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What are the Best B2B E-commerce Platforms?

There is no debate in saying that the eCommerce industry contains numerous opportunities. For B2B businesses. It has helped B2B businesses to effectively manage their business relations, reduce the communications gap between partners, and eliminate the wastage of above all.

B2B e-commerce platforms

The B2B eCommerce is already a trillion industry and is flourishing. Choosing the best platform may appear to be daunting as there are dozens of them and each offering unique opportunities.

What is the B2B Platform?

A B2B platform is a site that enables businesses to showcase their products and services to other businesses. Since sales are shifting to the internet, it is thus essential to have a platform where companies can showcase what they do so that other companies can connect to them. 

Statistics show that such platforms account for 74% of the total number of business to business transactions.

Tips for Choosing a B2B Platform



B2B traffic is one of the essential aspects when selecting a platform. Traffic is the base on the rich content of the platform.

Responsive Design

Online customers make purchases across different devices; they may check prices on a tablet and the complete for the purchase on the desktop. Your choice of B2B platform should be able to accommodate the different types of buyers. The B2B platform should allow customers to order on the go conveniently.


While you are running an online business, the costs of everything starts adding and can get huge. So you need to make sure that the platform you choose should have the lowest costs of automation and integration so that you can use your money on marketing your products to grow sales.


Customers always want to be able to find information and solve the problem themselves. Your e-commerce experience should give them the ability to do that.

Customers ought to find information such as approve quotes, track orders, see real-time inventory availability, and manage their accounts when they need to.

Again, being able to self-service outside of your operating hours, which can differ significantly from retail hours, is essential to building confidence with your accounts and makes it easy for customers to purchase from you.

Customer-specific Pricing

An excellent B2B platform is being able to offer customer-specific pricing and items for sales. Your choice of platform should give you the ability to list different prices for all your customers and the availability of products to offer exclusively to select accounts.

Payments Methods

Customers purchase with different payment options. Most of the current buyers are moving towards using credit cards for payment. The B2B platform should have a flexible payment method that lets your customers reach their business goals.

Best B2B Platforms


nihaojewelry homepage

With 7 rich experience in B2B e-commerce, Nihaojewelry provides best service for customers. They mainly focus on wholesaling jewelry, but also offer many other categories products.

The prices on Nihaojewelry are all at an wholesale price, and they have no minimum order quantity requirement. A huge inventory guarantees stable supply.

Fast delivery and 24-hour online customer service are also their merits, which make customers have a great shopping experience.


Alibaba is one of the biggest B2B platforms in the world. Based in China, the use of the online marketplace is a selling platform. The platform has categories ranging from items like beauty products, personal care, machinery, apparel, consumer electronics, which can be shipped worldwide.

The prices differ with different products and suppliers, but the more you buy, the lower the price. It is essential to know that the majority of the suppliers prefer Free on Board (FOB) trade terms. This platform is common and is simple to navigate, and you can find products quickly.


Chinabrands is a B2B platform where different businesses can purchase goods at wholesale prices. They offer a variety of international services. The platform allows customers to access different items and is simple to navigate.

If you need a quick delivery to your location, be used to check them out. Chinabrands provides partnership opportunities for small businesses where you can post the products, and the platform does the rest.

Global Sources

Based in Hong Kong, Global Sources. It is a platform that focuses on fashion and gifts, electronics, mobile electronics, catering, and home products. The platform has been known to sell quality products. They perform an appraisal on their products before posting on their website to be sure of counterfeit products.

Additionally, suppliers are very reliable. The platform has limited suppliers; thereby, customers have limited options. Shipping is done internationally, with the cost varying from place to place.

Lovely Wholesale

It is a Chinese online clothing wholesale website offering good quality cheap clothes for women, men, and kids. They targeted at the worldwide customers, especially the women, with affordable fashion products.

They obtain high-quality fashion products from reputable manufacturers to ensure that you always get the best the market has to offer. They are active in social media and influence marketing.


Based in the US, eBay has maintained its rank for being one of the biggest B2B platforms in the industry. The platform deal with all products you can think of.

You can find unique, trendy, used, and new products from eBay. Costs vary between traders. In most cases, the seller pays about 10% of the selling price and not more than $250.


Based in the US, these B2B platform is the biggest of all platforms. There are different products present on Amazon. The biggest sellers include electronic products, digital media content, including Amazon Prime, which are earning this giant most of the revenue.

The platform is involved in direct sales ad owns a warehouse where buyers can purchase in wholesale. However, the same products can be purchased from original manufacturers.

B2B Wave

Based in London, B2B Wave brings together various suppliers to market their items. Every supplier has a portal with private access to their products; the online product catalog can be customized to contain your logo and brand colors; detailed product pages; easy ordering process, among other features.

B2B Wave provides both the supplier and customers a user-friendly experience, and the supplier can place orders on behalf of the clients. However, security issues can be a challenge since information is stored by a third party.


Based in India, IndiaMart is the largest B2B platform in the country that connects both buyers and suppliers. The main aim of the platform is to provide a platform for SMEs, large firms, and end consumers.

The platform has Increased credibility of the seller’s brand and visibility, a more extensive marketplace with a variety of goods for buyers, and payment program protection.


We hope that this article offered some solution in choosing the best B2B platform for your business. In case you are still in confusion on which platform to start with, you can compare their pricing and see which of them suits you.

The above B2B platforms are popular and reliable among different sellers and customers. This could help you in choosing and making the right decision for your business.

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