The NihaoJewelry APP For Your Business

Nihao Jewelry app

Yes, you read it well! In case you don’t know…

Nihao Jewelry also has its app to buy! This is something our team has been working on for a long time, and we are very excited that it works and that more and more customers are using it to make their purchases, one more benefit to buy at Nihao jewelry!

The Nihao Jewelry app is now available to download for our customers and prospects on the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Check out all the amazing advantages, because you’ll want to download it as soon as possible!

Nihaojewelry application

Let’s get started!

The Nihao Jewelry app is available for iOS and Android devices on the App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, customers will be asked to log in to their Nihao Jewelry account and will be taken to their control panel. Currently, the app is a benefit of site and is available to all our customers. 


Once you’re in the app, you’ll have instant access to our entire inventory, all at your fingertips!


With access to the entire customer dashboard, you’ll be able to see the catalog and category you need, on the go!


You no longer have to scroll through all the pages looking for an article. With our new Photo feature, you can simply upload the image and wait for our app to find this or a similar article.


With the Nihao Jewelry app, you can quickly enter the section of our latest updates. We remind you that we have new products daily so it will always be good to visit us constantly. However, the updates will be separated by dates. You can see them in the “star” icon in the bottom navigation bar.


Access our “beginner’s guide” and take your time to watch everything very carefully, you will notice that Nihao Jewelry is the best choice to stock your business, jewelry, boutique or entrepreneurship. We have special discounts for you.


Our best promotions will be there for you,  make sure you check your email in the “spam” section, and if any of our emails arrive there, rescue it and add us to your address book. Still, always expect alerts from your newly downloaded Nihao app to never miss our promotions.


We know that with an entrepreneurial lifestyle, time is the only thing that there is never enough of! The Nihao Jewelry app saves time by allowing access to our 100,000+ items at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. You no longer need to take out your laptop to find what you need. Upgrade your boutique or jewelry by buying the best-selling items from your cell phone! Waiting in line at the supermarket or bank?  Browse and complete your orders! Waiting in line at school? Look for those items you’ve brought in your mind all day!

The Nihaojewelry app

This app was created for our customers, and that’s why we made it as easy to use and accessible as possible. 

So what do you think?  Leave your comments!

Download the Nihao Jewelry app from the App Store or Google Play Store

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How else can Nihao Jewelry help you grow?

Learn more by downloading our iOS or Android app and joining our Nihao Jewelry facebook group, where we have tons of training, information, and most importantly, connect you with other boutique and jewelry store owners! So you can do more in your business with Nihao Jewelry

Join Nihao Jewelry like thousands of store owners, e-commerce brands, wholesalers, jewelers and boutiques to increase your income.

If you are a new customer remember that we have exclusive promotions for you to make your first order. Try the discount code: manuel

If you have questions about the optimization of your shipment, write us a whatsapp.

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