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How Do I Wholesale Cheap Shoes From China?

The shoe industry consists of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, the industry is dynamic and ever-changing and so most manufacturers and suppliers are always making new and bold collections.

Like the fashion industry, the shoe industry is also dictated by the various trends and seasons, most of the new trends are those that are translated from the runway into everyday fashion.

The shoe industry comprises of key players who consist of major design houses who produce unique footwear that is most of the times replicated for mass production it’s not strange to see an otherwise expensive designer shoe being sold in the market at a cheaper price.

wholesale cheap shoes
wholesale cheap shoes or boots

Why people choose cheap shoes?

Shoes are an integral part of everyday fashion and no outfit is ever complete without a pair. Apart from offering protection and comfort, shoes are also used as a fashion piece to add to an outfit and can also be used as a form of fashion expression.

The shoe industry has changed over the years as before the only material being used to make shoes were only leather or canvas but lately, other materials are being used which bring versatility to the market.

The shoe industry consists of a variety of players both brand names and small shoe manufacturers, the market for shoes is also very wide and most people will opt to buy shoes that are affordable compared to the more expensive ones for everyday wear.

This is because shoes are subject to wear and tear and so most people will prefer to buy affordable shoes that they can replace easily over time.

People choose the amount to spend on shoes depending on the function because shoes come in different types of materials and designs, a buyer will choose a shoe with regards to the purpose they want to fulfill and the kind of look they want to achieve, work shoes cannot be used as running shoes or lounge shoes.

With most businesses moving their stores’ online finding shoes is now easy as long as you know your shoe size to avoid buying shoes that do not fit.

When buying shoes most people will consider the quality of the shoe, this is important as it will determine how long a shoe will last.

The quality of the shoe is determined by the material and the stitching, genuine leather shoes tend to last longer than other material types and so most people might choose their shoes based on the make.

Generally, no one will purposely buy a shoe that will not last long.

The price of the shoes sold will also affect the number of shoes a person can buy at a given period, for the buyer most times it is better to get a cheap quality shoe that you can upgrade over time and have maybe a pair or two of expensive designer shoes for functions.

The price of the shoes will determine if the buyer will come back for more shoes or not as it is not efficient to stock up on expensive shoes that you will not get the most wear out of.

fashion wholesale cheap shoes
fashion wholesale cheap shoes

Why people like cheap shoes from China?

China’s footwear industry is among the largest in the world, the country’s footwear products are large enough to supply the whole world.

The rise of China’s footwear industry has been brought about by the rising demand for shoes at affordable prices.

The Chinese market often acts as an ODM and OEM for major brands that source their shoes from the country and have them branded to be sold at the various retail stores.

Because of the large production of shoes in China, most manufacturers have been forced to set the prices for their products at very affordable prices.

Since most of the functions in the major shoe manufacturing companies are mostly automated, the rate of production is high and so there is a constant supply of shoes to fit the wide market.

The Chinese shoe manufacturers are also more inclined to produce shoes that are on-trend and so it is very easy to get a designer type shoe that looks almost similar to those showcased in various runways and expensive stores.

The fact that the country manufactures most of the shoes, it is easy to customize shoes to fit your brand if you intend to sell shoes.

Since most of the manufacturers are found online, it is also very easy to source for products, the online market makes it easy to choose a variety of shoes either in bulk or as single pieces depending on what your goal is this makes it easy to shop without having to get a plane ticket and travel to the manufacturers’ store to get the products.

Most Chinese suppliers also offer dropshipping options which allow you to easily set up a shoe store and get customers without having to hold any inventory.

Due to a large number of manufacturers available in the country, each one of them has to set themselves apart from their competition.

To stand out most of the manufactures will produce shoes that are of high quality and affordable prices.

chic shoes picture
various shoes in a gathering

Are cheap shoes becoming easier? Can the seller make money?

Due to the high market demand for shoes, the production is also high to satisfy the various customer needs.

It is very easy to get access to shoes these days as more manufacturers are in the market.

When production increases the prices for the shoes will also come down as the manufacturers compete to attract customers to their business.

As a seller sourcing cheap but quality shoes is necessary if you want to make money off your business.

The main things that you should consider when buying in bulk are:

Choose a niche product

Shoe production caters to a huge market and different functions making the industry is dynamic, settling on a specific niche will allow you to focus your time and energy on a specific type of market and you will be more successful in sales as you will easily be able to study the market and provide them with what they need.

Find a good supplier

The supplier can be either a manufacturer or wholesaler. When sourcing for products to sell ensures that you have access to quality products and since you will be buying in bulk for sale, it is important to consider the price of the products.

You should always ensure that the profit you make exceeds the capital you put in the business. Find a manufacturer who will assure you of quality products at affordable prices to be able to make some profits off your business.

Source for unique and trendy pieces

The world of fashion is fast changing and the market needs to keep changing based on what is currently trending.

When choosing products to sell, ensure that you are offering products that are currently in the market as this will allow you to make easy sales.

Market your business

Marketing is important if you want to get your business known and attract customers.

Marketing allows you to get access to a wide customer base and the more the customers you have the more the sales you will make.

5 cheap shoes wholesale websites


Nihaojewelry is the top wholesale supplier with 100+ categories of products ranging from jewelry, accessories, women’s shoes, women’s clothes, and bags among many others.

The company offers over 100,000+ updated and trendy goods to ensure that you have access to products that will easily sell in the market.

The products you will find at Nihaojewelry are top quality at very affordable prices.

The company offers fast shipping all around the world and efficient customer service should you face any problems while shopping for goods. Nihaojewelry also offers dropshipping services should you choose to allow you to start and maintain your business.

Belle international holdings

The company is among the top women’s shoe retailer in China. The company acts as a distributor to some of the most known shoe retailers such as Bata, Clarks, and hushpuppies and is a retailer for other large brands including Nike and Puma among others.


ANTA is a leading manufacturer for sports gear and sportswear and is a supplier to most of the biggest sports houses in the world. The company is consolidated to offer product design, manufacturing, retailing, and marketing for your business.

Livesey shoe

This is a UK based company that retail, distribution, wholesaling, and importing of ladies’ footwear. The company produces the newest shoe trends while offering quality designs and excellent service.

Fashion go

Fashion go is an online wholesaler for fashion products including clothes, shoes, and accessories among others. The website offers a variety of sellers of quality and affordable prices with excellent services and up to date data of the latest trends.


Since everyone in the world wears shoes, the industry is large with sales increasing every year.

The rise of the industry is not expected to slow down any time soon and so the industry will also have more players.

To be able to get into the business of selling shoes, ensure that you set yourself apart to be able to make profits.

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