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2019 Popular Women’s Clothing Style From Instagram

The fashion industry evolves now and then with the fashion trends changing every moment. It is important to be updated with what is stylish and what is outdated.

Magazines and runways spread information about what is in fashion, but social media makes it notable it may seem overwhelming to scroll down on elegant women on luxe getaways but it the clothing could serve as an inspiration for your wardrobe.

From animal print to long-sleeve dresses, here are popular fashion trends seen all over Instagram in 2019.

Animal Print

snake print shirt
Snake Print Shirt

Animal print is not a new idea. They were mainly notable in 2019. They included tiger, python, cheetah and other jungle-inspired animals or reptiles.

Mainly, loud leopard print was mostly seen among the fashionistas and appeared on coats, dresses, pants and suits. These animal prints go on with anything in your closet. So to follow lead unleash your inner style and select a striking and strong design with bright and bold colors like green or yellow.

Shear Clothing

shear dress
Shear Dress

See-through tops and dresses had a comeback in 2019, with all Instagram influencers having posted about them on occasions. I can say that this is a perfect look to pull for after hour occasions.

Bodycon Dresses

bodycon dress
Bodycon Dress

Body con dresses are a perfect way to flaunt the amazing female curves. Social media saw many women dressed in body-hugging dresses, drawing attention to their female curves.

These fashion dresses are tighter from the top to the hip area. This is one of the hottest trends of the year and was mostly seen with women all sizes. These dresses are perfect for corporate events, cocktail parties, and any event where you want to flaunt your flawless body.

Long Sleeve Dresses

long sleeve dress
Long Sleeve Dress

Dresses are dazzling, but imagine adding long sleeves to them! Amazing right! Sometimes it is necessary to reveal your skin. And that is where this fashion trend comes in.

Different designs were captured all year, including pencil dresses, tunic dresses, asymmetric dresses, and many more. The sleeves of the dresses do not have to be straight. You can choose between belle or ruffled sleeves according to your style.

Little Black Dress

little black dress
Little Black Dress

Fashion enthusiasts say that every woman should have a little black dress! Whether you are attending a black and white party or a night out with your girls, the little black dress is magic.

This dress is the option when none of the styles seems convincing. The year saw an array of designs, cuts and styles being rocked by social media influencers.

All you have to do is select the one that suits your figure and rock it with grace. This is that one dress that will never go out of style and you can work it for any occasion.

Oversized Shoulder Pads Jackets

oversized shoulder pads jacket
Oversized Shoulder Pads Jacket

I was sure that acid wash would never make a come but now that shoulder-padded jackets are back I guess anything is possible. The 90s staple came back in full swing this year with the return of oversized shoulder pad blazers.

The broad shoulders on these jackets created the illusion of a tiny waist and require no effort. This stylish look can be worn formally, out for brunch, running errands and many more.

This trend was styled with a slinky skirt, boyfriend jeans or cigarette trousers. The choices are endless. So get ahead of the next season by getting you one of these jackets.

Relaxed Denim

denim jacket
Denim Jacket

I personally will not get tired of denim. I find myself finding a new way to style my denim. So if you are like skinny jeans then skip to the next trend.

However, if the idea slipping into denim that is more relaxed sounds appealing to you, you need to try out this style. You can go for a tailored waist and wide legs for a fitted and comfortable silhouette.

Minimal Bags

minimal bag
Minimal Bag

Every season has its own to-go bag and this year was no exception. Nevertheless, unlike previous years bags in 2019 were not defined by the size but not the shape.

These bags were small to fit not more than your phone and lip-gloss, that is if you are lucky. This year saw the smallest of all the bags. Do you personally value style to function?

Then you need to get one of this miniature version of a handbag. Look at it this way; you will not be bothered by a sore shoulder from carrying tote bags around.

Suit Sets

suit sets
Suit Sets

Women suits popped everywhere this year. Fashionistas called them the as the ” Ultimate cool Girl must-have “, and I can agree on that.

These suits were seen in sleek modern cuts that are ultra-feminine with retro styles with shoulder pads with a hint of masculinity. You can boost your office look with a well-fitted suit in a neutral hue.

Casually, you can mix and match it with different prints and separate to keep it fun and fresh all year round.


plaid coat
Plaid Coat

When it came to stylish trends, plaid was the bomb in fall as florals during the spring. But that does not mean that this fashion trend was not seen throughout the season.

From plaid trousers to jumpsuits to t-shirts, this trend is not going anywhere next season. If you are looking for a statement piece to dress up your wardrobe, you can start with a more modern silhouette in a simple color palette.

Final Words

In this article, I have tried to cover all the fashion trends that were a bomb in 2019 for women around the world. While fashion keeps changing, your style should be comfortable.

Fashion means discovering the style that perfectly defines you and makes you feel like the true you. You will discover the extent to which your mood and personality affects the fashion you adopt.

Know the basic tricks you need to wear your attire. Take a look at the fashion trend and get acquainted on the recommendations for various styles. Also, get to know the best time to wear certain attires which we have covered in this article.

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