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In Addition To Chanel, There Are Still Many Pearl Pins

In Europe, there is a famous pearl age. Pearls are also poetic in China. In the west, a pearl means a perfect marriage. In the east, it means a round pearl. Pearl is the globally recognized meaning of beauty and perfection.

The use of pearls, from grand to daily, largely depends on the number of pearls. If the number is larger, the more solemn the occasion of wearing. The most popular and everyday item is the pearl hair clip. pearl hair clip added fashionable nifty and lovely again on restoring ancient ways.

Now people are starting to like pearl hair clips, because the Simone Rocha began, in the spring and summer of high ding catwalk, models are wearing.

Golden hair, hair clips flashing pearl luster, each like an angel. Which girl does not have seaweed hair, embellished with pearl shells, pretending to be the romantic dream of the daughter of the sea?

Pearl hair clips in Fall 2018 Fashion Show in London
Pearl hair clips in Fall 2018 Fashion Show in London

For the use of pearl hair clips, short hair girls are very suitable for a word clip, instantly gentle and lovely one hundred percent. Long-haired girls can use a single row of pearl hairpins to superimpose them. It is visually more layered and full of romance.

If you make a small dice, put a word on the top of the stack and add a flavor. For larger hair clips, you can also stay above the ears, and many stars like it.

You can even choose a diy pearl hair clip to create the style that suits you best. For me personally, when I like to stick the ball, put the pearl hairpin on the back of the head and fix the broken hair.

For the type of pearl hairpins, there are expensive Chanel pearl pins and cheap Amazon marathon trio. Luxury and fashion have always been Chanel’s personal identity, and the fashion style that advocates freedom is still continuing.

But for a large number of people, a tens of thousands of hair clips are too expensive.The cheap artificial pearl trio that is popular on Amazon today is a very good alternative to cheap.

This hair clip is especially popular on Instagram, and there are major net reds to promote it. The product also has a set, a set of 3 different hair clips, priced at only 2.3 US dollars.

There are also four sets of hair clips for $7.99. This pearl hair clip is not only affordable, the style is good-looking, the quality is also very good, it can be said that it is deeply popular with consumers.

Pearl pins in Nihaojewelry
Pearl pins in Nihaojewelry

where can I buy the right pearl hairpin? If you need to pick a lot of cheap artificial pearl products, but they are required to be fashionable and the most popular style.

And it is not suitable for those who pursue high-end goods, only for those who can follow fashion and low prices, just like Amazon’s imitation pearl trio.

Nihaojewelry is a good choice, you can choose to choose the right pearl hairpin. In addition, we also accept wholesale business.

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