first thing you do is consider the colour you want to go with. Natural and cultured Pearl colours can range from white and black through to golden, chocolate, pink and even lavender!

  • Diamante 
    Pearl hair accessories look stunning with a little bit of sparkle, so look for hair accessories which have a little diamante. This could either be a hair accessory which already comes with pearls and diamante or could be two different hair accessories that you wear together. 
pearl crown
  • The Hardware Colour
    Your pearl hair accessories maybe set in either silver, gold or black colours. Remember that golden rule never mix your metals? The same goes here. If you have a pearl clip set in a silver metal, then match that to another hair accessory that is also set in silver. Trust us – it keeps the attention where it should be – on those beautiful pearls!

How should I maintain my pearl hair accessories?

  1. Store them away from other jewelry 
  2. Pearls need moisture so make sure you don’t store them in an airtight package
  3. Perfume, hairspray and body lotion may make you look beautiful but it won’t do the same for your pearls, put them in last and if you do spray them by accident remember to wipe them down when you take them out.
pearl necklace

From Persian Princesses to corset wearing royalty through to the 21st century women, pearls have a long history of fashion that isn’t showing signs of slowing anytime soon. And with the latest trend of pearl hair accessories they are set to take 2019 by storm, however you want to wear them. 
And in-case you weren’t already convinced about how awesome pearls are – they also are believed to attract good luck, wealth and protection to the wearer. Just one more reason why your next hair accessory should be a pearl one! 

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