A Letter from Nihaojewelry that to All Users during the era of the 2019-nCoV (the most authentic and objective information from China)

30 January 2020, Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pneumonia outbreak in China a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). However, the WHO expressed confidence in Chinese government, believing that China would be able to overcome the epidemic. Meanwhile, the WHO stressed that they disapproved of China adopts a travel or trade embargo. Click here view more

Nihaojewelry Impact

Nihaojewelry 2020

To all users of Nihaojewelry, Except the delayed shipment, there is no other impact on Nihaojewelry.

Our company will go to work after February 10. All our employees are working at home, so your requires will be promptly responded at any time. And the factory will  product items before February 28th.

Our website and app still accept new orders, just the delivery will be delayed. Welcome to place an order.

1. What’s the effect of 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease on Nihaojewelry?

As mentioned above, there is no impact other than delayed shipment. Welcome to continue to cooperate with us. We believe that the epidemic will pass soon.

2. When can have normal shipment? Why is it February 10?

From February 10, we will ship one after another.

Cause go to work after February 10 is set by government. On January 23th, the city of Wuhan was closed, and people in other provinces were isolated at home to avoid the spread of the virus. So all virus latent people will show symptoms before February 9th. They will be timely treated.

After February 10, we will go back to work and arrange shipment.

3. Are the goods from China contagious? I’m worried about that.

Please don’t worry! First of all, These viruses typically only survive on a surface for a few hours and There is no evidence suggesting 2019-nCoV can be transmitted from things such as imported goods, according to the CDC. view details click here :

Secondly, we will strictly carry out the disinfection steps during shipment. Our offices and warehouses will de disinfected with alcohol everyday. We will disinfect all the products and packaging at the time of shipment.

4. The Current situation of China

By January 31 (Beijing time), the coronavirus has caused 9731 infections, 213 patients died, and 176 were cured. The number of infected people is increasing cause some people were infected before the closure of Wuhan.

In the next few days, the number of infections will soon decrease, and we will reach the first turning point, and the situation will be better.

Wuhan Hospital Construction Live

Moreover, the Chinese goverment has established a hospital in Wuhan and the hospital will be completed soon, which can help a large number of infected people to be treated. Besides, the virus seperation has been completed.

We believe that the vaccine will be produced soon. In the end, all Chinese actively cooperated in isolation to prevent further spread of the virus.

In short, we believe that the epidemic will soon pass, and the Chinese people will soon go through this difficult time. The nihaojewelry company is also working normally, we accept and welcome your order and still provide the best service.

If you want to know more, you can leave a message here, we will inform.

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